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Motorcycle Registration Procedure In Bangladesh

Last updated on 20-Jul-2022 , By Shuvo

Motorcycle registration procedure in Bangladesh is quite complicated and very much hassling. We the Team BikeBD always face various queries on motorbike registration procedure due to its complexity.

The procedure changes a little time to time and complexity differs from the zone to zone of BRTA (Source). But we try to respond you query time to time.

Motorcycle Registration Procedure In Bangladesh

From few days we are facing too many queries about the motorbike registration process due to sudden announcement from the government where after January 1st, 2016 no vehicle.

Therefore, the motorbike will not be allowed on the road without proper registration. Consequently, we are herewith the current Motorcycle registration procedure in Bangladesh.

Let’s try to answer your queries in detail though this feed, therefore, head in the detailed procedure.

motorcycle registration procedure in bangladesh

Collect Related Documents:

At first you have to collect all the documents of your new motorbike therefore the valid import document from the dealer like,

  • Import document
  • Customs clearance
  • Gate pass
  • VAT-11 documents of both importer & dealer
  • Treasury Chalan from Sonali Bank for both importer & dealer
  • Cash memo
  • Owner voter ID card copy

You have to collect the entire document set from the dealer where you have purchased the bike. If you want to complete the whole registration process of your own, then be sure of receiving the entire set of the documents from the dealer.

Often the dealers used to give the incomplete set of documents to the purchaser to put them in a hassle and make the buyer agree to give them the responsibility of registration with paying some extra money.

Yes, the registration process is quite hassling; but if you receive all the documents on the time of purchasing the bike, we think you will enjoy the hassling task and of-course learn something.

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Hence after getting the full set of documents, collect the three paged vehicle registration form from the BRTA office or their website. Fill up the form with applicant & vehicle data. This form is the application form with which other documents will be attached.

Check the total set of documents including the application form by the related BRTA office. If they verified the application set as okey then they will give you an assessment slip (Money Deposit Slip) filling up your vehicle information mentioning with the related charges & fees.

Don’t forget to get the officials signature & seal on the assessment slip.

Deposit The Fees At The Bank:

This is the second step of the process. Deposit the fees and charges at BRTA recommended Bank or Booth with the assessment slip. Get the specific printed money receipt from the bank and attach that with the application.

Fees & charges for new bike registration:

Fee & Charges ItemRegistration FeeDigital Registration CertificateRFID Digital Number PlateInspection FeeRoad Tax (10 Years)Total Deposit Amount
TK for 50-100cc bike weighted below 90Kg4200.00540.002200.00450.005000.0012390.00
TK for 50-100cc bike weighted below 90Kg4200.00540.002200.00450.0010000.0017390.00
TK for 101-150cc bike weighted below 90Kg5600.00540.002200.00450.005000.0013790.00
TK for 101-150cc bike weighted below 90Kg5600.00540.002200.00450.0010000.0018790.00

All the fees and charges are applicable for 15% of VAT. So you have to deposit the amount including the VAT.

You can also calculate the charges & fees of your bike from BRTA website through link very easily. And not to worry as the BRTA official will mention the appropriate fees & charges on the assessment slip where you have to deposit the same at the Bank.

Application Submission At BRTA:

After the deposit of fees and charges submit your complete application set at the vehicle registration desk at BRTA. On submission you application, vehicle inspector will inspect your documents and also the vehicle.

After the inspection and the authorization of the documents by the vehicle inspector, they will give you the acknowledgment slip printed with the registration number & fitness, and also the tax token.

At that time they will put your identity and active mobile number at their documents and that is very important. After getting these documents you may ride your bike on the road; but you need to get finished the process by getting digital Blue Book and Digital Number Plate.

Entry For Digital Blue-Book & Number Plate:

On receiving the acknowledgement slip with the registration number, tax token from the registration desk you will be called for the submission of your biometric identity like your photograph, finger impression and signature instantly with their electronic devices on the date or on their advised date.

The date & time of the submission of your biometrics will be informed you through the mobile massage from BRTA. On completing these formalities the process is complete form your end.

Receive The Blue-Book & RFID Number Plate:

After submission of your biometrics therefore photo, finger impression and signature you have to wait for the mobile phone massage from BRTA. So always keep your mobile phone active with the number which you have given at the application form.

Most of the time within one month BRTA sends a massage with receiving date and time of your Blue-Book & RFID Number-Plate. After getting the massage collect your blue book and number plate from related BRTA office.

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So guys those were the entire procedure of the registration of a new bike. But there is another query of you remaining which we think need to clarify separately. The bikes which are registered previously and have no RFID chip mounted

The number plate will not be eligible to roll on the road from January 1st of 2016 as per recent government announcement. In such case you have to apply for RFID digital number plate and digital registration certificate (smart card) from BRTA. Therefore for this issue let’s see the procedure.

RFID Number Plate & Smart Reg. Card:

For this issue you have to do the following.

  • Collect assessment slip (money deposit slip) from BRTA. Fill up the owner and vehicle data as mentioned on current blue-book.
  • Get the seal and signature of the BRTA official on that slip. The official will also mention the applicable fees & charges with the specific deposit head on the slip.
  • Deposit the fees with the assessment slip at suggested Bank. On deposit booth give your active mobile number for the entry at BRTA database. They will provide you a printed money receipt.
  • Submit the money receipt with the photocopy of your old blue-book at BRTA.
  • After the money deposit and money receipt submission at BRTA you will be called at BRTA for the submission of your Biometric Identity therefore your photograph, finger impression & signature through a mobile massage to the number which you have provided at the time of money deposit.
  • Provide you Biometrics at BRTA on the date noticed by the mobile massage.
  • After that process BRTA will notice you again through mobile massage to collect your RFID number plate and Smart registration card with specific date & time.
  • On the appointed date keep the attested photocopy of your current registration card or the blue book, tax token, acknowledgment slip, money receipt with you; and take your vehicle there to receive the RFID Number Plate and Smart registration Card.
  • Most of the time this process takes around a month to complete; but if it take more time you can query calling the number 6969 or put a massage with the format NP<space>A<space>Date which is like NP A 00 (here 00 is the current date like 11 or 30) for a appointment. The return massage will instruct you the rest.

The current fees for the Digital Registration Certificate (Smart Card) is BDT 2200.00 And for Retro-Reflective RFID Number Plate is BDT 540.00 where all the charges applicable for 15% of VAT.

Therefore the total charges will be BDT 2815.00 Without these fees & charges there may some dues of the VAT on the old registered numbers, which has registered after 2010 and hadn’t paid VAT on that time.

There is no way to avoid these previous dues of VAT as those are mentioned as due under the related registration number. Without paying the previous dues no new fee or charges will be accepted by the software of BRTA.

So you have to pay the entire ‍. So guys, these are the process. Hope it will be helpful for you while you move forward for the bike registration and deal with the upcoming government requirements.

We just have elaborated the core procedure of " Motorcycle Registration Procedure In Bangladesh " where it changes a little time to time and varies a little at different zone of BRTA; but the process are same everywhere.

Don’t forget to share your real time experiences with us considering this issue, so that other can learn from your experience and deal well with more confidence. Thanks.

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question:

1. What is the full meaning of BRTA?

Ans- The full meaning of BRTA is Bangladesh Road Transport Authority.

2. Which documents do you need for applying for a driving license?

Ans- The documents you need is 1. Birth Certificate, 2. Passport, 3. School Certificate, 4. Voter ID Card

3.Can apply online for driving license card?

Ans- Yes, of course, you can. If you want to apply online then visit the official BRTA government site and there you can apply for license.

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