All In One Bike Price In Bangladesh 2019

Motorcycle is one of the most popular vehicles in our country and all over the world. In this page, we are presenting you the Bike Price In BD with all the detailed information and latest updates.

Motorcycle is one of the necessary things nowadays. Day by day the traffic scenario in our city and everywhere is getting worse, and therefore motorcycle is the only solution to go from point A to point B, the fastest way possible. 

honda motorcycle bangladesh

Honda Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Honda CBR150R ABS149 ccClick Here
Honda CBR150R 2016 (Indonesian Version)149 ccClick Here
Honda CB Hornet 160R (CBS)162 ccClick Here
Honda CB Hornet 160R162 ccClick Here
Honda CB 150R StreetFire149 ccClick Here
Honda CB150R Exmotion149 ccClick Here
Honda CB Trigger149 ccClick Here
Honda CB Shine SP124 ccClick Here
Honda Shine124 ccClick Here
Honda Livo 110109 ccClick Here
Honda Dream Neo109 ccClick Here
Honda Wave Alpha (Scooter)100 ccClick Here
Honda CD 8072 ccClick Here
Honda Dio (Scooter)109 ccClick Here



bajaj motorcycle bangladesh

Bajaj Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Bajaj Pulsar NS160 FI With ABS160 ccClick Here
Bajaj Pulsar NS160160 ccClick Here
Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc149 ccClick Here
Bajaj Pulsar 150 2017 Edition149 ccClick Here
Bajaj Pulsar 150 AS149 ccClick Here
Bajaj V15149 ccClick Here
Bajaj Avenger Street 150149 ccClick Here
Bajaj Discover 125125 ccClick Here
Bajaj Discover 110109 ccClick Here
Bajaj Discover 100100 ccClick Here
Bajaj Platina Comfortec100 ccClick Here
Bajaj Platina 10099 ccClick Here
Bajaj CT100 ES102 ccClick Here
Bajaj CT100B102 ccClick Here




Hero Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Hero Hunk149 ccClick Here
Hero Xtreme Sports149 ccClick Here
Hero Achiever 150149 ccClick Here
Hero Ignitor 125124 ccClick Here
Hero Glamour 125124 ccClick Here
Hero Splendor iSmart Plus109 ccClick Here
Hero Passion XPro109 ccClick Here
Hero Splendor iSmart97 ccClick Here
Hero Splendor Plus97 ccClick Here
Hero HF Deluxe97 ccClick Here
Hero HF Dawn97 ccClick Here
Hero Maestro Edge (Scooter)109 ccClick Here
Hero Pleasure (Scooter)102 ccClick Here



Yamaha motorcycle ownership review

Yamaha Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Yamaha R15 V3 Monster Edition155 ccClick Here
Yamaha R15 V3 Indonesian Edition155 ccClick Here
Yamaha R15 V3 Indian Edition155 ccClick Here
Yamaha R15 V3 Movistar Edition155 ccClick Here
Yamaha MT 15155 ccClick Here
Yamaha Fazer FI Version 2149 ccClick Here
Yamaha FZS FI Version 3149 ccClick Here
Yamaha FZ FI Version 3149 ccClick Here
Yamaha FZS FI Version 2149 ccClick Here
Yamaha FZS FI Version 2 Dual Disc149 ccClick Here
Yamaha SZ-RR V2.0149 ccClick Here
Yamaha Saluto 125125 ccClick Here
Yamaha XTZ 125124 ccClick Here
Yamaha NMax 155 (Scooter)155 ccClick Here
Yamaha Aerox 155 (Scooter)155 ccClick Here
Yamaha Ray ZR (Scooter)113 ccClick Here
Yamaha Ray ZR Street Rally (Scooter)113 ccClick Here
Yamaha Fascino (Scooter)113 ccClick Here
Yamaha Alpha (Scooter)113 ccClick Here



tvs logo new

TVS Motorcycle Price in BD

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
TVS Apache RTR 160 4V159 ccClick Here
TVS Apache RTR 160159 ccClick Here
TVS Apache RTR 150150 ccClick Here
TVS Max 125124 ccClick Here
TVS Phoenix 125124 ccClick Here
TVS Stryker 125124 ccClick Here
TVS Metro Plus 110109 ccClick Here
TVS Metro99 ccClick Here
TVS XL 100 i-touch99 ccClick Here
TVS XL 10099 ccClick Here
TVS Wego (Scooter)110 ccClick Here
TVS Jupiter (Scooter)109 ccClick Here
TVS Scooty Zest 110 (Scooter)109 ccClick Here



