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ZONTES 350T Adventure Feature Review

Last updated on 28-Dec-2023 , By Saleh

The ZONTES 350T Adventure is a highly-featured adventure category motorcycle from the renowned Chinese luxury motorcycle and scooter brand, ZONTES. It's a premium adventure motorcycle in the 350cc ZONTES motorcycle lineup that going to be launched in the Bangladesh market soon. The 350T Adventure is a dual-terrain-biased model among the available three different models in the ZONTES 350T series that includes dedicated dual-terrain-biased features. Consequently, here we came with the ZONTES 350T Adventure feature review to know details about the motorcycle.


ZONTES 350T Adventure Feature Review

ZONTES 350T Adventure is a dual-terrain capable adventure motorcycle manufactured by Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd., the parent organization behind ZONTES. The motorcycle features a highly capable performance-oriented engine, premium electronic features, and dual-terrain-biased adventure riding profile and ergonomics. Among the two other models designed for street adventure riding, this model stands out with its solid off-road adventure-focused characteristics that are offered at a very competitive price.


ZONTES 350T Adventure – Looks, Styling, And Exterior Enhancements

The ZONTES 350T Adventure is a powerful and performance-oriented dual-terrain adventure motorcycle in the ZONTES 350T ADV motorcycle lineup. It's a great-looking and highly featured mid-entry-level ADV machine. The motorcycle is a prominent addition to the ZONTES adventure motorcycle series, exclusively designed with off-road adventure riding ergonomics, advanced technical features, luxury electronic add-ons, as well as relaxed all-terrain commuting and touring characteristics.

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In terms of look and design, the ZONTES 350T Adventure is boldly designed, adopting a futuristic and innovative approach. From front to tail, it's crafted with an innovative exterior design, setting it apart from conventional adventure motorcycles. The uniqueness of the motorcycle's design begins at the front assembly, where it features a uniquely designed electronically height-controllable large windshield.

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Under this large windshield, the motorcycle houses an anchor-like Robo-head panel featuring an all-LED projection headlight setup along with LED DRLs and position lights on both sides. Just below that, a panel-mounted raised front wheel fender extends, and under that, the motorcycle also includes an independent and conventional front wheel mudguard, which also protects the USD shock barrels from mud and dirt.

Impressive Cockpit – The Center Of Attraction

ZONTES 350T Adventure features its ODO console just behind the large windshield. Then it has a small dashboard locker facilitated with a push button. That can be an ideal storage for small belongings like sunglasses, visor wipes, or anything small required to be just at hand. After that, it features a wider pipe handlebar, complete with an extensive range of IP67 waterproof standard control switches adorned with smart backlighting. It also comes with integrated heavy handguards and rearview mirrors on both sides.

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The motorcycle offers an array of electronic add-ons, which can be easily navigated and controlled using dedicated switches mounted on the handlebars. Additionally, riders can access a wealth of information from the tilted upright positioned large TFT full-color LCD ODO display. This display not only presents regular parameters but also monitors real-time driving data, vehicle status, tire temperature, and air pressure to ensure driving safety.

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Moreover, this full virtual HD HB TFT full-color LCD IPS panel offers four types of personalized theme interfaces, making it visually appealing. It also includes functions such as various riding modes, smartphone connectivity, navigation screen sharing, screen mirroring, Bluetooth music streaming, phone call handling, and automatic backlight adjustment. Therefore, along with this highly featured cockpit and futuristic front-end design, this segment is bound to be appealing to riders.

ZONTES 350T Adventure – It’s A Giant Beast

Moving to the body portion of the motorcycle, the ZONTES 350T Adventure boasts a substantial and muscular fuel tank design with dented and multi-sculpted aesthetics that cover the rust-protective galvanized metal tank inside. The tank's fuel cap is electronically controlled via a handlebar-mounted switch as dose with seat unlocking. The tank panels smoothly integrate with sleek and compact side panels and distinctively sharp tank shrouds. These shrouds hold panel matted turn indicators, dual fast-charging USB ports, and partially encase the raised front fender. And finally, a robust crash guard surrounds the entire body panel, which is really great.

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Continuing to the rear, the ZONTES 350T Adventure features a fully exposed sporty aluminum swingarm and a naked rear wheel setup featuring wired spokes, alloy rim, and tubeless type tire. The durable stainless steel-made heat-resistant sleeved twin-barrel exhaust is attractively positioned beneath the rear sub-frame. This is where the seating arrangement begins. However, the rear sub-frame is notably compact, offering an impressively spacious single-piece seat that separates the rider and passenger positions at different heights.

