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Very recently one of our honorable aged readers very cordially asked us to through a brief discussion on available scooters in Bangladesh, where coincidentally that has been noted to address with a feed few months ago due to various queries on scooters from the readers. So here we have decided to respond those. Consequently we are herewith the feed Scooters in Bangladesh (Source).

You know Bangladesh is a very much potential and fast growing market of motorcycles. Currently around fourteen of motorcycle companies operating their business in our country with over 150 of their products. Apart from regular bikes or commuters some of the companies are currently marketing scooters with various capacities and features which were not so frequent even before a year.

You know scooter is getting popular in the commuter segment due to easy handling, fuel efficiency and also as it nicely fits with both male female of any aged riders. Today here we are to sort out the available scooters in our market and try to give you a little brief considering their features. So let’s move in.

hero scooters in bangladesh

Hero Scooter:

You know Hero is one of the largest motorcycle sellers in Bangladesh. Hero has a large product line with various models of motorcycles. Hero Pleasure is the only scooter from Hero that marketed in Bangladesh. It’s a very nice looking fore-stroke 102cc capacity scooter.

We the Team BikeBD previously have presented you a test ride review on Hero Pleasure. We think Pleasure is a balanced package for all kind of scooter lovers. For you further assessment you can ride again the review with Hero Pleasure-Team BikeBD Review. Hence in short, here are the specific details.

SpecificationHero Pleasure
EngineAir cooled, 4-stroke, Single Cylinder OHC
Bore x Stroke50mm x 52mm
Compression Ratio9.0:1
Maximum Power5.03 KW @ 7000 RPM
Maximum Torque7.85 Nm @ 5000 RPM
Fuel SupplyCarbureted
Starting MethodElectric & Kick
Clutch TypeDry Automatic Centrifugal Clutch
TransmissionVariomatic drive (2.51 – 0.81)
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)1750mm x 706mm x 1110mm
Ground Clearance125mm
Saddle Height765mm
Weight (Kerb)104 Kg
Fuel Capacity:5 Liters. ( Min)
Suspension (Front/Rear)Bottom link with spring-loaded hydraulic damper / Unit Swing with spring-loaded hydraulic damper
Brake system (Front/Rear)Drum Type, Internal expanding shoe fitted (130 mm)
Tire size (Front / Rear)3.50 x 10 – 4 PR / 51 J (tubeless)
Battery12 V - 4 Ah MF Type (Maintenance Free)
Price (BDT) Click Here

tvs scooters in bangladesh

TVS Scooters:

TVS is one of the popular brands in our market especially for their comfortable price tag and for the fuel efficiency of most of their products. TVS currently marketing two models of scooter in our country with two different capacities with different features.

The models are TVS Scooty and TVS Wego. Here TVS Scooty is especially designed for the lady riders with the capacity of 90cc four stroke engine. It’s an eye catching colorful eye candy which beautifully matches with the lady riders and it really grabbed its popular
ity within a short time.

On the other side the TVS Wego 110 is the scooter designed with unisex features and looks. TVS Wego comes with an 110cc four stoke engine, where it nicely fits with both lady and gent riders. Therefore let us entertain you with the specific details of both scooters.

SpecificationTVS Scooty pep +TVS Wego
EngineSingle cylinder, 4 strokes, air-cooled SOHCSingle cylinder , 4 stroke, air cooled spark ignition engine
Maximum Power3.68Kw @ 6500RPM5.88Kw @ 7500RPM
Maximum Torque5.80Nm @ 4000RPM8.0Nm @ 5500RPM
Bore x Stroke51mm x 53mm53.5mm x 48.8mm
Compression Ratio10.0:19.3:1
Fuel SupplyCarburetor, VM14 SHCarburetor, VM16 SH
Starting MethodKick & ElectricKick & Electric
Clutch TypeDry – Centrifugal clutchDry – Centrifugal clutch
TransmissionContinuous Variomatic TransmissionContinuous Variomatic Transmission
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)1735mm x 657mm x 1065mm1735mm x 657mm x 1065mm
Ground Clearance135mm135mm
Weight (Kerb)95Kg95Kg
Fuel Capacity:4.9 liters (reserve 1.5 liters)5.0 liters (including reserve )
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic Hydraulic/ Taggle link, hydraulic dampers with triple rated springTelescopic Hydraulic/ Taggle link, hydraulic dampers with triple rated spring
Brake system (Front/Rear)Both 110mm Drum, Hand operatedBoth 110mm Drum, Hand operated
Tire size (Front / Rear)Both 3.00 × 10 -4 Ply ratingBoth 3.00 × 10 -4 Ply rating
Battery12V, 5.0 Ah12V, 5.0 Ah
Price (BDT) Click for Price Here Click for Price Here

sym scooters in bangladesh

SYM Scooters:

