Motorcycle Maintenance In The Rainy Season – 12 Tips

Published On 02-Aug-2021 11:46am , By Saleh

Riding in the rain is a type of fun that many motorcyclists should admire mostly those who ride for adventure and fun. Perhaps anyone is an adventure rider or fun seeker or maybe not that type but obviously, every motorcyclist unavoidably rides in the rain or in the rainy season. Hence, riding in the monsoon on a motorcycle needs some extra care. So here we are with 12 tips on motorcycle maintenance in the rainy season.

Motorcycle Maintenance In The Rainy Season – 12 Tips

The first and foremost concentration of motorcycle maintenance in the rainy season is to keep the motorcycle in proper order and let the machines roll smoother on rainy days. As in that season dirt, mud, and water remains everywhere on the surface and unavoidably sticks everywhere on the bike so it easily can damage bike parts or simply jam with rusts. Further moisture can harm the mechanism. So here we cited a few tips below.

  • In the rainy season, it's advised to keep the bike clean always than any other time of the year. It helps to keep the bike free from dirt, water, moisture; and prevents building up any rusts. So when you return from a ride get the bike cleaned possibly every day.
  • Keep the bike dry while returning home after a ride or while not in ride and idle in the garage in the monsoon. After a ride, you can wipe off the rainwater from the body part and also can blow out the water with an air-blower. It will help to avoid moisture & rust build-up and also prevents the color to fade away.
  • Always try to park the bike under a shade and in a dry space. It helps to avoid moisture buildup in the sensitive inner parts and electronics attached to the motorcycles. Further, it also helps to avoid corrosion or reduce the rust build-up on the metal and other moving parts.
  • Maintain proper tire air pressure in the rainy season. It helps to grip better on wet and muddy surfaces; further braking efficiency also increases in proper air pressure conditions. On rainy days it’s wise to keep the air pressure a bit low.  Of course, don’t forget to replace the worn tires before the monsoon.
  • Check the motorcycle wheel brakes every day as those can be jammed with rust build-up, mud, or dirt deposits. Keep the brake mechanism clean, free, and smoothly workable. If necessary then replace the brake shoe, pad, or other brake mechanisms.
  • In the rainy season, the drive chain of a motorcycle gets dirty and rusted easily. So always keep the motorcycle drive chain clean, lubed, and properly aligned.
  • Motorcycle electrical issues are very common in the rainy season; hence it needs a periodic check of the wiring, electronics, lights & signals. To avoid further electrical short circuits one should get a thorough check of the electrical system by an experienced technician before the monsoon.
  • A motorcycle battery keeps the motorcycle live including the attached sensitive electronic gadgets. Hence it needs a periodic check and maintenance, especially in the rainy season. So keep the battery properly charged, battery terminals clean & dry, and If requires don’t hesitate to replace the old battery.
  • On rainy days cold start issue of a motorcycle engine is quite frequent due to the wet cold weather and the moisture build-up into the intake. So the spark plug needs to be clean, dry, and properly tipped. And in case of wear, it should replace accordingly.
  • Air filter performance hampers a lot on rainy days. It sucks huge moisture from the wet air and it becomes wet. Thus it prevents or reduces the volume of airflow even being a little dirty. Hence the air filter should have taken extra care keeping it clean of dust & dry of moisture. And most importantly never hesitate to replace the old one especially in monsoon.
  • In the rainy season, it’s also necessary to clean & lube all the moving parts of the bike regularly especially after a deep wash. It helps to avoid rust build-up, corrosion and keeps the mechanism smoothly moving. In such a case anti-rust agent works better to avoid rust and corrosion.
  • As a combination of thousands of parts, a motorcycle always needs periodic maintenance and it gets much more important in the monsoon. Hence to ensure a hassle-free and smoother performance from a motorcycle, one should be much more serious about the periodic maintenances in the rainy season; surely it will benefit you on the road.

Published by Saleh