Motorcycle Engine Overheating - What's The Reason?

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Very often I hear from the riders that their motorcycle engine gets overheated very frequently. Some of the rider complains that they can’t deal with the overheating as that is frequent and extreme. Hence answering this issue here is our Motorcycle Engine Overheating – What’s The Reason? So let’s try to get the true answers through our discussion.

Motorcycle Engine Overheating

Motorcycle Engine Overheating – Is That True?

You know motorcycle engine is the hotter part of a motorcycle. The engine gets hot very frequently and it’s very common. Due to combustion process engine gets hot and hot temperature is needed for prefect combustion inside the internal combustion engine. So motorcycle engine getting hot is a very normal and common issue.

Hence, literary there is nothing to be worried about it. I am saying again as nothing to be worried. But if you are complaining again and again then answer me some question.

  • Does your bike have engine temperature indicator or temperature gauge?
  • Does indicator reading go over the maximum temperature limit?
  • Is that goes maximum limit always just after riding a few kilometers?
  • If your bike engine doesn’t have temperature gauge then how you determine it’s getting overheat?
  • In such case does the engine gets halt, misfires or loses the compression?
  • Does it halted on running and you faced this several time?

So readers answering those question truthfully you will get the real situation of your motorcycle engine. Now be sure is that really engine overheating issue or just a confusion grown in your mind. Just believe me most of the situation maximum riders poses such kind of confusion that his/her bike engine getting overheat. I am in doubt as that is not true, moreover it’s really a normal condition of that motorcycle engine.


Motorcycle Engine Heating In Modern Motorcycle – The Reasons

If you are really having some confusion on engine heating issue then you should know that modern bikes are really hotter than the previous. You should know modern bikes have more powerful & compact engine. Those powerful engines produce maximum possible power with minimum amount of fuel.

Hence the engine heating is very common issue here. Therefore engine operating temperature issue also differs dramatically according to model, brand and manufacturer. So here is the reason of engine heating in modern bikes which is really regular and normal.

  • Tight and compact design & construction of engine.
  • Light weight small engine but that produces huge amount of power.
  • Maximum efficiency of combustion and maximum fuel economy that uses lesser fuel but maximum air.
  • Maximum possible compression ratio which is the most significant reason of heating.
  • Very fast and quick combustion process that produces maximum possible RPM and it produces extreme heat.
  • Therefore high rev and quick throttle response character of the engine in reason of heating.
  • External body fairing, panel and weather condition are also in reason.

So after those reasons you can understand why the modern motorbikes engine gets heat so much. I am sure you will agree with me, isn’t your bike more powerful than the 20 years older your family bike?

Isn’t it runs faster and accelerate faster than that old machine? Isn’t its engine featured with latest performance features? I think with those questions now you are free of your confusions and misconceptions about motorcycle engine overheating issue.


Motorcycle Engine Overheating – When You Should Worry

Most of us burn inside just thinking that our motorcycle maybe getting overheated. Therefore we complain again and again to the service center which is just a lame practice. Before complaining about that be sure what the true character of that specific bike engine.

Is that regular street bike or the bike designed for higher performance? Believe me, an enduro off-road bike is too much hot than any other street bike. Same character also goes on the racing bikes. So be sure about your bike character. Hence let’s know when actually you should complain.

  • Be careful when the bike engine temperature gauge shows maximum heating status of the engine just after running few kilometers.
  • If there is no engine temperature gauge than you can feel it (again don’t allow confusion in your mind). In such case engine halt or misfires or looses compression.
  • For all kind of bike the most common indicator of motorcycle engine overheating is engine just get halt in overheat condition. Again it misfires and it loses its compression until getting cool.
  • In such continuous condition engine oil reduces in quantity and makes smoke. Engine oil also can leak through crankcase gasket joint.
  • Sometime clutch palate also burn and damages.
  • Fuel consumption also increases that time but it’s not the major sign of engine overheating.

