Why Bangladeshi Women Prefer Scooter Over Regular Motorcycle?

Published On 29-Mar-2018 10:14am , By Ashik Mahmud

These days the lifestyle in this world is changing so fast and the mobility increased a lot. Women are also much frequent of moving in everyday life. Hence the motorcycles are also getting one of their essential companions even in Bangladesh. So it’s frequently visible that our ladies are rushing with motorcycles or scooters where the number of scooter user is large. So what the reason of the using scooters by our ladies is today’s focus and here is why Bangladeshi women prefer scooter over regular motorcycle?

Basically the scooters belong to the category of two-wheeler but its design and dimension is different than regular motorcycle. Scooters are somewhat right in moped category and in core it’s a solid commuter. There are numbers of manufacturer who also manufacture high class luxurious scooters but those are also commuter.

Scooter Over Regular Motorcycle

Women Prefer Scooter Over Regular Motorcycle – Why?

Hence considering everything scooter belongs the commuter segment. So here the discussion comes though there are different models of commuter motorcycle but why our ladies prefer scooter over regular motorcycles. Here we found numerous reasons in favor of using scooter which really absent in regular motorcycle. Hence let’s focus on those with brief discussion.

Commuter Friendly Dimension of Scooter

There are various reasons of choosing scooter over regular motorcycle. First of all is it’s dimension therefore design & size. The design and dimension of the scooter is very commute friendly. Scooters are very easy controllable for the women and also for the men.

Scooters are light weighted and designed on bone frame with flat foot rest panel in front of the rider. Due to light weight scooters are easier to handle for the women, young & aged people. Hence for this reason men are also feels comfortable with scooters moving in daily life.

Scooter Featured with Hassle Free Controlling Feature

In terms of controlling feature scooters are featured with quite hassle free controlling features. Many scooters come with auto clutch and auto gear features. Those scooters don’t require for manual gear changing or pulling the clutch lever every time.

Hence for this type of automatic features any armature rider also can ride those scooters easily. Moreover those who have never ridden motorcycle and only rode bicycle can ride scooter effort free.


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Lower Saddle Height & Comfortable Ride

Lower saddle height and comfortable seating position is also another reason of using the scooters of women. Scooter comes with very comfortable saddle arrangement. The height of the seat is very compatible with lower height rider. Moreover often scooter seat comes with 3D curves that narrower in front and wider toward the rear.

So far for that design a rider can control the scooter easily in traffic seating in front part and also can be seated relaxed on the wider rear part while cruising free. The pillion seat of the scooter is also much more spacious than the regular motorcycle seat. So carrying the babies or any kind of passenger is hassle free in scooters.

Storing & Carrying Space of the Scooter is Huge

Scooters are designed for commuting in daily life and to support maximum the daily commuting needs. So the scooters come with much more storing and carrying space in front and rear part.

The front foot rest panel of the scooter matted on the bone frame which literary makes the scooter easier to handle. This wider space also can be used to carry heavy daily stuffs but again no worry of controlling.

Moreover most of the modern scooters come with much wider under seat compartment. This compartment also can be used to carry daily life necessary stuffs. So it’s a big advantage of the scooter over regular motorcycle.


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Scooter is Better Compatible with Traditional & Local Dress-up

In Bangladesh our women are habituated of wearing different type of traditional and local dress-up and apparels. They are much comfortable of wearing those local dress-up and style like other Asian countries.

Hence most of the traditional dresses of our women are not easy compatible for riding regular type of motorcycle. Furthermore the social and religious concerns are somewhat related with riding regular motorcycles in some places.

Therefore considering traditional and socio-local aspect scooters are far better compatible with our women. Even riding with wearing the traditional dresses is comfortably possible with maintaining all the social and religious concerns. So it’s a significant advantage of using sco0ter over regular motorcycle.

Scooter is Low Fuel Consuming

Coming to the economic aspect scooters are very low powered but enough to met commuting needs. The engines of the scooters are also very fuel efficient. So using scooter is much more economic than the regular type motorcycle.

Moreover scooter price is also in comfortable range. There are various model are available in the market with very reasonable price tag. Some of the dealer also giving installment benefits on purchasing the scooters. So it’s another advantage of scooter.

Scooter is Featured for Easy Maintenance

As a machine scooter also needs periodic service & maintenance. But scooters are much more efficient and economic in terms of maintenance issues.

Scooters are basically used for daily life commuting. Hence it deals standard level of stress through daily commuting. Moreover scooters come with much more compact feature than regular type of motorcycle. So maintenance is much lower in scooter than the regular motorcycle. Therefore it’s a significant issue of using scooter instead of regular motorcycle.


So readers you can see we bring out few significant and considerable issues which inspires our women to ride scooters over regular motorcycle. These reasons are not only common for our country but also common reason in worldwide. Accordingly scooters are so popular and frequent with the riders who move too much in daily life.

So guys hope you got aware of the benefits of using scooter and will consider it for your daily-life movement. Lastly feel free to add you thoughts on our topic Why Bangladeshi women prefer scooter over regular motorcycle and stay connected with us. Hence feel free to put your query considering this issue and stay connected with us by visiting our website and subscribing to our BikeBD Youtube channel, and also an eye on our BikeBD Facebook Fanpage.

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