Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh

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Hello friends, Now a days most of readers of BikeBD want to know about Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh. if you are now visiting this page most probably you are a rider or going to be a rider or if not so you maybe a bike enthusiast.

Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh

motorcycle registration fee in bangladesh

If so & you are in Bangladesh, you must know about BRTA & its activities. And of course you are also known about the hassles for getting any job done from BRTA. So we are herewith to reduce one of your hassles related with BRTA (Source).

In some situation when you are known enough about the whole procedure for getting any job done from some worse place like BRTA then it gets quite easy to work it out. So today we are herewith Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh.

Required Provisions For Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh

For the ownership transfer for motorbike you have to arrange following supplies.

  • Ownership Transfer forms from BRTA (also available in their website)

1. TO form. >> Click Here

2. TTO form >> Click Here

3. Sales Receipt >> Click Here 

4. Owner particulars & specimen signature form >> Click Here

5. Transfer and fixation of digital number plate application form >> Click Here

motorcycle ownership transfer stamp bangladesh

  • Non Judiciary Stamp valued BDT 300.00 for printing the sales contact (Affidavit)
  • Revenue Stamp for Sales Receipt valued BDT 10.00
  • TIN certificate of buyer (Optional)

motorcycle registration process in bangladesh

  • Original Registration Certificate / Blue Book (Both copy)
  • Copies of National ID card both of seller & buyer (You have to show original at the time of submission at BRTA)
  • 3 Copies of stamp size & 1 copy of passport size photograph of buyer.
  • 1 copy of passport size photograph of seller.
  • Money for ownership transfer, digital number plate & new blue book fees.

Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Fees At June, 2014

For transfer Motorcycle ownership - 2665/- ( IF DIGITAL REG IS DONE) otherwise digital numberplate Fee - 2260/- Blue book Fee - 555/- Required Task For Seller:

For the ownership transfer the seller had to do a few jobs for ensuring his own safety, so that he can resign all of his liabilities of the sold bike and get relief from the superfluous & unwanted liabilities after selling the bike may have caused by any accident or fraudulency.

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The seller has to finish the selling contact paper (Affidavit) on non-judicial stamp valued over BDT 300.00 attached with photograph of both parties and duly signed with thumb impression both by seller & buyer through the notary public. In addition, for BRTA formalities for ownership transfer:

  • The seller should sign on TTO form & Sales Receipt attached with revenue stamp valued BDT 10.00.
  • In case of company, seller has to attach the proper intimation, resolution & authorization on company letter head pad.
  • Seller has to attach the loan clearance or liability clearance certificate if the seller has any loan on the vehicle from any bank or from such institute.

Required Task For Buyer:

In the event of ownership transfer the buyer plays the vital roll for completing the entire procedure. After collecting the forms & documents from BRTA & from the seller, the buyer has to follow the underneath procedure:

  • Complete the Sales Contract (Affidavit) on non-judicial stamp valued over BDT 300.00 attached with photograph of both parties and duly signed with thumb impression both by seller & buyer through the notary public.
  • Complete the Sales Receipt by the seller attached with revenue stamp valued BDT 10.00.
  • Fill up the TO & TTO form and get duly signed by the buyer & seller.

motorcycle registration paper

  • Fill up the Owner Particulars (new owner/buyer) form with buyer's specimen signature and attach 3 copies of stamp size photograph with it.
  • Buyer also should fill up the Transfer and Fixation of digital number plate application form.

motorcycle registration bank deposit fee bangladesh

  • After finishing the affidavit & filling up all the forms, buyer has to deposit certain fees for ownership transfer, digital number plate & new blue book at permitted bank or post office. You can collect special deposit slip for this job in the permitted bank counter.
  • After the money deposit buyer will get two copies of deposit slip. One for the depositor and other for BRTA.
  • After money deposit buyer has to arrange the documents consecutively to submit it before the BRTA official.
  • Arrange the documents in sequence like:

** The money deposit slip

** Owner particulars & specimen signature form

** Transfer and fixation of digital number plate application form

** TO form attached with buyer national ID card copy

** TTO form attached with seller national ID card copy

** Original copies of Blue Book (both copy)

** Other documents like TIN, Sales Authorization, and Resolution etc.

** Sales Receipt (optional)

** And finally the Sales contact document (Affidavit).

  • Submit all the documents to the related BRTA desk. The official will inquiry the papers and keep the related documents for official activities and return you the rest with a acknowledgement slip mentioning approximate date of issue of new blue book & new digital number plate.
  • Most of the situation BRTA official will return you the original copies of Sales Contact document and maybe some others. But they might ask for the photocopies. So it is better to keep one set of photocopies with you and keep one set for your personal reference.
  • After submitting the documents you just have finished all the BRTA formalities. So wait for the response from BRTA through mobile massage. When BRTA activities have done, you will be notify the date & time to collect your new Blue Book & digital number plate through mobile massage. That' it.

So riders here are the detailed formalities & procedure of Ownership Transfer for motorbike from BRTA. But in real situation it is not so easy to get it done & simultaneously it is not so difficult to get it done from BRTA if you apply some technical approach. So let look over the technical approaches to get your job done quite easily.

  • Before the official process collect the forms directly from BRTA office. Generally forms are distributed free for all. But in BRTA you may have to pay some lump some money for the forms at office or from the office attendant.
  • Talk with the official or the attendant about the whole process whom you have paid for the forms. Most of the situation he may help you for all the formalities for a lump some (unethical) fees. You may contact with him for the job. As it is unethical, so we don't support & encourage such way.
  • But in reality it is hassle free way to get your job done. This type of people may help you for completing all the formalities like non-judicial stamp collection, printing the contact on stamp, affidavit from notary public, money deposit in bank, getting filled up all the forms and also the submission of documents in BRTA.
  • In such case you have to be sure for the fees deposit in Bank and have to known about the whole process, so that he can't fraud you. Most of the time they do not do such fraud as this service is their regular (unethical) business.

Other Cautions For Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh: 

  • We definitely not inspire any one to go for unofficial & unethical way but we aware you the real situation. You can take help to finish your job hassle free rather then unethical contract with your technical approach.
  • Finish the sales contact affidavit and sales receipt perfectly for your own safety.
  • Print the contact on non judicial stamp valued at least BDT 300.00. Doesn't use stamps valued bellow BDT 300.00. ( Click here For the written Contact Demo in Bangla )
  • Keep all the documents copy for your own safety which is applicable both for seller & buyer.
  • Both parties will sign on the contract paper with their own thumb impression & photograph.
  • Get seller signature & thumb impression on each page of the contact paper. And put a witness signature & thumb impression with address at the last page of the contract paper.
  • Be sure all the signature of each party is same on all documents.
  • Keep all the copies of ownership transfer documents even after completing the process & issuance of new blue book to buyer for future safety.

Ok riders that's it. We have discussed the entire process in details, and just consciously skipped the fees of related process at BRTA as those changes frequently. It is better to hear it from BRTA or from their website for the latest. We wanted to give you the total scenario of the whole process, and also described the real situation.

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But we wish & inspire you not go for the unethical way for Motorcycle Ownership Transfer Process In Bangladesh. Better you do your job with your own capability and help to reduce the corruption in Government offices. Maybe initiative taken by you can introduce the end of the corruption in our offices. So do your own as you are the rider & you have to ride your own. Best of luck.

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