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NonStop Bike Ride DHAKA-TETULIA-TEKNAF: 1500+ km

Last updated on 28-Dec-2023 , By Shuvo

One year back I did one of the freakiest things in my life, riding for 24 hours covering 1142 km with a CHINESE bike side by side with two other Japanese bikes, just after a year later I wanted to repeat that feat again.

I always thought that it will be of great help if I could find a good partner for this ride and thanks heaven I found Abu Saeed, with him both of us went on for a 24 hour of Full Throttling with LIFAN KP 150 & his HONDA CG 125Lets See the details of this Nonstop Bike Ride.

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Two weeks prior to the tour we went to Sajek along with Jahir vai and Arefin vai and there I & Saeed planned our tour after the day of Eid and we had many targets.

Our first priority was to ride 1000 km under 24 hours, route was DHAKA > TETULIA > DHAKA. After returning to Dhaka if we have time and we are physically fit we will move towards Teknaf and we will try to cover as much distance we can in 24 hours.

If we can do all we will try attempt for SaddleSore, an internationally standard ride which a rider get a certificate for riding 1610 km or 1000 miles in 24 hours.

To complete SS we have to cover 67 km per hour which is a tough thing to do on the roads of Bangladesh.

In the past both me and Abu Saeed did some long tours, individually we went to Cox’s Bazar, the tracks of Bangladesh, Sylhet, Khulna, Rajshahi & many other tourist places of Bangladesh. With my Lifan KP150 I covered as much as 40+ districts of Bangladesh.

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nonstop bike ride


Saeed rode his beloved HONDA CG125 yes I know some people will think about the idea as rubbish but trust me it wasn’t, the bike was 42,200 km old and on our way to Sajek I saw his raw ability in front of his eyes.

I was confident as after all it is Honda brand Bike and it is very tough to kill one on the he too made sure that all the mechanical and technical side of the bike is OK.

I did the tour with my LIFAN KP150, the bike was 26,600 km old out of which 24,500 km was done in 16 months and this was the same bike which did 1,150 endurance ride with two other Japanese bikes last year.

howdi dhaka bangladesh


On 26th September we started from Howdy in Dhaka city at 7 AM, we were glad that on the start line we found Suvro, Arif, Arman, Rahi, Sadman Niloy, Sumon Khan (ALL VAI) to drop the flag, and off we go, our strategy was to cover as much distance as we can during the day time.

With the exception of the 15 km around Fantasy Kingdom until we crossed Jamuna Bridge our speed was around 80-90-110 km/h.

abu saeed

We crossed Jamuna Bridge at 8:28 AM (according to the toll receipt) as my bike had a clock I saw that we covered 158 km in two hours and at 9:30 AM we were at Bogra, covering 200 km.

That is where we took our first break for some , dry dates and chocolates.

We set off again & we crossed Rangpur at 11:00. The from Bogra to Rangpur was a bit bad as in some places on the main lane there were holes so many a times we had to slow down to crossed those places.

This is where we refueled and I top up my engine lube oil to ensure that no matter what the engine does pump out the power it has within itself.

dhaka rangpur highway

The from Saidpur bypass some 40-50 km was fantastic to ride, there some good high-speed corners and due to the small width of the it really made the track a real challenge.

We really enjoyed riding on this , but the which Saeed most enjoyed was the from Ponchoghor to Banglabangha, 52 km of nirvana of speed.

Why is this track so GOOD?  Because it is width enough to hold 3 buses side by side, the asphalt is one of the most smoothness in Bangladesh. We covered that 52 km with an eye blink and for most of the time we had speed over 90 km/h.

banglabandha zero point

At precisely 2 PM we reached Banglabandha Zero point, which is a feat we achieved coz in 7 hours we covered 500 km from Dhaka, we were pretty happy about it, there were lot of tourist on that day at Banglabandha and thanks we managed to take 2 snaps with the help of locals and off we go heading to Dhaka once again.

Our target was the same to cover the route back to Dhaka in the same 7 hours. Just 10 min after our way back we found drizzle of rain hitting our visor, we speeded up as our target was to overrun the dark cloud on the top of our head.

But just as we refueled 10 km from Rangpur we started to feel the fatigue cause we were riding for almost 10 hours and only eat chocolate, and dates.

