How To Maintain The Health of Your Motorcycle Tires

When you are riding your bike, what are the only things that are in contact with the road surface? What enables the bike to move? What balances the weight of the vehicle as well as yourself? The motorcycle tires, of course! If you haven’t ever really given this a thought, well, your tires suffer more than any other part of your bike.

motorcycle tires

They are dragged across rough surfaces, muddy roads and rocks – in fact they have to function even when the engine is turned off in order to keep the vehicle standing. The tires of a bike are actually quite similar with the human feet – they provide support. So now can you imagine just how much wear and tear your tires go through every day?

That is why you need to make sure that your tires are always in good condition. Unlike in a car, you cannot carry a spare tire in case one wheel starts malfunctioning on the way. That is why it is essential that you take great care of your tires all the time so that you are free of problems when you hit the road.

tourino tyres

1. Keep in track of the tire pressure, especially before you set out for a long journey. Never exceed the pressure mark that is indicated for your tires. Check the pressure when temperatures drop.

2. Always keep a record of the mileage that has been covered with the tires since this helps determine whether they are past their endurance level or not.

3. To check whether your tire has worn off or not, insert a coin into the grooves. Let us consider the coin of our country – the coin with Shapla flower’s head embossed on it. After insertion, if you can see his complete head, then your tires have definitely exceeded its life time and it is time you replace them. You can also check for tread wear on all sides of the tire for even wear and tear. If uneven, then they may result in uncomfortable journeys or even lead to an accident.

4. The tread designs verify the traction performance of your tires. Traction is the grip of your tires on the road surface. Different tires have different tractions and it depends on the type of road surface you mostly travel on. Road conditions may sometimes even damage the natural traction of your tires; try to lower your speed whenever riding on a wet surface. Seek advice from your dealer on the type of tire you should use for the type of surface you usually ride on.

5. Check your tubes & Alloy or spoke. See whether it is sealed shut or not, whether the valve stem ahs any cracks or not; keep your eyes open for dried out rubber. If you have a damaged rim, then replace it as well as the tires due to a high possibility of internal damage. If you have tubes, then change them every time you change your tires. Do not try to change them yourself if you aren’t sure of how to, since you might end up ruining something.

If you are at doubt regarding your motorcycle tires but don’t really know what’s wrong with it, then consult an expert. Do not ignore any strange symptom since you might end up ignoring something of major importance, which may even risk your life. Take good care of your bike, and your bike will take good care of you!

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