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Just weeks after we saw Yamaha M Slaz in Bangladesh and courtesy of the importer I got to TEST RIDE the bike, a new importer has bought Yamaha FZ150i in Bangladesh from Malaysia. The bike is also known as Vixion in the Thai market. Today I will share the details about the bike and First Ride Impression with you all.

yamaha fz150i

FZ150i is a naked bike which gives a masculine look; the bike is powered by a 150cc SOHC cooled engine which has 4 valves in it. The engine is fuel injected as stated in the name of the bike. The engine delivers 16.4 BHP & 14.5 NM of Torque to the rear wheel by a 5 speed transmission. What really amazes me about the bike is the weight of it; the dry weight of the bike is 117 kg which is fantastic for speed & mileage.

yamaha fz150i showroom in bangladesh

The bike has 90/80 front and 120/70 rear tyres which will also help to increase the fuel efficiency for the bike, the bike is usually a naked bike, the engine is fully exposed to the naked eyes unlike M Slaz which is more covered.  The bike’s headlight is old fashioned and is halogen type unlike the LED of M Slaz but I think the lights will be powerful enough for riding at anytime at any place.

There is a front cowl under the engine to help prevent mud to attract the engine bay & the radiator, there is a rear mud guard which is very long enough but there is no mud cover on the rear wheels unlike R15V2. The front suspension are telescopic while the rear suspension are mono swing arm, the handle bar is a rod handle but they are bend unlike FZS or Fazer which are technically straight.

latest yamaha fz150i in bangladesh

The whole big is LONG, there is no split seat and the saddle is very long almost good enough to carry 3 people easily (not recommended). Yamaha Malaysia is very clever to have some under seat grab rail in the pillion seat something which was badly missing in R15 V2 & M Slaz.

The fuel design is classis, ignition key holder is on the fuel with a standard key shutter for safety. The speedometer has a analog rev counter with a digital speedometer, fuel gauge and many warning lights, sadly they missed the clock in the bike. It has a fuel is designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

yamaha fz150i speedometer


Every fantastic song need to have a good and hands on heart this is first time I found that soul in the engine in any Yamaha bikes, yes it is the same engine as R15v1 but the exhaust note is completely different, it makes you feel the fuel burning in the chamber mixing with oxygen in your heart when you rev the bike.

yamaha fz150i price in bangladesh

The seating position is very good which don’t let you lean forward like in a sports bike while the foot peg are positioned well for comfortable ride thanks to the handle bar of the bike with the front foot peg, there is no headlight turn off switch with the bike which is a bit irritating, the switch gears are good. The pillion seat is very long and one can seat without too much trouble.

yamaha fz150i suspension

Though the suspensions are pretty normal but they do their job very well in the bumpy I rode into. Sadly the maximum I could manage was 50 km/h but I can feel that once the engine will be free it will unleash its power. I think the bike will have good top speed of over 130 km/h

The braking and handling of the bike is good though sadly my entire test ride was behind rickshaws but I have no complain, the saddle height is not too long and good for people of my height. I am honest that the finishing quality isn’t the best of all as we have seen over the years from Yamaha, the plastic quality needed to be a touch more better but as the bike has R15V2 engine in it I don’t think anyone should complain much about the rest of the bike.

yamaha fz150i specifications


  • Motor Type 4-Stroke, Liquid Cooled, 4 Valve, SOHC
  • Displacement 149.8 cc
  • Power 16.36 hp @ 8,500 rpm
  • Torque 14.5 Nm @ 7,500 rpm
  • Gearbox 5-Speed
  • Clutch Wet Clutch
  • Weight (Dry) 117 kg
  • Frame Diamond
  • Front Suspension Telescopic
  • Back Suspension Double-sided Swingarm

yamaha fz150i review

This is the first exclusive Yamaha bike in Bangladesh which is practical, but I admit that the bike is a bit last year in terms of styling. R15 V2 is a track oriented bike which will catch attraction even if a Honda CUB50 is covered with money beside it, M Slaz will be a bike on which you want to arrive somewhere into, Yamaha FZ150i is the bike which you want to use for day to day biking!

Showroom Contact Details:

Cell: +88 01971 155 557

PRICE: 3,50,000 BDT (See The Current Market Price Here)

Available colours: RED & BLUE

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