The Bike Made in Bangladesh

Published On 03-Jun-2016 03:18pm , By Saleh

The bike made in Bangladesh! How sounds that? Isn’t something unusual? You may say, “Are you kidding?!” Hah not at all. But if I say Bangladeshi branded motorcycle it may sound realistic. Whatsoever here I am with some discussion of Bangladeshi branded motorcycle which some of you desperately asked for. So here is “The bike made in Bangladesh”.

I have decided to write on this topic few months ago but got busy with other work. Coincidentally some of you directly requested to write on this after some of feedings on commuter motorcycles. So this time I am here to enlighten the Bangladeshi branded motorcycles where only one brand is very near to say the bike made in Bangladesh.


The bike made in Bangladesh - is that true?

You know there are many local motorcycle brands are available now on our road. Many of the those companies are rolling from many years and even from many decades. Very unfortunately they failed... nope to be straight not interested to manufacture motorcycles in Bangladesh. I think that is only for their unwillingness and concentration on earning profit in short time. Very straightly saying they have no guts to produce of their own.

It’s true that manufacturing motorcycle in Bangladesh is not an easy deal. It need long time concentration, determination, patience, foresight and of-course devotion to create something own. All the thing can make this happen where we could have said the bike made in Bangladesh.

I think there were huge possibilities with the respected companies with their supporting infrastructures. But very unfortunately they didn’t. To be very honest they are shamefully marketing some Chinese motorcycles blended with some cheap quality parts under the badge of their own name or brand. Very ridiculous and very unfortunate…shame on them!


Whatsoever coming to my topic most of the giant motorcycle importer and seller in our country importing motorcycle in CKD (Complete Knock Down) mode and assembling the same. They are already very much expert of assembling the parts and sometime very frequently matches & replaces the parts with cheaper Chinese parts to maximize profit.

But in real they are only few steps behind the capability of manufacturing those parts. If they determined they can produce at least one model of the engine from which they can start. But they do not do as importing and selling is very easier than manufacturing.

Here I should not blame only the assemblers but should accuse our government policy and lack of motivations. Whatsoever not extending more this bitter side lets watch the real present situations.


Very presently there are some Bangladeshi branded motorcycles are rolling on our road. They are Runner, AtlasZongshen, H-Power, Dayun, Walton, Jamuna etc. Here all the motorcycles are completely China made motorcycle except the Runner motorcycles. Discussion on Runner coming next but rest of the motorcycles is branded only by the Bangladeshi companies.

Here in those motorcycles nothing even a single cable or plastic is not made in Bangladesh. They are completely made in China. Even the brand and logo sticker also printed from China. Whatsoever nothing to say about those products here under my topic. In a word those can’t be called as the bike made in Bangladesh. So now the discussion comes for Runner.


Runner motorcycles are manufactured and marketed by Runner Automobiles Limited. The most of the parts of Runner motorcycles are made in Bangladesh. They do this wide range of manufacturing in cooperation of some small manufacturers who manufactures only some specific part for Runner and for open market.

For example their motorcycle seat or chain sprocket made by different manufacturer in Bangladesh who manufactures directly in supervision of Runner. Thus most of the spare parts are manufactured in Bangladesh. Only the engine part and some other critical parts are imported from China.


So we can say most of the part of Runner motorcycles is made in Bangladesh. And hopeful thing is that Runner also trying to develop their infrastructure to manufacture motorcycle engines in the upcoming days. So we can hope for the day when we can say the bike made in Bangladesh.

So guys that’s all about our, “The bike made in Bangladesh”. Hope you are very clearer about the Bangladeshi branded motorcycles. If you have further any confusion or questions feel free to ask directly with the bellow commentary box. Thank you all.


Published by Saleh