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Published On 20-Jul-2019 10:53am , By Raihan Opu

Hero Bangladesh announces Eid Special Price for Eid Ul Adha 2019. In the special price offer Hero giving a discount on their selected model's motorcycles. Hero giving max 5,000 BDT discount on three of their motorcycle and minimum 4,000 BDT on other selected models of motorcycle.

Eid Special Price Offer 2019

ModelPriceDiscountSpecial Price
Hero HF Deluxe (kick)82,9905,00077,990
Hero HF Deluxe (Self)92,9905,00087,990
Hero Splendor +93,9905,00088,990
Hero Ismart 11099,9904,00095,990
Hero Ismart 110 +1,01,9904,00097,990
Hero Passion Xpro1,06,9904,0001,02,990
Hero Glamour1,11,9904,0001,07,990
Hero Ignitor1,18,9904,0001,14,990

In Bangladesh, Hero is one of the leading motorcycle company in the commuter segment. Hero is especially known for the commuter segment. Hero Hunk is one of the popular motorcycles in the 150cc segment and now they have also new cosmetic changes for better looks of this bike. You can see latest hero bike price in bangladesh here. 

A few months back Hero launched Three new motorcycles and one of them is Hero I Smart +. It's a 110cc segmented motorcycle which is about to produce 8.98 bhp @ 75000 rpm and 9 NM torque @ 5500 rpm. This bike can carry 8.5 liters of fuel and the weight of this motorcycle is 116 kg, which is so light that it gives about 55 - 60 kmpl mileage.

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Now here are the things, If we compare the Hero I Smart + with its old version there are some changes that made is better then its old version. First of all, they change the outer looks, Hero gave an attractive look of cosmetic design which is way better than the old version. Both brakes are 130mm in the new version but in the old version rear brake is 110mm.

New Hero I Smart + is way attractive than its old version Because it has new graphical design and color tone, New seats and splits grab rail for the pillion. We can say that this is a newly designed I smart + motorcycle. Now before Eid-Ul-Adha, this offer will help bikers to choose their commuter and beat everyday traffic with maximum comfort and confidence.

Published by Raihan Opu