How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Motorcycle 5 Best Options

Published On 29-Nov-2020 11:36am , By Raihan Opu

How to carry extra fuel with your motorcycle - 5 Best Options. Of course, the large fuel tank capacity of a motorcycle is a significant advantage. It allows the rider to roll on the surface longer. But not every motorcycle allows rolling on long cause standard limited fuel capacity cuts off the strain.

How To Carry Extra Fuel On A Motorcycle 5 Best Options

And here we came to feed you how to carry extra fuel on a motorcycle. So, find the 5 best options from here. Get the tips and continue rolling long until the next fuel station comes on your way.

How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Motorcycle – 5 Best Options

How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Motorcycle – 5 Best Options

You know the motorcycle gas, therefore, petrol is a very sensitive and extremely inflammable element. Storage or usage of fuel is also much risky. That’s why it kept in a dedicated fuel tank maintaining recommended safety standards.

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For the same reason, you can’t choose any ordinary option to carry any extra fuel on a motorcycle. Again it’s not safe to carry fuel in a beverage can or in simple PET bottles. It’s extremely dangerous and strictly prohibited. Hence put your concentration on the 5 best options those mentioned here.

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Plastic or Metal Jerrycan

The jerrycan is the most convenient cheapest option to carry fuel on a motorcycle. It designed dedicated to carrying fuel or gasoline. Further, different capacities of jerrycans are available in the market. Moreover, anyone can choose from plastic or metal jerrycans.

But one thing is to be seriously considered, please avoid cheaply manufactured low-priced containers. Whereas there are so many types of jerrycans are available in the accessories market. So, collect and use the quality product and ensure safety.


Aluminum Fuel Bottle 

Aluminum Fuel Bottle is one of the most convenient options to carry a small quantity of fuel. This kind of fuel bottle is completely leak-proof. And can be carried anywhere on a motorcycle. You can keep it in the luggage pocket, can hang it around the panniers, or can put in a panel-mounted holder.

The most attractive feature of an aluminum bottle is it’s light-weighted and much handy to use. Further refilling or usage is very easy. Whatsoever, its capacity is much low like half a gallon. But it’s convenient to get the backup in urban areas where the fuel-stations are not many distances.

How to Carry Extra Fuel on a Motorcycle – 5 Best Options

Fuel-Cell or Fuel Bladder

This is the most appreciated and modern option to carry extra fuel on a motorcycle. In case of long trips like cross-country, transcontinental, or world tours, or in long adventure trips, fuel-bladders are most convenient. Because the fuel bladders are tremendously flexible, lightest in weight, but rugged in construction that is tremendously leak-proof.

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Further, most of all, fuel-cell capacity is large. There various capacities of fuel bladders are available in the market. You can get it with 1-5 gallons of capacities. Whatsoever it’s carrying and fastening is very easy and handy. Anyone can fasten it with luggage or hang anywhere on a bike.


Aftermarket Larger Gas Tank

This is the most usually practiced and most appreciated solution to carry extra fuel on a motorcycle. Usually, most of the motorcycle long tourers customize their motorcycles with larger aftermarket gas-tanks with adding other touring features.

This is the best available permanent option to increase the fuel carrying capacity of a motorcycle. It's most convenient, cause, it helps to keep the bike's weight in balance. It allows better weight distribution even along with the panniers and it’s the safest and hassle-free way.

Most of all, you don’t need to carry anything extra or maintain something extra. Cause the aftermarket tank is just fixed as the integrated part of a motorcycle. Hence worldwide it’s the most convenient option to carry a large quantity of fuel without any hassle.


Auxiliary Fuel Tank/ Portable Gas Tank

Above all the options to carry extra fuel on a motorcycle is the least chosen option. You can find the auxiliary fuel tank or portable gas tanks in the market. It somewhat is like a plastic or metal jerrycan or a bottle. That can be mounted on the bike and be used unfastening or linking directly with the stock tank.

The portable tanks are not that common. But in case of uneven trips where extra fuel can be needed but you don’t like to carry the portable options like fuel-cell or bottle or other, can add an auxiliary gas tank.

This type of tank can be mounted at the tail-rack or just at the front of the handlebar which suits better with your motorcycle. Henceforward it’s not a permanent solution and can be detached after finishing a long trip. That’s it.


Precautions to Carry Extra Fuel on a Motorcycle

Carrying extra fuel is not a common practice for the common motorcyclists. But it’s a necessary attachment to the long tourer and adventure riders. In most of the situation, fuel-stations are much frequent everywhere. But in uneven terrain and regions of course carrying extra fuel is essential.

So, whatever the reason or situation, carrying extra fuel on a motorcycle needed some precaution and carefulness. Otherwise, an accident can happen. So follow our advice.

  • Never ever try to use a cheap container or just plastic bottles to carry fuel.
  • Never carry fuel containers or bladders inside the main luggage. In any kind of leaking of gas or vapors, it can be too dangerous as it is extremely inflammable.
  • By any chance, never hang or hold any gas can or bladder with your body. It means never put or fasten it with your trouser or jacket pockets.
  • Always keep the gas container away from the hot part of the bike.
  • When not in need never carry extra fuel. It’s better to keep the extra can or bladders empty.
  • In any gas or vapor leaking issue just put the container in the trash. Never use it again.
  • Always use dedicated and recommended accessories to carry fuel.
  • If you’re in very frequent need of carrying extra fuel then it’s better to go for a permanent solution. Then the aftermarket large-capacity gas tank is the best & safest investment.

So, readers, that’s all about how to carry extra fuel on a motorcycle. Hope this discussion will help you better to get a better alternative to carry extra fuel on your journey. Thanks for staying with us, ride safe.

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