Hero Motocorp Launched Hero Glamour 2017 Edition in India

Published On 11-Apr-2017 12:38am , By Saleh

Hero Motocorp launched Hero Glamour 2017 Edition in India (Source).This is a brand new Glamour which was launched in Argentina back in January of this year. We are expecting this brand new motorcycle to get launch in Bangladesh sometime soon in 2017. 

hero glamour 2017 

New Hero Glamour 2017 Edition is a completely new bike with a new powerful engine & muscular design. They also included stylish graphics & performance packing 125cc torque on demand engine. The bike has all the modern features which we search in a motorcycle which will help the bikers to ride more freely.

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hero glamour 2017 mileage

Some of the key features of the new Hero Glamour 2017 are:

  • 125 cc brand new vertical engine.
  • Engine now produces 11.4 BHP @ 11,000 RPM ( old Glamour had 9 BHP)
  • 11 NM of Torque ( old Glamour 10.35 NM)
  • I3S technology to save more fuel for the bike at traffic jams.
  • Muscular & sporty design.
  • Wider rear tyre for better grip.
  • LED tail light for better visibility for other bikes from the rear.
  • AHO (Automatic Headlight ON)
  • New Headlight
  • Disc brake at the front
  • Weighs 127 kg (old Glamour used to weigh 130 kg)
  • Digital & Analog speedometer
  • 11 litre fuel tank capacity (old Glamour used to have around a 15 litre tank)

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hero glamour top speed

Hero Motocorp claims that the 0-60 km/h time for the new bike will be 6 seconds. Currently they are not saying anything about the mileage of the bike but they did mention that it even though the new engine is more powerful than the older one but the fuel efficiency have also gone up by 3%. 

hero glamour 2017 price in bangladesh 

This new bike runs with a CV carburetor & it fitted with i3S technology. We saw this i3S technology with Hero i smart , this technology shut down the engine when idle for a particular time & the rider can switch on the engine upon the press of the clutch. This type of technology is very useful when you are sitting in a long traffic jam & it helps to save fuel & do less harm to the environment. 

hero glamour 2017 colors

Hero Motocorp Launched Hero Glamour 2017 Edition in India & when asked about the prospect of this bike in Bangladesh Hero Motocorp Bangladesh told us that they are also planning to bring this motorcycle in Bangladesh along with Hero Splendor i smart 110 but they can’t give us a suitable time frame at the moment but pretty sure it won’t come before Eid –Al- Fitr in June 2017.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the price of Hero Glamour?

Ans: Hero Glamour Price In BD Is 1,13,990 BDT. 

2. Which is best shine or Glamour?

Ans: Hero Glamour and Honda CB Shine 125 both are excellent bikes. Hero Glamour is more popular due to its the lower price tag. 

3. Is Glamour a good bike?

Ans: Hero Glamour is one of the best value-for-money 125cc bike in the segment. 

4. Which hero bike is best in mileage?

Ans: Hero Splendor, HF Dawn and Hero Glamour - all are best in mileage in their respectable segments. 

5. How many cc is a Glamour bike?

Ans: Hero Glamour is 125cc.  

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