So we came to Rangpur bypass and we decided to fill up our tummy a bit where we were joined by BikeBD's Senior Saleh vai, who came and while we were eating he helped lubricate our bike's chain, checking our engine oil & adjusting our tyre pressure.

bikers at rangpur

By this time our progress was good we covered 700 km in 10 hours but we spend 25 minutes in Rangpur for some snacks, we moved on and as night feel our speed was reduced, the on which we were doing 80-90 km/ in the morning we were then reduced to do 70-80 km/h, the main reason was that the had some holes in them.

As night feel we found fog which was difficult for Saeed as he was in front and sometimes he felt that there are movements of people around so he needed to slow down for safety ground so we needed to be more careful and secondly both MAN and MACHINE were a bit tired.

We were grateful that up until that time traffic was light so it was easy for us to maintain that speed, we crossed Jamuna bridge @ and then a Hanif highway was all over us and I was having a real fight with it.

It crossed me once I was doing 115 km/h and then by taking a slipstream tow I managed to record 130 km/h on the speedometer of my Lifan KP150, a feat which I will remember for a long time coming in life. Saeed behind me was stuck dead at 120 km/h but he managed to keep that speed for many times in the tour.

The backward was smooth at near about 10 PM at night we came at 300 FEET near Bashundhara and meet with fellow bikers Shovon, Sadman Niloy, Asif, Mahir, Murad and Maruf bhai started to help Saeed with his bike cleaning the helmet visor, checking tyre pressure and oil pressure.

It was a wonderful achievement for both me and Saeed as we managed to cover 1000 km in 15 hours :), which unofficially is a record in Bangladesh.

I this moment I called off from the tour, the reason behind my stoppage was on the day of Eid I had to do lot of human labour but I was happy that not for a time I slowed Saeed.

From here on Saeed moved on Hotel Noorjahan, comilla. Rohit was there on time  and without any notice he started to help him with his bike checking Helmet Visor, air pressure, engine oil and other things to make sure the bike is ok while Saeed enjoyed a of .

chittagong karnaphuli bridge

Saeed then moved on, the from Dhaka to Chittagong was good for picking up the speed but just as he entered Chittagong gate he was up for a bit surprise, the was the worst he found the whole day, Rakib vai came there for his aid and he helped him to cross city with the shortage route possible.

According to Saeed the most energy he lost was the from Chittagong to Teknaf, without the 50 km the rest was the worst he faced on the whole tour, , his speed was limited to 40-50 km/h for most of the time where he needed to do 80 km/h, but as this is a race against time he sometimes took the risk and speed up due to agony.

One the way to Teknaf he selected the route to RAMU where he was stopped at a BGB post which wasted 15 minutes of his time and asked him many security questions.

On the way he had to cut through fog as those parts of the world winter already came hard. Due to heavy jerking one of bike's indicator came loose and is lost somewhere on the .

teknaf zero point

Finally he reached Teknaf at 6:10 AM time in hand as now he needed to cover more than 100 km in 50 minutes but due to the bad and a damaged mudguard he couldn't do much so in 24 hours he managed to cover 1519 km. He later joined with Burn Riders at Cox Bazar and took a deep sleep.

abu saeed with his honda cg 125 teknaf

Both of us achieved some milestones in our tour which are unofficial records in BD

Covering 1000 km in 15 hours: Both ME and Abu Saeed

Covering Tetulia to Teknaf  1000 km in 16:08 hours: Only Abu Saeed 

Covering 1519 km in 24 hours: Only Abu Saeed.

We want to thank the following people: ( ALL VAI) Suvro, Arif, Arman, Niloy, Shovon, Asif, Murad, Maruf, Mahir, Adnan Sumon, Rahi, Burn Riders, Cox Riders, special thanks to rohit and Saleh for their technical help.

It was ONE HELL OF A RIDE, in the past I had the privilege to ride with some top class riders in Bangladesh but am glad I live to ride with Abu Saeed vai and did what I do best RIDE!

For further updates keep visiting our website and subscribe to our BikeBD Youtube channel, and also eye on our BikeBD Facebook Fanpage. See you soon with the latest discussion, review & news.

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