Yamaha FZS Fi V2 Review - 2500 KM Test Ride Review

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Yamaha is one of the most popular brands of motorcycle in our country. It became popular for its premium motorcycles. They have one commuting motorcycle in low cc segment in Bangladesh Yamaha Saluto 125 while the rest are all in the 150cc segments. Over the past one year there has been lots of complain about the quality & service of Yamaha FZS/Fazer FI. Hence to find out more of the issue about the bike we dig in and present you Team BikeBD Test Ride of  Yamaha FZS Fi V2 Review. yamaha fzs fi v2 review price

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Yamaha FZS Fi V2 is a new motorcycle from Yamaha. It got an all-new design & new engine with fuel injection system. The basic focus of the bike still remained the same. The bike was launched in Bangladesh in the middle of last year by ACI Motors Limited who are currently officially the only distributor of Yamaha motorcycles in Bangladesh.   Ever since they launched the bike they had lots of complain about the bike, especially about the chain sprocket, build quality of the bike & most of all after sales service wasn’t up to Yamaha standard. We tested a brand new Yamaha FZS Fi V2 review for over 2500 km to review it for bikebd lovers.

Yamaha FZS FI V2 Review - Engine

Yamaha FZS Fi V2 has a 149cc single cylinder 2 valve air cooled engine. The engine has a compact hemispherical combustion chamber design to deliver better fuel economy & acceleration. According to Yamaha India the mileage of the current bike will be 14% more than the carburetor version. The bore of the engine is small & the intake valve layout is designed to have the best combustion. In this Yamaha FZS FI V2 Review we saw that  main concept of the new engine was of increase the fuel efficiency of the bike & also to make the ride smoother. The reason of the smoother engine is due to the Fuel Injection (FI) system which Yamaha calls it Blue Core Technology which uses advanced sensors and actuators to calculate & delivers to calculate & deliver the best amount of fuel to the engine to give a blend of both mileage and performance. yamaha fzs v2 fi The brand new 149cc engine delivers 13 BHP @ 8000 RPM & 12.8 NM of Torque @ 6000 RPM matted with a 5 speed gearbox. The engine is BSIV compliance for maximum mileage & less pollution emitting from the exhaust pipe. The engine we found out is very smooth.

Yamaha FZS FI V2 Review - DESIGN & STYLE

The new Yamaha FZS Fi v2 is more stylish then the older version, it is now more edgy then the previous version. They added a new multi reflector halogen headlight & air scoop on the side of the fuel tank. Earlier bikes used to have the entire rear tyre covered with mud guard but now the bikes those comes in Bangladesh have an extended mud guard. The chain is still open chain which is currently the talk of the town. yamaha fzs 150cc v2 fi   They added a new exhaust system to the bike which is far better looking than the previous one. The rear end of the bike is wider now to give more comfort to the pillion & the rider riding the motorcycle. We want to thanks Race Accessories for being with us in this Test Ride Review as an accessories partner. The tail end of the bike is almost the same as there are no major changes to the bike. They kept the same old switch gears & handle bar. Because this bike is loaded with AHO (Automatic Headlight On) feature so they didn’t have any headlight ON/OFF switch.  Among the others we have are newly design fuel tank & a brand new speedometer. There are engine kill switch & pass light in this bike. yamaha fzs v2 fi AHO The speedometer is brand new. It is a full digital unit with rev counter, fuel gauge & rpm counter. There are other warning lights on the speedometer but there is no clock and the single control button on the speedometer is so cheap & disappointing.  The rear view mirror are not spread out and if you wear any jacket or rain coat which flaps it will be difficult to see objects in the rear view mirror.


There are split seat which is design using slip resistance materials to provide the pillion good comfort. The split seat is wide and long and is very comfortable for both rider & pillion. There are cast aluminum grab rail which helps the rider to hold on the bike to sit comfortably. There is saree guard on the bike but they didn’t add any extra foot rest alongside the rear foot peg. The rider’s footpeg is placed slightly at the back & for the riding position you won’t feel any sort of pain on your neck of arms during riding in city or on the highway. yamaha fzs fi

Yamaha FZS Fi V2 Dark Knight Edition Lunch In Bangladesh

They reduce the weight of this bike from the previous version; now the bike is 3 kg lighter which makes it even more agile under braking & the controlling of the bike.  I felt that with the new redesign fuel tank you now have more leg room then the previous version.