SUZUKI Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Suzuki Gixxer154 ccClick Here
Suzuki Gixxer Double Disc Edition154 ccClick Here
Suzuki Gixxer SF154 ccClick Here
Suzuki Gixxer SF MotoGP Edition154 ccClick Here
Suzuki GSX-R150147 ccClick Here
Suzuki GSX-S150147 ccClick Here
Suzuki GS150R149 ccClick Here
Suzuki Hayate113 ccClick Here
Suzuki Hayate EP112 ccClick Here
Suzuki Burgman 125 (Scooter)124 ccClick Here
Suzuki Lets (Scooter)112 ccClick Here
Suzuki Access 125 (Scooter)124 ccClick Here



Runner Motorcycle Price in BD

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Runner Knight Rider150 ccClick Here
Runner Turbo 125124 ccClick Here
Runner Bike RT86 ccClick Here
Runner Kite Plus110 ccClick Here
Runner Cheeta96 ccClick Here
Runner F-100 6A97 ccClick Here
Runner Royal Plus109 ccClick Here
Runner Royal ES97 ccClick Here
Runner Bullet 100100 ccClick Here
Runner AD 80s79 ccClick Here
Runner AD 80s Deluxe85 ccClick Here



kawasaki motorcycle bangladesh

Kawasaki Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Kawasaki KLX 150BF144 ccClick Here
Kawasaki KLX150L144 ccClick Here
Kawasaki KSR PRO111 ccClick Here
Kawasaki D-Tracker 150144 ccClick Here
Kawasaki Ninja 125125 ccClick Here
Kawasaki Z125125 ccClick Here
Kawasaki Z125PRO125 ccClick Here



benelli motorcycle price in bangladesh

Benelli Motorcycle Price in BD

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Benelli TNT 165S165 ccClick Here
Benelli TNT 150149 ccClick Here
Benelli TNT 135134 ccClick Here



Keeway Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Keeway RKR 165165 ccClick Here
Keeway RKS 150 CBS Edition149 ccClick Here
Keeway K Light 150150 ccClick Here
Keeway RKV 150149 ccClick Here
Keeway RKS 125124 ccClick Here
Keeway RKS 10099 ccClick Here
Keeway Magnet 10099 ccClick Here
Keeway K Blade 125 (scooter)124 ccClick Here



Lifan Motorcycle Price in BD

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Lifan KPR 150 Version 2149 ccClick Here
Lifan KPR 165R165 ccClick Here
Lifan KP Mini149 ccClick Here
Lifan KPT 150149 ccClick Here
Lifan KPS 150149 ccClick Here
Lifan Pony 10099 ccClick Here
Lifan Glint 10099 ccClick Here
Victor R Classic 100100 ccClick Here
Victor R V80 Xpress80 ccClick Here
Victor-R V110 Advance102 ccClick Here
Motocross Fighter 71149 ccClick Here



vespa scooters price in bangladesh

Vespa Scooter Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Vespa Elegante 150150 ccClick Here
Vespa VXL 150150 ccClick Here
Vespa SXL 150150 ccClick Here
Vespa Notte 125125 ccClick Here
Vespa LX 125125 ccClick Here
Vespa VXL 125125 ccClick Here
Vespa SXL 125125 ccClick Here



aprilia logo

Aprilia Motorcycle Price in BD

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Aprilia RS4 125124 ccClick Here
Aprilia GPR 150149 ccClick Here
Aprilia SR 150150 ccClick Here
Aprilia SR 150 Race150 ccClick Here
Aprilia SR 125125 ccClick Here
Aprilia Tuono 125125 ccClick Here



KTM Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
KTM Duke 125 ABS Indian Edition125 ccClick Here
KTM Duke 125 2017 Edition125 ccClick Here
KTM RC 125125 ccClick Here



roadmaster logo

Roadmaster Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh

Motorcycle NameCCPrice
Roadmaster Rapido 165164 ccClick Here
Roadmaster Rapido 150150 ccClick Here
Roadmaster Prime 10099 ccClick Here
Roadmaster Prime80 ccClick Here
Roadmaster Velocity99 ccClick Here
Roadmaster Delight99 ccClick Here
Roadmaster Rex79 ccClick Here


 Top 6 Motorcycle Company In Bangladesh Right Now :

Buying a motorcycle is never easy. There is a lot of buying tips in our website, and also in the whole online world, but each and every motorcycle buying suggestion starts with one word, Price.

Price is the first and most important concern for most of us when it comes to buying a motorcycle. 

