Hero Achiever Test Ride Review Team BikeBD : Most Economical Indian 150cc Motorcycle in Bangladesh

Day by day the demand for commuting motorcycles is increasing in Bangladesh. With hectic traffic jams and to save both money & time for many people motorcycles now became a part of need in life like mobile phone. Hero Motocorp is one of those companies who always concentrated in the commuting segments and to add to that they introduced Hero Achiever in Bangladesh (Source). After extensively testing for 3000 km both in city & on the highway we present you the Hero Achiever Test Ride Review Team BikeBD: Most economical Indian 150cc motorcycle in Bangladesh.

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hero achiver test ride


Hero Achiever Test Ride Overview

Hero Achiever was launched in Bangladesh on June 15th of 2017. The main purpose of this motorcycle from Hero was to give the Bangladeshi bikers the taste of 150cc motorcycle with the price of a 100-110 cc motorcycle. Currently the bike is priced at 135,100 BDT. Hero Achiever is for those people who want mileage & comfort in this segment.

To start with the bike we have to start with the looks, it isn’t aggressive but rather they kept the looks normal. They didn’t add any tank scoop or any sort of extra cosmetic makeup to the bike, they kept the look as simple as possible. The headlight of the bike is fitted with AHO (Automatic Headlight On) which means the headlight will be turn on whenever the engine is turned on but it won’t put any pressure on the battery.

hero achiver 150 head light

They did add a 3D design muscular fuel tank which adds more themes to the bike. Fuel tank can carry up to 13 liters (Reserve 1.8 Ltrs) of fuel. They gave the bike standard leg guard which as we tested is very strong. Indicators are bulb type & the tail light design is something not very attractive with us.

In terms of build quality & finishing they did a proper job with Hero Achiever. Given the price of the bike it is very hard to find this type of finishing in a 150cc motorcycle. I think overall it will get good marks in the build quality department. The red color metal fuel tank does glaze when it sits under the sun.

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achiever price bd

Hero Achiever Test Ride Packed With Commuting Features

Hero Achiever is the tight pack of commuting features. Here the seat is very wide & long and also comfortable to sit on. It has an upright riding position & the pillion sit has rear grab rail for holding.  It has standard saree guard and extra foot peg to help keep both the legs of women on the same side. There is a long exhaust pipe with metal plate on it to keep the heat away from the foot of the pillion. The chain cover is fully covered which will help to keep out the dust & mud away and also will help its longevity.

Handle bar is very upright and switch gears are conventional with i3S on/off switch and it does have pass light switch. Speedometer is full analog unit. The speedometer shows speed, engine rpm, fuel gauge, odometer & other warning lights. One useful warning light is the side stand indicator which will blink if the side stand of the bike is down.  Although during night time the background light of the speedometer isn’t the best but an addition of a clock would have been better. The bike is fitted with both kick & self starter.

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hero achiever speedometer

Hero Achiever Test Ride – i3S Technology

Hero Achiever adopts the i3S technology which is one of the key features of the bike. When you are sitting in a traffic jam you keep the engine running of the bike in neutral position for a longer period of time (sometimes over 2 minutes) during this time the engine though running at idle rpm of 1000-1200 is still burning fuel, so what Hero i3S technology does is that when it sense that you are standing still with the engine running in neutral position it automatically shut down the engine after approximately 10 seconds.

The engine is restarted once you press the clutch lever by a small margin again in the neutral position. Hero claims that with this new i3S technology will help to increase fuel efficiency in the bike & at the same time it keeps the engine less heated in the traffic jam & does less damage to the environments. If you don’t like this technology then you can surely turn OFF the whole system with the help of a blue button on the right of the switch gear.

>> Hero Achiever First Impression Review <<

Hero Achiever Test Ride – Strength & Capability

Hero Achiever designed on steel tube diamond frame. I really love the chassis of the bike, yes I agree with 80 mm rear end tyres you won’t expect to go around on the corners properly but this bike does go round corners well at medium speed.Braking system of the bike is good at medium & slow speed, with a standard 240 mm front disc brake & 130 mm rear drum brake the braking feedback at lower speed is good. The bike is controllable at speed between 60-80 km/h that is where the bike is at its comfort zone. Both tyres are tubeless with stylish alloy wheel.

The engine of the bike is quiet & refine, it is the same unit that is in use at Hero Hunk but Hero detune the engine to give the best in mileage. The engine produces 13.4 BHP @ 8000 RPM & 12.8 NM of Torque @ 5000 RPM. The engine is a single cylinder unit which is air cooled & has 2 valves in it. The engine is boasts to torque on demand which will deliver the right amount of torque depending on the need of the throttle response. It carries a 5 speed gearbox.

hero achiever engine


There are vibrations from the engine but it is very low but as you punch over 6500-7000 rpm the level of vibration increases as well. The engine is BSIV compliance for reduction pollutant gas to the environment.

