Italjet Charger 125 Review : Most Stylish Scooter In Bangladesh

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Max Motors Limited has been showcasing a brand new model of scooter from few months in our market (Source). This aggressive & quite mechanized looked scooter.

It has started to roll on our road and some of you are very much interested to know the detail about the scooter as it making quite different appeal to the scooter lovers. In respond to your excitements we are enclosing here Italjet Charger 125 Review.

italjet best stylish scooter in bangladesh

The Italjet Charger (Formula) 125 is the scooter from the brand Italjet.

Italjet is the Italian motorcycle & scooter manufacturer which has founded back in 1959 in San Lazzaro, Bologna by the legendary Italian motorbike rider Leopoldo Tartarini.

The brand Italjet producing various type of sports motorcycle and some specialized scooters from the beginning.

best chinese scooter in bangladesh

Currently Italjet producing some products & spare parts worldwide in support of some localized factories and facilities.

For Asian market they are operating some of their activities from few of Asian countries; resulting the Italjet Charger (Formula) 125 is here in Bangladesh.

.In Bangladesh Max Motors Limited has been marketing the scooter who is also been representing the Motrac bikes.

italjet formula 125 scooter

The Italjet Charger 125 is the scooter with quite different look & design we have mentioned earlier. When you glance over the scooter you will find the evidence as it uniquely designed and enhanced with modern features.

The model is internationally known as Italjet Formula 125 but Max Motors is representing as Italjet Charger 125 in Bangladesh.

It’s a unisex scooter designed both for male & female rider. It’s a damn smart looking scooter from the top to bottom or front to rear.


You can’t ignore its alien look with the eyebrow type LED double head lamps, which flashes with 6 LED in a row DRL set on both headlamps when the ignition is on.

There is a vent between the headlamps which gives an impression like the nose top of a beast where two more vents just below the head lamp, which look similar to the nose hole.

Overall when you see the scooter from the front will get an outline like a beast or something like an alien; and in the low light area it may give you the fear like standing before a beast.

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italjet 125 scooter details

The scooter looks some bit like a full covered aerodynamic sports bike from the front and the rear. The rear panel looks quite wider like the front view with the wider side panel and slashed tail lamp.

There are two more vents stamped on the wide side panel just under the buffalo horn grab rail. Where from any side you will find it as a fleshy scooter with aggressive curves of muscle.

In support of such look you will find both wheel is also very fat with 13” full alloy rim and heavy tires. Both wheels are equipped with petal disk fitted hydraulic braking system.

Both tires are tubeless type and tire grooves are sketched very deeply which shows it capability to tackle most of regular and tough roads.

The Italjet comes with the telescopic suspension in front and the rear one is mono shock absorber which attached with the single swing arm at the left.

italjet scooter review

The seating arrangement of the scooter is much wider and cushioned, which assures very nice and comfortable seating both for rider and the pillion.

The foot rest of the pillion is also heavy and positioned as for better comfort. The scooter has both side stand and the center stand where the engine kicker is on the left side which attached in parallel with the swing arm.

The console of the scooter is quite simple as the speed meter is traditional analog type; but it has a featured digital display which shows the fuel gauge, clock, odo etc.

The console also has the signal indicators and the screen operating switches. Both the handle bars are equipped with control switches where both the lever is for front and rear brakes.

And you know it’s a full automatic scooter which has no clutch but only throttle at the right handle bar.

italjet formula

The engine of the scooter is a 125cc four stroke air cooled engine, which mounted just at the bottom of the seat. Under the seat there is the fuel tank and an accessories compartment which is very regular as a scooter.

You will find a cooling fan attached with the engine at the right side where after that the exhaust pipe is attached. The engine is full automatic with the transmission so rider will not face any hassle to shift the gears or operate the clutch but only twist the throttle.

The final drive is operated by a V-belt through the single swing arm, so there only few power losses due to lower friction unlike the chain drive.

italjet features

So readers, after glancing the exteriors of the scooter Italjet Charger (Formula) 125 we can say it’s definitely a nice looking uniquely designed scooter.

No matter you are male or female you can easily ride it. Beyond our assessment it may fit with your personality very easily. There are numbers of attractive features added with this scooter; we tried to sketch out those in this review.

We think you have absorbed the overall picture which we tried to drug out. Glancing in detail simultaneously we found some points to consider while thinking of buying the scooter. Let’s spot the points.

• The scooter is quite small in size.
• Saddle height is nice but seat is quite wider, hence some of you have to struggle to touch the ground.
• Accessories compartment is not large enough.
• Rider foot rest area is not spacious enough to put your shopping bags, so forget heavy kitchen shopping with this scooter.

So readers you can see only few drawbacks collected from our visuals. But rather those we found Italjet as far appealing & sexiest ride from the exteriors no doubt.

We the Team BikeBD is very much interested to get the real time test ride of this alien looked unisex scooter, so that we can drag out the real thrill and excitement of the scooter Italjet Charger (Formula) 125.

I wish to get the opportunity very near future, till then cordial thanks to you all.

italjet scooter features

Price & Offers from Distributor:

The Italjet charger 125 price in Bangladesh 1,47,000 BDT. (See the current market price here). Available colors are RED & White.


218/B,Tejgaon I/A, Dhaka-1212

Hotline: 019 6666 2626

*All the price and specification are subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question:

1. When the first scooter was made?

Ans- In 1817 it was made first in Germany.

2. Who made first scooter?

Ans- The foldable Razor scooter was invented by Wim Ouboter.

3. Is riding scooter easy than a motorcycle?

Ans- In a way if you are a beginner level biker then scooter is good cause it is easy to balance.

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