Biking - The Neglected Scenario In Bangladesh

Published On 17-Mar-2016 03:50pm , By Shuvo

Biking - The Neglected Scenario In Bangladesh

In Bangladesh we bikers are always neglected for many odd reasons. The community always looks at us at a negative manner. The and the government always see us as a threat and most of all many elder people in Bangladesh don’t like the culture of biking. For some of those reasons we have ourself to blame for the rest we don’t know why.

Biking in Bangladesh

We bikers need the least space on the up against any legal vehicle in Bangladesh. We can carry a passenger or pillion with us and take ¼ space of a sedan ; in total in the same space a sedan can carry maximum 5 people 4 bikes will be able to carry 8 people. But sedan cars are the main reason for the traffic in Dhaka city. They are parked all over the places. And because they can now run with CNG, due to the refueling of CNG they cause huge amount of traffic jam in Dhaka city.

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Biker Without Helmet

Have you ever heard that bikes have created a traffic jam while refueling or due to parking? I have visited many places in Dhaka city and in most places I have noticed that due to illegal parking of cars in front of market, offices and colleges there are always huge amount of traffic jams.

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Not to mention the public buses, they always load and unload passengers in many places in city without stoppage. Moreover, ever if there is a stoppage they tend to the in such a manner which blocks more than half the hence not helping other traffic passing it from behind.

Footpath Rider in Bangladesh

There is no doubt that bikes are the FASTEST machine which will help you to move in cities and even on highways faster than cars or public transport. Yes sometimes we do take some illegal shortcuts but even if we run according to the traffic rules we are still faster. Motorcycles are the least fuel consuming vehicle in Bangladesh. A bike can run with a minimum mileage of 30 km/l to 60+ km/l in Dhaka city and on the highway the mileage goes up even more.

Unsafe Stunt Rider in Bangladesh

All things in consider there is no doubt that biking is a risky job. Bike accidents are very dangerous and if you are unlucky then you might live with broken bones and if the luck runs out completely then fatal death is written on your forehead.  So it is very necessary that you ride carefully with proper safety gears with you. I agree that due to some selfish and unconscious bikers the rest of the communities are been addressed with slang. But in the same reason we need to make sure that we take good care of ourselves so that for us the rest of the bikers in BD are looked in a negative manner.

Stunt Rider in Bangladesh

Biking Manners That Bikers Must Follow:

  • Always wear helmet while riding the bike, make sure that also the pillion wear the helmet too.
  • Carry the necessary documents while riding the bike: license, insurance, tax token and registration papers.
  • Always follow traffic rules, maintain the signals properly, don’t ride on the wrong side of the lane, don’t ride on the footpath, and don’t run in a red lights.
  • Always your bike in a safe place, if possible try to find a parking space where you can your bike in exchange of money.
  • Stunt should never be practiced in a crowd place, while it should be done in a open field with enough safety measures taken for both the stunt rider and the crowd watching the show.


Many people in Bangladesh complain about the government rules over the 155cc engine displacement regulation. I have recently rode a 250cc bike in Bangladesh and having calculated I think that the government is however right to stick in this limit. To permit bikes over 155cc (let’s assume that the limitation is about 250cc) the government first needs to do the following:

  • Decrease the tax on CKD & CBU bikes, currently TAX on CKD bikes is 130% & on CBU 150%.
  • Ban Rickshaw from the main roads of Bangladesh, as they are slowing moving vehicle and they never stay on the safe lane but instead comes of the fast lane.
  • They need to control cars as they are the biggest reason of traffic jam in Dhaka 
  • Busses need to have a separate lane & they need to make sure that all buses have all the necessary documents including the training and license of the drivers.
  • Stop Border Cross bikes entering our country and also sergeant needs to be more trained up to find out the Border Cross bikes that are in Bangladesh

Bikers are never a curse to the local community. So within the biking manners and raise your voice as we the part of the safe .

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