How To Clean Your Motorcycle?

We live in such a environment where there is dirt all around us,which is harmful for humans,animals even Motorcycle. Here we will discuss about How to clean your motorcycle? If anything is kept open in the open air for long it is bound to get dirty by the dirt that passes through the air. Therefore if a bike is kept open or it is used to drive in the open air than it will go dirty and those dirt are very harmful for a bike as it creates problems in the engines.

If we love our bike than we must take full care of it so for taking care we need to clean Motorcycle properly. Some people might find it a very boring and tough job but I m here to give u an easy solution to your problem. The following procedure to wash your bike is your perfect solution and it will also take less time as a result you wont get bored. And you will be happy to know that this procedure is also followed by some professional race team. So here we begin :

how to clean your motorcycle

At first we will need to know about the equipment that we will need to Clean Your Motorcycle,the equipment’s are :

  • A bucket to keep Shampoo water
  • Shampoo or cleaner for bike
  • Gloves
  • Bug and tar remover
  • Degreaser or engine cleaner
  • A toothbrush
  • A brush for wheel cleaning
  • Wheel cleaner
  • 100% cotton sponges
  • A variety of soft cotton towels and more abrasive rags
  • A chamois cloth for drying

So we knew about the equipment’s that we will have to use To Clean Your Motorcycle now lets know about the procedure. We can wash our bike by both water and shampoo,the choice is totally yours.If u want to use both water and soap then it isn’t a problem too and if you want to wash only with water than you will have to use warm water,and warm water is a must in both ways.

how to clean your motorcycle

We have to keep the sponge ready and make sure that it is clean and it should be kept in such a place so that it cannot touch the ground or else it will get dirty.Along with the dirt dead bugs are also harmful for such motorcycles so you may use the bug and tar remover to clean the part where there are dead bugs or also kill the bugs which still exists in the motorcycle,and for removing the bugs you will have to use a sponge.

while cleaning the bike make sure you don’t rub the sponge too hard and be very careful about not using the same sponge again. In a motorcycle there are two kind of parts,one is hard part another part is sensitive part so the hard part should be treated differently than the sensitive parts. For cleaning the hard parts we will have to use the degreaser,and after giving the degreaser the parts should not be rubbed hardly then it may harm the paint of the motorbike and make it discolour.

how to clean your motorcycle

And the necessity of microfiber isn’t needed because rough rag will do the same work as microfiber. To remove the boot marks from the chrome exhaust pipes you will have to use the cleanser because the boot marks looks really dirty on the chrome exhaust pipes and as we know the bikes have two parts we cannot use the cleanser on the sensitive parts of the bike or else it will be really harmful for the bike. After this we will have to use the toothbrush to clean the parts which are very difficult to reach by hands and in the bike there are lots of such parts which cannot be reach by hands.

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To make the oil and grime disappear you will have to use the degreaser on the tip of the non chrome engine parts. Wheels are really tough to clean as there are many small holes in the heels as a result a long toothed brush is needed to clean the wheels and to clean those wheels we will have to use the wheel cleanser. Chrome wheels need different kind of treatment so there are different kind of cleanser for chrome wheels so you will need to purchase them too. A bucket full of warm, soapy water is needed to clean the painted parts of the bike and to clean those painted parts microfiber sponge are the best.

how to clean your motorcycle

The soapy water can give scratch on the painted parts so to avoid it we will have to wet the painted parts before scrubbing them.And as I have mentioned in the list of equipment’s 100% cotton sponges should be used or it will cause damage. Again a bucket full of water should be used to rinse away the soapy things from the bike.make sure you keep and clean the bike in a shaded place,and to dry the bike a chamois cloth should be used because it will keep the bike from getting scratched or spotted.

how to clean your motorcycle

Thus this is the easiest procedure that I have ever heard or seen before To Clean Your Motorcycle. I hope you guys also found it easy and it really doesn’t take much time so you wont be bored to wash your bike. A motorcycle is such a thing that can be loved by its owner so if you really love your bike than take some time out of your busy life and give some time to your bike to wash it.I really hope my solution to your problem will be really helpful to you and you will use it to clean your bike. And if you clean or wash your bike by your own hands than the ride after it will be really special and enjoyable to you.

Hope this article about How to clean your motorcycle? will help the bikers to clean there bikes properly….

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