Even though Yamaha FZS Fi V2 isn’t a powerful bike but when it comes to its suspension & braking it is one of the best in the class. It has diamond frame & very fat telescopic front suspension while mono shock suspension at the rear. yamaha fzs fi break

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It has 100/80 specification front tyre & 140/60 specification rear tyre along with a 240 mm front disc brake from Bybre & rear drum brake. Yamaha unlike Suzuki never went for rear disc brake something which is very disappointing. The suspension, tyres & brakes create a wonderful combination which makes it to be one of the -best handing & braking bike in the 150 cc category.  For this reason it is also known to be one of the best stunt bikes for the stunt lover in Bangladesh. yamaha fzs fi suspension


If you know how to ride a motorcycle properly then riding Yamaha FZS FI won’t be too much of an issue at all whether in the city or on the highway. The bike is very easy & friendly. Yes you do feel the lack of power but FI system makes the acceleration very smooth. The power delivery is very consistent & you can feel that the whole system is calculating all the time to give the best blend of power & fuel efficiency. yamaha fzs fi v2 review test riding   AHO is a bit frustrating because the headlight keeps it in ON position even before your turn the engine. So if you sit in traffic with the ignition ON but the engine not running the battery will drain the charge from the capacitor but the capacitor have enough backup to keep the lights & other things ON for maximum 30 minutes without the engine running. Once the engine starts to run the dynamo charge up the battery. Gear change is smooth but it will be a touch hard for the first 1000 km. If you maintain the right tyre pressure then you will feel that the bike is planted to the ground, whether on the straight or on the corners you can feel that this bike is nailed and won’t make a mistake & surely it doesn’t. The weight distribution in this bike is very good. The handle bar is a bit downright which makes riding in city traffic with pillion a bit difficult; turning radius is also very poor. yamaha fzs fi v2 gear So far we tested many bikes where one of the suspensions doesn’t work properly but here the suspensions works brilliantly on smooth roads but when you go on a bad road carrying a pillion the rear suspension won’t give you much feedback like bikes with double rear suspensions have. In the braking department this bike is awesome; you get so much confidence with this bike at high speed. With many bikes these days (under 3 lac) the faster you accelerate the faster you lose confidence but it is not the case with FZS, with higher speed the confidence level remains the same. I think with an additionally disc brake at the rear it will give more confidence to the rider. yamaha fzs fi v2 breaks Build quality is something they need to look up for as everyone in Bangladesh love Yamaha for their premium build quality, the finishing of the bike on some part isn’t up to the mark. The bike which we tested was fitted with a new specification of chain which carries rubber in it. The rubber even though increase the drag hence decreases the performance but it increases the chain life by a lot. People who bought the motorcycles till April this year most of them complained about the chain. To take these problems into consideration ACI Motors arranged a Mega Service Campaign in August 2017 in Dhaka where they changed the chain set of many bikes & they said very soon they will organize more free service campaign across other districts of Bangladesh. yamaha fzs fi speed During our 2000 km of testing the top speed we managed to receive was 120 km/h while in city riding the mileage we received was 38 km/l** while on the highway we recorded with a feedback of 42- 45 km/l. ACI Motors claim that when the 2nd service will be done after 2500 km the mileage figure in Dhaka city will increase & cross over 40 km/l**. Because this bike is Fi bike it needs to have high grade fuel to get the best performance from the engine. If you put in low quality fuel the performance & mileage of the bike will fall. It is highly recommended that to get the best performance from the bike you need to take the best in class fuel & also maintain the accurate tyre pressure as stated by the company. yamaha fzs fi corner There were four major complains which we found out of Yamaha FZS Fi V2 & these are the states of them which we found in our testing

  • Chain – Now all FZS Fi V2 & Fazer Fi V2 comes with o-ring chain which we believe should help the longevity of the chain, people who are still struggling with the old chain are requested to call at the call centre of ACI Motors.
  • Finish Product – This is something ACI Motors need to push to Yamaha to improve. As to me the finishing of the bike needed to rise up as Yamaha is the most premium brand of motorcycles in Bangladesh.
  • Duel Accelerator Cable – Yamaha launched FZS Fi V2 in India back on 2015, back then they had duel accelerator cable in their bikes. ACI Motors Ltd started selling Yamaha bikes in Bangladesh after mid of 2016, back then till now Yamaha didn’t install duel accelerator cable in their FZS series bikes so as it isn’t available in India it didn’t/ won’t come in Bangladesh. For further assistance you can check the official Indian Yamaha website.
  • Service Centre – This is one place they need to improve a bit, they did organized a free service campaign few months back but they need to do it occasionally & also in other cities where they have dealers. We heard plans that very soon all their dealers will have more bigger service centre & in Dhaka they will install a big service centre with 16 bay.

yamaha fzs fi tail light  

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Current Price of Yamaha FZS Fi V2 Grey, Red, Cyan, White  Colours :  255,000 BDT Dark Knight Edition: 265,000 BDT During the Team BikeBD Test Ride of Yamaha FZS Fi V2 Review we found out that this bike has one of the best in class controlling & braking system. Yes it lacks power on the straight but it makes up all the lost ground on the corners. With better tyres, Bybre brakes & brand new FI engine they made the bike smoother & comfortable to ride in. It lacks good finishing quality & power from the engine & probably better mileage in the city. In this test ride our accessories partner was Race Accessories.

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