The Chinese motorcycle brand SYM also marketing some eye catching and featured scooters from the last year after the Dhaka Bike Show (Source). Currently there were four models of SYM scooter available in our market, which are really attractively featured.

The models are SYM Crox, SYM Jet 4, Symphony S125, and Tonik 125 where the Crox and Jet 4 have gotten a eye catching tremendous look and features which we have noticed at the Dhaka Bike Show 2014. Peoples were very much excited about those scooters that time. Hence let us display here below the limited specifications of the SYM scooters.

SpecificationCroxJET 4SymphonyTonik
EngineSingle cylinder, 4 stroke, Air cooled engineSingle cylinder, 4 stroke, Air cooled engineSingle cylinder, 4 stroke, Air cooled engineSingle cylinder, 4 stroke, Air cooled engine
Bore x StrokeNot Found
Maximum Power
Maximum Torque
Compression Ratio
Fuel SupplyCarburetorCarburetor (CV)Carburetor (CV)Carburetor (CV)
IgnitionNot Found
Starting Method
Clutch Type
TransmissionContinuous Variomatic TransmissionContinuous Variomatic TransmissionContinuous Variomatic TransmissionContinuous Variomatic Transmission
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)1895mm x 775mm x 1095mm1900mm x 665mm x 1040mm2000mm x 690mm x 1125mm1735mm x 710mm x 1040mm
Ground ClearanceNot Found
Saddle Height
Weight (Kerb)112Kg109Kg109Kg97Kg
Fuel Capacity:5.2 Liters5.2 Liters5.5 Liters5.2 Liters
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic / Unit SwingTelescopic / Unit SwingTelescopic / Unit SwingTelescopic / Unit Swing
Brake system (Front/Rear)Disk /DrumDisk /DrumDisk /DrumDisk /Drum
Tire size (Front / Rear)120/70-12 56J; 130/70-12 56J Both Tubeless120/ 60 – 13; 130 / 70 – 12 Both TubelessBoth 110/ 70-16; Both TubelessBoth 90/90-10; Both Tubeless
BatteryNot Found
Price (BDT) N/A N/A N/A N/A

italjet best stylish scooter in bangladesh

Italjet Scooter:

Max Motors Limited is the distributor of Italjet Scooter in Bangladesh. Italjet is the Italian brand of motorcycle & scooters which currently producing some of their scooters from China for the Asian market. And here is in Bangladesh Max Motors is marketing a model Italjet Charger (Formula) 125 which is internationally known as Italjet Charger 125. It’s a very good looking very modern style scooter.

Read More>> Italjet Charger (Formula) 125 Review

Internationally the model is very much appreciated due to new unisex and mechanized looks and design. If you are thinking of buying something different from available scooters you can consider the Italjet Charger (Formula) 125. And here is the little specific detail for your comparison.

SpecificationItaljet Charger (Formula) 125
EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke,
Air Cooled Engine with cooling fan.
Bore x Stroke52.4mm x 57.8mm
Compression Ratio10.5:1
Maximum Power6.6 KW @ 8000RPM
Maximum Torque8.6 NM @ 6500RPM
Fuel SupplyCarburetor
StartingKick & Electric
Final DriveV-Belt
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)1860mm x 650mm x 1150mm
Saddle Height754mm
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic Fork / Mono shock absorber with single swing
Tire (Front/Rear)Front 120/60-13, Rear 130/60-13; Both Tubeless
Brake (Front/Rear)Disc 190mm / Disc 204mm
Fuel Capacity:6.8 Liters
Net Weight106 Kg
Battery12V, 7AH
SpeedometerAnalog speedometer with digital display
ColorRed / White / Black
Price (BDT)Click Here

runner scooter kite in bangladesh

Runner Scooter: 

Runner Kite is the only scooter from the Bangladeshi manufacturer Runner Automobiles Limited (RAL). This is the lowest priced scooter currently in our market. We the Team BikeBD also had published the test ride review of Runner Kite previously.

