Benelli TNT150i 3300 KM User Review - Safwan Sakib

Published On 02-Oct-2020 06:40pm , By Raihan Opu

I am Safwan Sakib. I live in the area across Laladighi in Sylhet. From a young age, I was very interested in bikes. I learned to ride a bike with my father and I used to go around with my friends. Today I will introduce you to my currently used Benelli TNT150i bike. And I will try to tell you about the good and bad aspects of this bike.

Benelli TNT150i 3300 KM User Review - Safwan Sakib

benelli tnt 150i user review

Dad bought me the first H-Power Max-Z bike. After that, I sold the bike. I am a fan of #danishzehen and seeing his Benelli TNT 600i increased my interest in the bike.

But since there is no TNT 600i in Bangladesh, I bought Benelli TNT150i. The suspension of the bike forced me to be the lover of the bike. And seeing the reviews of the chocolate biker Toru Bhai, the interest in the bike increased even more. I bought the bike for 1,65,000 Tk. Bought from Nairpool branch of Golden Motors.

After riding the Benelli TNT150i bike for the first time I felt like I got the bike I wanted. The upside-down suspension on the bike, CBS braking system, comfortable seats, very good tire grip, large size tires, comfortable handlebar position, the beauty of the bike makes me addicted to riding the bike.

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The CBS braking system on the bike gives me full confidence to ride the bike. The front and rear suspension of the bike helps in many comfortable rides on and off-road.

It has 80-100 tires in the front and 70-130 tires in the back, so I can rub the foot-peg on the ground and do cornering. The LED signal lights, parking lights, brake lights used in it are very powerful and as they come to the notice of any vehicle from a long distance, the chances of accidents are less.

It has a comfortable handlebar, so I did not feel any pain even though I rode for a long time. The fact that it is a carburetor engine, its mileage is much better. Getting 40-46 mileage.

Even after going out with the bike every day, the bike seems new every day. So far I have only serviced my bike once. From the service center of Golden Motors but I am not satisfied with the service of Golden Motors.

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I got a mileage of 32-37 before 2500 km. I am currently getting mileage of 40-46 kilometers per liter. I clean the bike at least once in 15 days and use good grade chain lobe, engine lobe.

I have taken care of myself as much as possible as I could not provide service in lockdown. I use OPHEL 10w30 grade engine oil on my bike. Price 800 TK. I use mineral engine oil. So far no parts have been changed.

I have removed the number plate sand on the back of the bike which has made the look of my bike more sporty. I reached a maximum speed of 128 km\h with my bike.

Some good aspects of the bike -

  • CBS braking system
  • Upside down suspension
  • Mileage
  • Tire section
  • Seating position

    Some bad aspects of the bike -

  • Ready pick-up low
  • Pelion grab-rail plastic has the potential to break into it
  • The power of the head-light is low so it is difficult to see on the highway
  • Pillion seat un-comfortable
  • Many poor quality fiber plastic sheds

bike review

With this bike, I have ridden a maximum of 280 km continuously. Come and go from Sylhet to Sunamganj. On this ride, I went to pick up the top speed of my bike and saw that there was no vibration in 4 gears at 86 km / h and in 5 gears at 118 km\h there was no vibration.

With this ride, I fell in love with Benelli. When I arrived, the bike did not skid or drift at a speed of 80-100-110 km per hour in heavy rain, but I realized that it was a little skid in the mud.

But even after that, there was no problem with the bike on that ride. All bikes have good and bad aspects, so the bad aspects seemed trivial to me compared to the good aspects of the Benelli TNT150i. This is a great naked sports bike within the reach of the middle class. 

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Written By - Safwan Sakib

Published by Raihan Opu