Biker VS Rider – Who You Are; Motorcyclist or Motorcycle User?

Saleh Md. Hassan
November 17, 2018

Biker VS Rider – Who You Are, Motorcyclist or Motorcycle User? Does it sound complicated? Then please give me answer, do you have a motorcycle? Do you ride that? So who you are? So what you like to be mentioned; a biker or suppose to be a rider? If not then definitely at least you are a user. So whatever the people call a motorcycle owner or rider sometime it creates complicacy. Thus people argue and here we come to put some fuel on this fire!

biker vs rider

You know motorcycling or riding a motorcycle is a damn popular and enthusiastic activity worldwide. Mostly motorcycling is related with our daily or common commuting activities. It unavoidably included with our daily life events.

Furthermore motorcycling also is an adventure and sports. Worldwide traveling with motorcycle is also a popular activity. Many people love to roam and travel with motorcycles. Even traveling is not only for a short distance but that also done in long distances. Many people love to ride cross country or worldwide ride.

Afterward motorcycle sport is another enthusiastic segment of motorcycling. There are wide categories of motorcycle sports. Hence due to sports the motorcycle and motorcycling is getting so popular within youngsters. Accordingly motorcycles are also getting modernized and developed with features dramatically.


Biker VS Rider – Who You Are?

Hence after the small brief of motorcycling now the question comes how do you describe yourself in between biker vs rider? You know these days the word Biker is like the alternative name of Attitude. It’s like a mask that covered with something like macho impression, exhilaration and contrast exposure.

So a biker must own a motorbike and commonly they are ardent of eye catching gear & accessories. Furthermore most commonly they also belong with some motor biking club or groups. Hence they are eager to carry a motor biking badge or identity. Therefore everything indicates that they are bike enthusiast and they are a biker.


Hence coming to the term rider, who is he/she or what makes someone a rider? Simply a rider is who rides, who rides motorcycle, who love and enjoy riding a motorcycle. It’s not mandatory he or she own a motorcycle but love to ride. Hence not everyone belongs to a motorcycle club or gathering but again loves to ride solo or in group.

In a motorcycle community, group or gathering you will get some people who don’t like to take physical stress. They don’t like riding stress, some of them hate to be sweat out or burn in the sun. Ridiculously some of them fear to be pale dealing with air or dust.

Moreover even some of them don’t know how to enjoy the ride while covering daily commuting events. But of course these people love gathering, grouping, crowd and exposure. So here makes the difference between a Biker VS Rider. So a rider is who solely loves to ride.


Motorcycle User, Motorist, Motorcyclist

After the small briefing on Biker VS Rider of course you have another question, who are the rests? Yes there is a larger number of people who buy, ride, commute, play and even travel with motorcycle. Perhaps some of them love it and some are not. But who they are? Here I should say they are simple and very simple motorcycle user.

These types of people are very simple and not conscious about the community tag or badges. They ride motorcycle for their commuting and other purposes. So they travel with motorcycle, play with motorcycle and some of them maybe belong to the motorcycling community or groups.


Here mentionable thing is they are not much aware or conscious of the identity like biker vs rider. They use motorcycle like other household products and some of them love motorcycling. So they are common motorcyclist or motorist and I do respect them.

Hence you will find a large number of people in common user who even uses the motorcycle much seriously. But again they are very simple and comfortable without any badge or community tag. So they are simple motorcyclist or motorist. And revealing a truth here I belong to this category.


So whatever riders, no obligation what you are in between biker vs rider or motorcyclist but everyone love motorcycle and motorcycling. Hence at first of all we are

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