Hero Achiever Test Ride – Riding Experience

Riding of Hero Achiever was a different experience as it’s a powerful but commuter class motorcycle. So lets starts with the city riding experience, due to its spread out handle bar it give some fantastic turning circle in the city, the bike is also a bit high to ride over path holes but if you have two elderly people sitting on the bike then you might have moments where the double stand will hit the speed breaker of the bike.

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The brakes and tyres give good feedback for cruising speed of 60-80 km/h. Tubeless tyres are also a good help which for sure is a added safety feature.

During night ride, due to AC operated headlight the light intensity only increases with the throttle response which it becomes a bit of a difficulty on bad roads where you have to slow down to ride & at the crucial moment you lose enough light which you need to find the potholes.

The ride is very comfortable thanks to its front telescopic hydraulic front suspensions & swing arm adjustable shock absorber at the rear. I still say that Hero still have some of the best suspensions in their bikes for the roads of Bangladesh.

hero achiver breaks

Even though the suspensions are very good but the tyres aren’t. They fitted the bike with a disc brake but with only 80 rear section tyre which should be wider for better looks and better controlling in high speed. Thankfully due to the chassis balance the bike is easy to control at medium speed & is also good at corning but when it comes to braking at speed around 90-100 km/h it becomes hair rising and you have lack confidence on the bike. Hero suggested speed is 70-80km/h for better mileage, control & safety.

Hero Achiever Test Ride – Riding Experience on Highways

On the highway it performed normally. The bike wobbles on the highway due to cross winds. We tested on the highway carrying a pillion & the top speed we managed to pick up was 110 km/h. While a single rider the top speed was 116 km/h. Engine response was good. Chassis balance too was good but again we felt that those thin rear tyres did no justice to the bike overall balance.

While crossing buses or trucks on a 4 lane highway of Chittagong zigzagging at high speed can sometimes becomes a bit rough as the front end becomes very nervous at high speed over 80 km/h. As explained before if you are not aware of the road surface & condition of the traffic then high speed braking & controlling can be very tricky.

hero achiever 150 price in bangladesh

We faced problem riding the motorcycle at night time, as the headlight is AC & the intensity isn’t good for high speed ride. Horn is also a bit weak, would have prefer duel horn.

Best thing about highway ride are the suspensions as they give fantastic feedback both on smooth road & bumpy road. I got to feel of ‘torque on demand ‘from the engine when I was riding on the hill tracks. Single rider or carrying a pillion the engine didn’t had any hiccup.

Corning with this motorcycle is fun; yes it is a bit dangerous to do high speed corning but at slow speed or medium speed you tend to find good enough of confidence. Gear change can be rough at first but with times it will get better. First two gears are a bit headache. If proper pressure isn’t applied then sometimes changing from 1st to 2nd becomes a hassle.   The best thing about this motorcycle is the mileage on the highway; even with a pillion we got satisfactory result.

hero achiver 150

Hero Achiever Test Ride – Mileage:

(Mileage figure can vary depending on traffic condition, road condition & riding style of the rider)     

  • In city: 48-50 km/l.
  • On highway: 55-58 km/l.

Hero Achiever Test Ride – Pros:

  • Refined engine, it is powerful even being a fuel efficient commuter.
  • Advanced i3S technology.
  • Quality & finishing is up to the mark given the pricing of the bike.
  • Good braking performance at medium speed.
  • Weight distribution is good.
  • Chassis balance is good even with thin tyres.
  • Tubeless tyres with stylish alloy wheel
  • Comfortable specious seat.
  • Suspensions are very good.
  • Pricing is very good given at the same price bracket you can buy Indian or Japanese 100-110 bikes.
  • Good mileage feedback both in city & on the highway.

Hero Achiever Test Ride – Cons:

  • AC operated headlight.
  • Design not appealing to young riders.
  • Tyres very thin for high speed braking & sharp cornering.
  • First 1000 km morning starts become a bit tough.
  • i3S technology sometimes might bother you if kept ON in start stop traffic.

hero achiever 150cc


>>Hero Achiever Test Ride বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন<<

Hero Achiever Test Ride Review Team BikeBD : Cheapest Indian 150cc motorcycle in Bangladesh was carried out after extensive testing over 3000 km on the roads of Bangladesh. Hero Achiever is one of the best options for the people who are looking for a good 150cc motorcycle in low budget but at the same time want proper mileage & comfort. You can ride properly both on the highway & in city at medium speed with no hassle. We want to thank Race Accessories for being with us in this Test Ride Review.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Hero achiever a good bike?

Ans: Hero Achiever is a really good commuter with good price and performance.

What is the price of Hero Achiever 150?

Ans: Hero Achiever 150 costs 1,19,000 BDT which makes it the cheapest 150cc Indian motorcycle.

What is the mileage of Hero achiever?

Ans: Hero Achiever gives out 50 kmpl of mileage.

Hero Achiever vs. Hero Hunk – which is better?

Ans: Hero Hunk is a better performing bike – while Hero Achiever costs a lot less and gives great mileage.


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