We think that is a nice package within its economic price tag. So let us share again the core specifications of the scooter here for your comparison but don’t forget to ride again our previous test ride review for your clear knowledge.

Read More >> Runner Kite Test Ride Review

SpecificationRunner Kite
EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke, Air Cooled, Petrol Engine
Displacement98.16 CC
Maximum Power4.8KW @ 7500RPM
Maximum Torque7.0 NM @ 5500RPM
Bore x Stroke52.4mm x 49.5mm
Compression Ratio9.0:1
Fuel SupplyCarburetor
Starting MethodKick & Electric
Transmission4 Speed
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)1900mm x 740mm x 1235mm
Ground Clearance130mm
Weight (Kerb)90.6Kg
Fuel Capacity:4.0 Liters
Suspension (Front/Rear)Telescopic / Twin Spring Loaded
Brake system (Front/Rear)Both Drum
Tire size (Front / Rear)2.50-17;  2.75-17
Battery12V, 5A
Price (BDT) Click for Price Here

all znen scooters in bangladesh

Znen Scooters:

Couple of months ago we have published a test ride review on one of Znen scooter and that was on Znen Vista Scooter. Znen is the Chinese brand which specially produces the scooters.

Znen Motor Bangladesh currently marketing nine differently featured models of scooter which is the largest product line of scooters currently in Bangladesh. Znen is marketing the scooter models of Vista, Roar, A9, T6, Zoom, King, Emperor II, Skylerk and Falcon-8.

Read More>> Znen T6 Test Ride Review By Team BikeBD

All the available models of Znen is exclusively featured and delicately designed, so that they can be fitted easily with the any type of customer’s choice. We are quite sure if you’re a scooter lover and definitely want a scooter, then you will find your one from the Znen stable matching exclusively with your personality. In this short brief it is quite hard to describe each model feature but we tried to brief you the core features of the Znen models and here is those.

SpecificationAuroraT9T6RX 150 Offroad
Engine (single cylinder , 4 stroke)Single Cylinder,Four StrokesSingle cylinder ,Four strokeSingle cylinder ,Four strokeSingle cylinder ,Four stroke
Cooling SystemAir CooledAir CooledAir CooledAir Cooled
Displacement (cc)124.6149.6149.6124.6

Bore x Stroke

(mm x mm)

Maximum Power (KW/RPM)10.711.29.212.1

Maximum Torque


8.2 Nm10.510.511.80
Compression RatioN/A10.2:1N/AN/A
Dimension (LxWxH) mmN/A,N/A,N/A2150 *725 *13251950 *735 *1120 N/A,N/A,N/A
Fuel Capacity (Liter)5.5 Litres1486.2
Kerb Weight (KG)91 kg129113110
Suspension (Front/Rear)Twin/MonoTelescopic/ Twin ShockTelescopic/ Dual SpringTelescopic/ Dual Spring
Brake (Front/Rear)Disc/DrumBoth DiskDisk /DrumDisk /Drum
Tire (Front/Rear)3.50-10/3.50-10120/80-14,130/60-1390/90-14; 100/80-14120/70-12; 130/70-12
Fuel Consumption (100km)≤2.9≤2.9≤2.9≤2.9
Maximum Speed (KM/H)90958590
Price (BDT)Click for Price cHere Click for Price Here Click for Price Here Click for Price Here

UM Scooter:

UM Motorcycle Bangladesh has been marketing a new scooter beside their regular model of motorcycles in our market and that is UM PowerMax (Source). UM Power Max is the 125cc capacity powerful scooter. It’s also a very good looking modern featured brand new scooter from UM in Bangladesh. If you are a scooter lover and want to buy a scooter you can visit UM showroom to experience the features of the PowerMax and here is the brief specific detail of the scooter; let have a glance.

