Motorcycle Riding On Hot Summer Day - 10 Tips

Published On 12-Mar-2021 11:20pm , By Ashik Mahmud

A motorcycle is a machine that allows human being the freedom to move almost anywhere and anytime. So why not avail this freedom on the hot summer day? Definitely, summer is the hottest part of the year. But this is the most delightful season of the year. So a motorcyclist also should enjoy riding even on the hot summer day. So follow our tips on Motorcycle riding on hot summer day.


Motorcycle Riding On Hot Summer Day - 10 Tips

Of course on the hot summer days, people search for the way and approach of staying cool. Thereby they seek the coolest places to live relaxed in comfort. At the same time, they avoid moving under the hot sunlight and some of them hide in the air-conditioned room.

But for the motorcyclists, a hot summer day is nothing but a highly radiant day that also can be enjoyed with riding for a couple of hours. And of course, it needs some precaution and seriously caring to stay safe and energized on rolling. Thereby it’s to ensure healthy and a pleasant ride. So here are our tips for a hot summer day ride.


  • Use proper riding gears that solely dedicated to motorcycle riding on hot summer day. The full body of the rider should be covered to avoid sun burning and quick dehydration. Further, highly ventilated and mesh fabric is most suitable for summer day wear.
  • Use lighter colored and enough ventilated helmet where UV protected lenses are utterly advised. Further integrated sun visor, flip-up helmet chin, etc. can add extra benefit or a dedicated room for sunglasses is preferable.
  • Get a comfortable bike that suits your riding profile and helps to cuts off the unnecessary efforts for motorcycle riding on hot summer days. Literally riding a sport bike with extreme racing posture doesn’t bring any comfort and of course, burns much of the stamina fast. So choose carefully the right type of bike for summer day rides.
  • Take adequate breaks on riding at regular intervals and consider it mandatory. Taking necessary breaks in riding in hot summer will allow avoiding tiredness, fatigue, slowly latent dehydrations. Further taking enough breaks allows the motorcycle to be cooler and avoid overheating which may cause engine seizing.
  • Maintain a healthy water level in the bio-mechanism. While riding a motorcycle on hot summer day one should take enough water after a regular interval and thus also urinate just on call. It’s mandatory that should maintain strictly as it keeps hydrated human body and lives even in hot weather condition.
  • While you’re on a motorcycle ride on hot summer day it advised avoiding caffeine and alcoholic beverages. It’s far better and advised to take solid water only. Cause kidneys need more effort to filter the beverage liquids and solid water is essential to keep the mechanism and entire body sound.
  • Avoid having heavy and rich foods while motorcycle riding on hot summer day. Take only lighter and easily digestible foods and drink plenty of water.
  • Also, take care of your ride and yourself while riding on hot summer days. One should take care of the motorcycle and inspect its condition in every break. Further, the rider should take care of him/herself taking immediate action while feeling dizzy, tired, or sleepy, and thus stay sound. Don’t ride while feeling uneven or uncomfortable thereby stay calm and relaxed.
  • Avoid riding in the hottest part of the day. That time can be used to take a break, having food, taking refreshments, and getting rest. It will help to avoid the extreme hotter part of the day and getting recharged to roll for the next.
  • Stay relaxed whatever the situation comes. This is the most basic rule of riding in any situation any circumstances and especially motorcycle riding on hot summer days.


So riders, these are the most common basics of motorcycle riding on hot summer day. Positively it advised to strictly follow those basics to make a joyful, pleasant, and safer motorcycle ride on hot summer day. That’s it, thanks, everyone.

Published by Ashik Mahmud