Finding the latest and accurate motorcycle price in Bangladesh could be a bit challenging, because the price is not a constant variable and the price of a motorcycle is always changing.

So, we tried to present you all bike price in bangladesh 2019 in one single page, all sorted out by the brands. This sorting will help you find your desired bike or bike brands quickly, You can also find the latest price in the fastest way possible. 

The motorcycle market is always changing. There are always bikes coming into the market, and also getting discontinued. In the list of Bike Price in BD 2019, we are about to discuss some of the major motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, and also about Upcoming Bike in Bangladesh 2019


Honda is one of the biggest motorcycle and automotive brands in the whole world, and their journey in Bangladesh is also a really remarkable one (Source). Honda has a lineup full of various types of motorcycle.

From one of the most popular Sports bike, Honda CBR150R to a naked sports motorcycle Honda CB Hornet 160R, and Honda Dream Neo 110, Honda is offering all the genres in the play.

Honda Bike Price In Bangladesh is not a constant list, as BHL often gives out cashback and discount offers. Bangladesh Honda Private Ltd. has set up their factory in Bangladesh where they already started making motorcycles. 

Currently they are producing two models – Honda Livo and Honda Dream Neo (Source). So, hopefully Honda will start producing more models there and the Honda Bike Price In Bangladesh will be reduced than what it is right now.


Yamaha is one of the oldest motorcycle companies from Japan (Source). They used their life as a musical instrument company, and eventually started making motorcycles, engines, and many more.

Because they were really good at it, they quickly became one of the most popular and sold motorcycle brands around the world. 

Despite having some commuter options, Yamaha is a premium motorcycle brand in Bangladesh, and Yamaha Bike Price in BD reflects this claim.

Yamaha focuses on bringing the latest technology in their latest models, and Yamaha motorcycles in Bangladesh creates a completely different vibe compared to most other motorcycle brands.

Yamaha Bike Price In BD is a little bit too much compared to the competitors, but Yamaha is the fastest to bring in newer models and latest features and the best in class controllings.

So, Yamaha is still one of the top motorcycle brands in Bangladesh.


Suzuki is probably one of the very few Japanese motorcycle companies who are maintaining their position in the middle ground (Source).

Suzuki Bike Price In Bangladesh is reasonable and competitive with most other brands, and they also doesn’t lack the quality control in any way.

Suzuki Bike Price In Bangladesh moves a lot mainly because the company gives out offers on a regular basis, and these offers surely helps bike enthusiasts to go for their favorite bike.


The most amount of motorcycle sold in Bangladesh are from Indian brands, and the most popular Indian motorcycle brand in Bangladesh is definitely Bajaj Motorcycles (Source). 

Bajaj motorcycle started their journey in Bangladesh a really long time ago, by the hands of Uttara Motors. Bajaj Bike Price In Bangladesh is one of the most popular price list in Bangladesh, mainly because of their product range, and the really widespread of service centers all around the country. 

Bajaj Bike Price In Bangladesh moves up and downs sometimes, because Bajaj introduces new models in Bangladesh on a regular basis, and they also introduce new versions of their existing models.

Moreover, Bajaj Bike Price In Bangladesh is often reduced because of various offers from the company, and one of the interesting things about Bajaj Motorcycle Offers in Bangladesh is that, they provide unique types of offers. 

Bajaj Pulsar is one of the most sold motorcycles in this region, and with newer models and versions of Pulsar being introduced in Bangladesh, In Bangladesh is one of the things that everybody wants to know, and we are here with the latest and updated price list of not only Pulsar, but all the motorcycle in Bajaj Line-up.


Hero is already a really popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh, and when they started manufacturing bikes in Bangladesh, Hero Bike Price In BD was in the grasp of everyone! (Source)

Hero has started producing many of their motorcycles in Bangladesh now, and they have introduced more motorcycles in the commuter segment than many of their competitors. 

Hero has a huge product line-up, and Hero Bike Price in BD especially the Hero commuter motorcycles price are really the best deal one can find in the market.

Hero has already become one of the biggest Indian motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, and they are outgrowing themselves every year. 


TVS was a brand whose target customer base was commuter riders of Bangladesh (Source). But, with the introduction of powerful 150 and 160cc motorcycles in Bangladesh, they now have a really long range for every type of biker.

TVS Bike Price In BD was always reasonable, and day by day they are getting more focused on the market and giving away attractive prices. 

The boost for TVS Motorcycle in Bangladesh was definitely the introduction of newly 160cc models, and the attractive price of them.

The new and affordable pricing has taken TVS Bike Price In BD is a position that the competitors are really challenged, and the competition is on.