SpecificationUM PowerMax
EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke,
Forced Air Induction Engine
Bore x Stroke52.4mm x 57.8 mm
Compression Ratio9.2:1
Maximum Power5.2 KW @ 7000RPM
Maximum TorqueNot Found
Fuel SupplyCarburetor
StartingKick & Electric
Final DriveBelt
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)1800mm x 675mm x 1120mm
Saddle Height750mm
Ground Clearance110mm
Suspension (Front/Rear)Hydraulic Telescopic Fork / Single hydraulic shock absorber
Tire (Front/Rear)Front 90/90-12, Rear 3.5-10
Brake (Front/Rear)Disc / Drum
Fuel Capacity:7.5 Liters
Net Weight102 Kg
SpeedometerAnalog speedometer
Price (BDT) 

Mahindra Scooters:

Mahindra Bangladesh Limited also has been marketing scooters
in Bangladesh from last year. Currently they are marketing three models of scooter and those are Mahindra Duro DZ, Mahindra Rodeo RZ and Mahindra Gusto. They are selling their product with some competitive price tag. In some dealers you can also get the installment facilities for buying their scooters. Here is little specific detail for your further assessment.

SpecificationDuro DZRodeo RZGusto
EngineSingle Cylinder, Four Stroke,
Air Cooled Engine
Single Cylinder, Four Stroke,
Air Cooled Engine
Single Cylinder, Four Stroke,
Air Cooled M-TEC Engine
Bore x StrokeNot FoundNot FoundNot Found
Compression RatioNot FoundNot FoundNot Found
Maximum Power6.0 KW @ 7000RPM6.0 KW @ 7000RPM6.0 KW @ 7500RPM
Maximum Torque9.0 NM @ 5500RPM9.0 NM @ 5500RPM9.0 NM @ 5500RPM
Fuel SupplyCarburetorCarburetorCarburetor
StartingKick & ElectricKick & ElectricKick & Electric
Dimension (Length x Width x Height)1814mm x 770mm x 1275mm1790mm x 650mm x 1110mm1825mm x 697mm x 1188mm
Saddle Height790mm780mm770mm
Ground Clearance155mm154mm165mm
Suspension (Front/Rear)Hydraulic telescopic Fork / Single hydraulic shock absorberHydraulic telescopic Fork / Single hydraulic shock absorberHydraulic telescopic Fork / Single hydraulic shock absorber
Tire (Front/Rear)Both 3.5-10Both 90/110-10Both 90/90-12, Tubeless
Brake (Front/Rear)Drum / DrumDrum / DrumDrum / Drum
Fuel Capacity:6.5 Liters4.5 liters6.0 Liters
Net Weight114 Kg106 KgNot Found
Battery12V, 5Ah12V, 7Ah12V, 4Ah, VRLA
SpeedometerAnalog speedometerFull DigitalAnalog speedometer
Price (BDT)Click For Price HereClick For Price HereClick for Price Here

Upcoming Scooters:

Guys we just tried to summarize and brief narrowly the currently available models of scooters in Bangladesh. You will be happy to know that there are numbers of scooter waiting to be launched in the upcoming year; and those from Honda, Suzuki and from other brands. So let’s wait for the upcoming twists which are waiting for us in this year 2016.

Therefore, now a day’s most of the scooters have very attractive added features like the large capacity of the boot to keep your helmet and accessories, Mp3 player, USB mobile charger, Digital odo, tubeless tires, disk brake, etc. Hence before buying a scooter, you should be sure about the modern features after selecting the specific brand, capacity, price band, and models.

In this brief discussion, we tried to represent the core features of the products. But in some situation, we were quite disappointed that there is much lack of information at the company website even at the showroom people. So you may find some area blank of technical data.

For these reasons, we prefer test-ride reviews. And for your detail learning about the product you are invited to hit our review section for detailed review. Whatsoever, we will sure come time to time with maximum detail for your fulfillment. Hence don’t forget to share your real-time finding with us so that we can also feed the other. Thank you all.

*All the price and specification is subject to
change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.

For further updates keep visiting our website and subscribe to our BikeBD Youtube channel, and also eye on our BikeBD Facebook Fanpage. See you soon with the latest discussion, review & news.

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