So guys here you got the actual signs through which you can understand that the bike engine really getting overheated. Is such case you must have to be worried & cautious and find the proper solution.


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Motorcycle Engine Overheating – Common Reasons

When finding solutions against overheating you should know the reasons behind overheat issue. There are many reasons of motorcycle engine overheating. Most of the reasons are not are not so critical and those can be avoid with regular maintenance or carefulness. But some reasons you can’t avoid but have to take precautions to keep the bike engine within its temperature limit. Let’s learn about those.

  • Obstacle on the ways of engine cooling system. Whether it air-cooled or liquid-cooled or oil-cooled just remove any of the obstacle from the way of cooling system and even from around the engine.
  • Fitting extra body cowling or panel around the engine or cooling system. Just avoid it.
  • Using lower grade and RON of gasoline in high performance engine.
  • Using contaminated fuel. It has direct impact on motorcycle engine overheating.
  • The ignition spark plug has a significant role in high performance engine. Please don’t experiment with this thing. Just use manufacturer recommended model of spark plug.
  • Using same spark plug in extended period than recommendation.
  • Rusted fuel nozzle or carburetor that is one of the reasons which prevents regular flow of fuel.
  • Dirty and dusty air filter that prevents the supply of right quantity of air.
  • Engine oil has the significant role in motorcycle engine cooling system. Please don’t go for any kind of experiment on engine oil. Just use recommended grade of engine oil and use the same brand & grade of oil possibly within engine lifetime.
  • Use recommended measure of engine oil. Never use the less or more than recommendation and just drain it in regular interval as manufacturer recommends.
  • Cooling fluid is another significant issue of engine cooling system. Use recommended mixture of coolant in recommended measure. Also no experiment with that.


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Some reasons are not regular but comes with situations

  • Motorcycle piston failure is a reason of engine overheating. Its not regular issue but it comes when the piston or cylinder wall gets wear.
  • Clutch plate wear also a reason and modifying the clutch plate set is another reason of motorcycle engine overheating.
  • Some users don’t know motorcycle choke cable failure in carburetor bike is an issue of engine overheating. When the cable gets jam or wear then carburetor allows in-taking more fuel than the regular and it over heats the engine.
  • Performance kit installation. This is the most common issue which liable for motorcycle engine overheating. Performance kits are made for accelerate the motorcycle performance over the standard limit. Inevitably it increases engine activity than regular and it produces overheat. So before any type of modification and performance kit installation be sure about its impact and reliability.
  • Another thing there is no way to avoid the weather condition. Extreme hot weather undoubtedly has the impact on bike engine heating issue.
  • Lastly riding behavior of a rider has the major impact on the bike & engine. Continuously riding with rough throttle, high revving etc can make the engine so much stressed that the engine can easily overheat. Moreover riding for a prolonged time in tour, race or enduro has the significant impact on motorcycle engine.

Very often I hear from the riders that their motorcycle engine gets overheated very frequently. Some of the rider complains that they can’t deal with the overheating as that is frequent and extreme. Hence answering this issue here is our Motorcycle Engine Overheating – What’s The Reason? So let’s try to get the true answers through our discussion

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Motorcycle Engine Overheating – Stay Safe & Have Fun

So readers after the discussion on reason of overheating you already opened the way of solution of the specific problem. Hence be careful of solving the issues as soon as possible. Don’t forget standard hot temperature condition is needed for the motorcycle engine operation. But motorcycle engine overheating issue really can damage the bike engine which could be much costly to restore.

Therefore that was all about our discussion on Motorcycle Engine Overheating – What’s the Reason? Wish you have enjoyed the feed and learned at least a little. Hence feel free to put your massage in box, therefore stay connected with us. Lastly thank you all for your company with us. For further updates keep visiting our website and subscribe to our BikeBD Youtube channel, and also eye on our BikeBD Facebook Fanpage. See you soon with the latest discussion, review & news.

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