Things To Consider Before Buying a Motorcycle:

Buying a motorcycle in Bangladesh could be a really confusing matter, and the biker will be unsure about his choices that whether he should buy this bike or that bike.

So, we are trying to provide some pointers and some basic suggestions you can consider when buying a motorcycle. 

First of all, you should choose your budget wisely. Just buying a bike is not enough, there are registration fees and the costs of buying accessories to ensure the safety and security of your motorcycle.

Also, the bikes should also keep in mind the prices of spares and repairs on the bike, as the cost of the also varies from bike to bike. So always keep those costings in mind.

Preparing a budget is really hard, but at the end of the day, this is where we are limited in choosing the bike for us. Always choose the best value for money motorcycle, and choose the one that meets all your needs and passion. 

Bikes have evolved from passion to both passion and necessity. Different types of riders have a really different set of needs from their motorcycles, and everyone should really know their ones. 

Each segment of motorcycles meet up with different needs, and this should be taken into account while buying a bike. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

1.Which bike is best in Bangladesh?

2.Which is best motorcycle company in Bangladesh?

  • Honda
  • Bajaj
  • Suzuki
  • Yamaha
  • TVS
  • Hero
  • Lifan
  • Kawasaki
  • Keeway
  • Roadmaster

3.What is the price of Discover bike?

Ans-  The Price of Bajaj Discover 110 is BDT 1,19,500. The Price of Bajaj Discover 125 is BDT 1,31,500. Latest Price of Bajaj Discover Bike. 

Click Here For Last Updated Bajaj Motorcycle Prices 

4.What is the price of Discover 100cc?

Ans- The Price of Bajaj Discover 100 is BDT 1,26,000. 

Click Here For Last Updated Bajaj Motorcycle Prices

5.What is the price of yamaha 150cc?

Ans- The Price of Yamaha FZS FI V3 150cc is 2,95,000 BDT. The Price of Yamaha FZ FI V3 is 2,90,000 BDT. 

Click Here For Last Updated Yamaha Motorcycle Prices 


6.Which is better TVS Apache RTR 150 Or TVS Apache RTR 160?

Ans- In a way if its in my opinion then i will obviously say TVS Apache RTR 160 is way much better than RTR 150 in built quality and also performance of the bike.


7.Which bike is best in TVS for Bangladesh?

Ans- There are many kinds of bikes and scooter in TVS and obviously their built quality and built quality is good. So I think the best bike is TVS Apache RTR 160 4v in looks and power and design.


8.What is Suzuki SEP?

Ans- SEP is the quick form of Suzuki Eco Performance is a new developmental concept via Suzuki Motorcycle India. Suzuki Eco Performance is that kind of Engine era which claims nice Fuel efficiency & overall performance.

According to Suzuki, by using lowering all kinds of mechanical losses, efficient design of components and interest to element in production procedure SEP is created. “SEP” stands for the subsequent-generation engine which could offer each low fuel consumption and superior acceleration however with none negotiation at the riding performance.

9.Is Suzuki Gixxer is a good bike?

Ans- Suzuki Gixxer is a great bike with a great mileage and great built quality. So of course by its looks and design and performance without a doubt this is a great bike.

10.Which is better hero or Honda?

Ans- Hero and Honda both companies’ bikes are good and also better. But if I do comparison then In a way Honda bikes quality and performance is good on the other hand Hero bikes are good in fuel efficiency and good for beginner bikers.

11.What is HET (Honda Eco Technology)?

Ans- HET is a Technology from Honda and It is a technology of Honda that will give a great mileage. It improved Combustion, reduced friction and optimized transmission.

12.What is Yamaha Blue Core?

Ans- It is One of the most advanced small-engine technology from Yamaha. This technology will increase combustion efficiency and will reduce power loss.  This technology also cool the engine.

13.Does Bajaj Own KTM?

Ans- In a terms yes cause KTM is actually a Austrian sports and motorcycle car manufacture owned by KTM Industry AG. But Do you know Bajaj Auto a Indian also manufactures this Bike. So in a way yes.


Bottom Line:

Motorcycle is our daily necessity now, and . slowly becoming a really important part of our daily commute. Riding a bike is like the highest form of freedom one can feel while still being on the ground.

Motorcycle also saves a lot of time and money on daily commute, and also provides a flare of style. Hopefully, the details and info on this page has helped everyone to find about Bike Price In BD and also get brief details about all.

Follow all the traffic rules in Bangladesh and all the bike riding tips. Also, always wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, and don’t forget to check the latest Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh before buying a motorcycle!

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