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Znen is one of the leading scooter companies from China & in Bangladesh (Source) all they sell is scooter to the local market, day by day they are becoming very popular among the scooter lovers in Bangladesh. We tested their hardcore Znen Vista Scooter, a scooter which is nearly as wide as a CNG in Bangladesh, it was a luxurious scooter sadly despite many advantages it wasn’t practical. Znen T6 on the other hand is very very practical!

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znen t6 review

Znen T6 Review: Based On 1100Km Test Ride

Znen T6 is powered by a 150cc air cooled engine which gives out 12.3 BHP & 10.5 NM of Torque which doesn’t sound too much when you think about a 150cc engine but that is not all the true story! Even though the engine pumps out small amount of power we need to keep in mind that this is a scooter and in Bangladesh people don’t buy scooter for SPEED but rather for comfort and good stability.

znen t6 test ride review

I think the power and torque that delivers from the engine is pretty good, the acceleration of the scooter is mind blowing, it goes from stand still to 80 km/h in just 100 meters! The engine is not the most refined but it’s not the most annoying either, as a 150cc sports scooter I think the engine is good enough to give a good blend of POWER & MILEAGE.

The styling of the scooter is good too; it has a duel front headlight which together provides some good amount of light for the road, and most of all the design of the headlight along with the parking and indicators is one single curvedly design which gives a fantastic attitudes during the night time , followed by LED parking lights and indicators all are integrated with the body of the scooter, the tail section of the scooter is just as beautiful like the front side.

znen t6 best scooter in bangladesh

The handle of the scooter is a rod handle something which I didn’t like with the styling & the quality of the handle isn’t good either. The riding position is not aggressive and even after riding in both Dhaka city and on the highway I didn’t find any sort of back pain with the scooter. The switch gears are very good but the indicator switch does gives you a hard time as it is very tough to operate it sometimes.

znen t6 specifications

The scooter don’t have a pass light switch but glad has an engine kill switch,  the instrument cluster is fitted with a analog speedometer, an digital fuel and battery gauge.

scooter with large space

The seat is very comfortable for both long and short rides, so are the pillion seat; gladly the seat is not very wide so for the people who short like me it won’t be of too much difficulty to ride in the congested Dhaka city. The pillion seat is now a bit lower then Vista so he/she can seat with much more comfort, the scooter has under seat storage which is good enough to hold a big enough bag or a helmet but I think it could have been a bit better if the storage capacity as a bit more big.  Rear grab rail of the bike is integrated within the design of the bike, it is very easy for the rider to grab it and keep himself stable.

I love the exhaust of the bike; they kept it simple and good & also the total body of the bike, which is perfectly designed in trying the best to pass the air as much as they can but it would have been better if they had a front visor or wind shield like Vista, though it would catch more drag but it would created good high speed aerodynamics and hence stopping the air hitting the rider more on his chest.

znen scooter suspension system

One of the lacking about the scooter are its rear suspension, it is way not so soft for a machine that people will use for comfort but Znen told us that the suspension will get softer once the bike passes 2000 km mark but unlike the rear the front suspension is very good. The front disc brake works well but despite the rear brake is drum I didn’t find it too hard to decelerate the scooter from 80 km/h to ZERO.

Ground clearance o f the scooter is great, I have gone over some really big speed breaker in Dhaka city with a pillion & I found that it went over nicely. The leg room for the rider is too small, as in a scooter you want to move around your leg a lot in this they haven’t gave too much leg room, because the fuel tank is situated underneath the seat, & despite been this big a scooter the fuel tank of the scooter is too small.  I don’t have any complain about the tyres, yes they are thin but I think that with puncture resistance with them I think the grip level with the scooter is good enough.

znen t6 scooter

The safety features of the scooter are very good, it has a built in security alarm & if anyone the side stand is on of the scooter the scooter won’t start as it will automatically cut down the ignition of the scooter. Also on the speedometer there is a warning light which will help you to know whether the headlights are on or not as sometimes accidently we turn on out headlights.

znen t6

The performance of the scooter is epic, I achieved a top speed of 115 km/h on the airport road, which might not sound too much but if you think that it is a scooter and because it weigh very little despite having a huge body the mileage I achieved was 34-36 km/L in Dhaka city, the company claims that the mileage will increase once the bike get pass the break in period of 1500 km.

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znen t6 scooter in bangladesh


  • With a price tag of 1,55,000 BDT I think it is one of the sporty scooter in the price range.
  • The mileage could have gone a bit better but it is very tough to maintain a high mileage as the scooter turns 80 km/h from standstill in 100 meters.
  • For such a big scooter the storage capacity is very small, there is no too much left expect for the under seat storage, though you can keep a helmet, jacket and other small things in the storage system.
  • Build in safety and security systems are of good quality & work in long range.
  • The fuel tank is too small for sporty scooter.
  • The PERFORMANCE is awesome, the way it accelerates and it holds its speed on the top end is really awesome.
  • Headlight is very good and looks awesome on anytime of the day.
  • Brakes and handling of the scooter is very good.
  • Rear suspension should have been a bit softer.
  • No radio, no clock of the speedometer.
  • Quality of the handle bar should have been a bit better.
  • Very little leg space for the rider.
  • Mileage is very poor but the performance of the scooter is just mind blowing.
  • Under seat storage is good but it would have been better if we had more storage capacity near the front of the scooter.
  • Pillion seat and comfort is really good.
  • Styling of the scooter is very good

Znen T6 is a practical and well build scooter, I think it is a SPORTS SCOOTER, yes it is big but it looks awesome on the road and the way it accelerates from 0-80 km/h will make the performance air cooled bikes all having their jaw wide open.

Znen Scooter Showroom:

106, Aolad Hossain Market Main road, Tejgaon,

Dhaka- 1215

Cell: o1916 030070, 01756 063010

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