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Next, to the rear of the motorcycle, it features substantial alloy grab rails around the passenger seat, featuring a bright LED tail lamp underneath. The grab rail also incorporates an integrated tail box and side pannier holding arrangements. Thus, the tail section remains exposed, featuring only a naked registration plate hanger and rear indicators at the end. In addition, the motorcycle includes a compact radiator cover, a bikini-style underbelly pan, and a petite chain cover. Meanwhile, along with its exclusive color and graphics scheme, the entire motorcycle impressively exudes a rugged, beast-like impression that truly sets it apart from the crowd.


ZONTES KPM150 Adventure – Frame, Wheel, Brake, & Suspension System

The ZONTES 350T Adventure is an all-terrain, adventure-focused touring motorcycle in the ZONTES 350T motorcycle series, equipped with a highly capable engine and the most advanced technical features. The motorcycle is developed on a high-tensile steel tube trellis frame and a highly rigid Anti-Squat aluminum alloy swingarm. The steel tube frame of the motorcycle not only ensures great stability on the track but also its front down-tube functions as an engine oil reservoir, providing additional oil cooling and increased engine oil capacity.

Regarding the wheel setup, the ZONTES 350T Adventure features lightweight spin-formed aluminum rims and high-tensile SS spokes in a side-pull form. Using this technology, the rims have a small overall weight, higher toughness, better impact resistance, and allow the use of tubeless tires, which is a significant advantage. Consequently, the 350T Adventure wheels feature tubeless radial tires in both wheels, measuring 110/80-19 in the front and 160/60-17 at the rear.

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In the braking system, the motorcycle is equipped with a hydraulic disc setup on both wheels, featuring a 320mm disc in the front and a 265mm disc at the rear wheel. Furthermore, the front disc brake adopts a radial-type four-piston caliper to make emergency braking easier and effectively shorten the braking distance. It also features an adjustable brake lever for both the front brake hand lever and the rear brake foot lever. In addition, the motorcycle's braking is enhanced with a dual-channel BOSCH ABS feature to increase braking safety.

Moving on to the suspension setup, the motorcycle boasts extended travel and a highly responsive USD hydraulic telescopic fork system at the front. In the rear, it's equipped with a gas-charged and adjustable mono suspension unit. These newly tuned front shock absorbers adopt a 43mm front fork tube holding half a liter of fluid inside, and the central rear mono shock absorber adopts a 50mm damping cylinder and an oversized piston loaded with high-pressure nitrogen gas.

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These higher specifications in the suspension systems offer stronger rigidity, quicker response, and efficient shock absorption, which are typically found in most liter-class motorcycles. Thus, the suspensions are characterized to effectively absorb the vibrations caused by small bumps on the roads and also provide stronger support on rough off-terrains. This ensures smoother riding on paved roads and improved control over the motorcycle in tougher terrain conditions. Therefore, the ZONTES 350T Adventure is featured for improved riding comfort and a fatigue-free long journey on both urban and countryside terrains.

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ZONTES 350T Adventure – Engine Performance & Features

The new ZONTES 350T Adventure is a modern dual-terrain ADV motorcycle, dedicatedly designed for adventure touring in any terrain conditions. It features a technically advanced 350cc high-performance engine. The motorcycle is equipped with a 348cc, single-cylinder, four-stroke, water and oil-cooled engine that incorporates a DOHC 4-valve system and a BOSCH electronic fuel injection system in its fuel feeding system.

The ZONTES 350T Adventure boasts a new generation engine that utilizes a manual wet multi-plate clutch featuring assist & slipper clutch system and the transmission is fitted with a manual 6-speed gear in the pattern of 1-N-2-3-4-5-6. The engine ignition is fully electronically controlled and it features an electric start system only. Additionally, the engine features a newly designed air filter system with a 30% larger capacity compared to other motorcycles in the same range.

In the engine cooling system, the ZONTES 350T Adventure features both water cooling and oil cooling systems. Both cooling systems have larger and dedicated cooling radiators, with the water-cooling radiator incorporating a 140mm self-suction radiator fan, and the oil cooling system featuring an oil reservoir channel through the down tube of the motorcycle frame. This uniquely developed heat suppressor system keeps the engine operating at the operating temperature that enhances both engine performance and durability.

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The ZONTES 350T Adventure engine is characterized by a higher compression ratio, with the aluminum cylinder having a bore and stroke of 84.5mm x 62.0mm and a compression ratio of 12.5:1. This ensures the engine delivers ample power while maintaining excellent fuel economy. Therefore, the engine is optimized for increased power and torque delivery, offering smooth operation and efficient fuel economy. It can produce a maximum power of 26KW at 9,000RPM and torque delivery of 30Nm at 7,500RPM, which positioned the ZONTES 350T Adventure ahead of its peers.

