Can I Put Regular Petrol in My Motorcycle?

Published On 30-Jan-2021 09:05pm , By Ashik Mahmud

Can I Put Regular Petrol in My Motorcycle? Isn’t it one of the most common asking from motorcycle users around the world? Yes, of course, motorcyclists are so confused about what grade of petrol they should use in their motorcycles. Truly it’s not that a complicated issue but whatever we are throwing here the answers along with few discussions on. Hence stay here with us.

Can I Put Regular Petrol In My Motorcycle?

Can I Put Regular Petrol in My Motorcycle?

Can I Put Regular Petrol in My Motorcycle?

Can we use regular gasoline in the motorcycles? The simple & straight answer is yes, we can, but as the specific user manual recommends. Cause if the regular gasoline has no utility then why that is available in the gas stations? It’s not like that harmful for regular motorcycles. But of course one should use the required standard grade of gasoline for a specific model of motorcycle.

The regular grade of petrol simply recommended for the usual and regular type of motorcycles. Hence standard gasoline grade requirements may vary upon motorcycle model. In the older model motorcycles with a lower engine compression ratio, the regular petrol is okay and that makes no issues. Hence the regular types of motorcycles are also requiring the same.

But In the case of modern performance motorcycle engines that featured higher compression ratios, those may require a higher grade of gasoline, like RON93, RON95, or more. Higher octane rating is the standard requirement for such premium bikes. In such cases, premium-grade gasoline is required for those motorcycles.

Hence, regular grade petrol with a lower octane rating can’t give a good result in those high-performance bikes.  Literally, it hampers the proper combustion of those engines. Meanwhile, in some urgent situations, anyone can use regular petrol in high-performance motorcycles for a temporary period.

But surely it will not give the optimum performance of the engine. Further, it may feel engine knocking or regression in higher RPM operations. Hereafter, while the recommended grade petrol is found around then it should switch to that specific grade. That’s the simple thing.

Can I Put Regular Petrol in My Motorcycle?

Can I Put Higher Octane Gasoline In Regular Motorcycles?

Of course, anyone can use higher octane gasoline in regular motorcycles. Perhaps that motorcycle engine is featured with a standard or lower compression ratio. But using higher octane gasoline doesn’t bring any extra benefits. Furthermore, using higher octane gas in regular engines may cause few demerits.

Using higher octane gasoline may overheat a low compression engine. In some cases, riding for long and riding in hot weather may halt the engine or lose the compression. Moreover, the engine may knock even in low RPM operations. The Spark plug may over burn frequently and exhaust fouling may found in higher RPM conditions.

Hence, you can see using premium-grade petrol in a regular motorcycle engine is just a waste of money. And in some cases, it may discomfort the regular-featured engine. Hence it’s better to stick to regular petrol for a regular type of motorcycle.


Can I Put Lower Octane Gasoline In Premium Motorcycles?

Anyone can use lower octane gasoline in hi-tech modern engine motorcycles but for a certain limited period. It can be used in urgent situations where recommended grade gasoline is not available. But while getting the recommended grade available needs to switch to the grade.

Using lower octane gasoline in high-performance engines that featured a higher compression ratio will hamper the engine combustion process. It significantly reduces engine performance, especially in higher RPM situations. The throttle may not respond crisp and engine knocking may hook up frequently.

Furthermore, spark plug fouling and vibration may take place using lower-grade petrol in the higher compression engines. Thus it will fail to deliver optimum engine performance of the motorcycle. And in some cases, few specific engine parts may wear fast due to prolonged use of lower-grade fuels.


So, readers, it’s better to stick to the manufacturer's recommended grade of petrol for a specific bike. But it’s nice to be sure of the purity of the fuel. Therefore, always get your bike for refueling to a trusted fuel station. Furthermore, keep your bike properly tuned, well maintained, and keep rolling; that’s it.

Published by Ashik Mahmud