Furthermore, the ZONTES 350T Adventure has two dedicated riding modes, Eco and Sport, which can be switched by a simple button press and are clearly visible on the TFT digital color display. When ridden in ECO mode, the system will automatically switch to Sport mode when the engine speed reaches 7,000rpm, ensuring safe overtakes without compromising fuel economy. These high-quality manufacturing standards and added features distinguish ZONTES from many other Chinese manufacturers, making it a great choice for riders.

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ZONTES 350T Adventure – Great Features & Add-Ons

The ZONTES 350T Adventure is a dedicated dual-terrain machine designed for adventure rides, long trips, and everyday use. The motorcycle features a high-performance engine and comes with a bundle of advanced features. Here, we'll highlight the advancements of the motorcycle, which can be craving features to many riders.

  • Smart, stylish streetfighter-styled dual-terrain adventure sport design that looks exclusively sporty and gorgeous.
  • Enhanced with modern technical features like a generation 2.5 fully keyless control system, electronic steering lock & security system, a fully digital TFT color odometer, glove compartment in the cockpit, a powerful LED projection headlamp, and all-LED light setups.
  • ODO display includes toggle switch-changeable Eco & Sport riding modes, a digital tire pressure & temperature monitor, a real-time riding condition monitor, a keyless security alert, keyless seat opening, keyless gas tank cap opening, features dual USB charging facility, and many more electronic features.
  • Backlit illuminated control switches feature IP67 waterproof characteristics.
  • Built on a highly rigid chromium-molybdenum steel trellis frame and an anti-squat aluminum forged swingarm.
  • Features a powerful, efficient, and fuel-economic water and oil-cooled and BOSCH fuel-injected 4-valve engine featured with an Assist & Slipper clutch assembly.
  • Off-road capable large wheel fitted with wired spoke alloy rims and tubeless-type tires, features larger hydraulic disc brakes, and longer travel suspension setups, enhanced with dual-channel ABS enhancement and dedicated two riding modes that everything ensures nimble riding characteristics on any terrain.
  • Features an electronically controlled large windshield, adjustable hand and toe brake levers, adjustable clutch lever, and adjustable toe gear shift lever that are unique in their class.
  • Comes with an Anti-slip leather-textured seat cushion, a built-in handguard along with a heavy front crash guard, and an aluminum alloy rear grab rail that also has an integrated top box and side pannier fixability.
  • Compact design, modern street-legal features, and highly capable commuting-friendly dual-terrain riding ergonomics.

ZONTES 350T Adventure – Specification & Dimensions


ZONTES 350T Adventure


Single-Cylinder, Four-Stroke, Water & Oil-Cooled Engine



Bore x Stroke

84.5mm X 62.0mm

Compression Ratio


Valve System

DOHC 4-Valve

Maximum Power

29kW At 9,500RPM

Maximum Torque

32.8N.m At 7,500RPM

Fuel Supply

BOSCH Fuel Injection System



Clutch Type

Wet Type Multi-Plate Clutch, Assist & Slipper Clutch System


Forced Lubrication, Wet Sump, Frame Down Tube Reservoir

Starting Method

Electric Only

Final Drive

Oil Sealing Chain


6 Speed, Pattern 1-N-2-3-4-5-6


Frame Type

High-Tensile Steel Trellis Frame

Dimension (LxWxH)

2,135mm x 850mm x 1,420mm

Wheel Base


Ground Clearance


Seat Height


Kerb Weight


Fuel Capacity:

19 Liters

Economical Consumption Of Fuel (L/Km)

3.2 /100

Wheel, Brake & Suspension

Suspension (Front/Rear)

Upside Down Telescopic Fork / 

Gas Charged and Adjustable Mono Shock Absorber

Brake system (Front/Rear)

320mm Hydraulic Disk with 4-Piston Radial Calipers /

265mm Hydraulic Disk with Single-Piston Floating Caliper

BOSCH Dual-Channel ABS

Tire size (Front / Rear)

Front: 110/80-R19

 Rear: 160/60-ZR17

Both tubeless-type radial Tires are fitted with Wired Spoked Aluminum Alloy Rims



12V, 10Ah, MF


LED Projection Headlamp


Fully Digital TFT Color Display

*All the specifications are subject to change upon company rules, policy, offer & promotion. BikeBD is not liable for the changes.


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So, riders, you can see the ZONTES 350T Adventure is a dedicated dual-terrain adventure category motorcycle that has also been outfitted to be a modern-day commuter. It comes with sporty adventure styling that's sure to turn heads on city roads. Most importantly, its tractable powerplant seems very much ideal for frequent rides on long highways as well as comfortable rides on uneven off-terrains. Thus, the motorcycle can be a versatile option for any type of travel and adventure, as well as can be an excellent choice for daily commuting anywhere in Bangladesh.

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