Benelli 165s - 2500 KM Test Ride Review By Team BikeBD

Published On 03-Mar-2020 11:49am , By Raihan Opu

Benelli is an Italian motorcycle brand that was established back in 1911 & once upon a time it used to make weapons like shotguns & pistols. Leaving aside the dangerous side of the brand we will give full detail Test Ride Review of Benelli 165S by Team BikeBD.

Benelli 165s - 2500 KM Test Ride Review By Team BikeBD

benelli 165s

The current lineup of Benelli comes from China, from the same factory from where Keeway motorcycles are manufactured (Source). Benelli now has only one motorcycle in the lineup as Benelli 165S with a price tag of 225,500 BDT. The bike is available currently in 4 colors.

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Benelli 165s - The Engine

Benelli 165s is a street bike, the bike feature a 165cc single-cylinder, water cooling, electronic fuel injection engine. The single-cylinder engine has 4 valves & a 6-speed gearbox. The engine of the bike produces 17.8 BHP @ 9500 RPM & 14 NM of Torque @ 7000 RPM. They gave a very smooth engine to this bike with minimum vibrations.

 benelli 165s full specification

I really like the engine note of the bike, the exhaust note is very smooth but given how muscular the bike is that exhaust design doesn’t go with the overall design of the bike. This bike has only self-starter and doesn’t have any kick starter. This is the first Chinese motorcycle in this segment to have 3 spark plugs. Having more spark plugs ensures that the fuel & air mixture is burnt more quickly. This also helps to increase the performance efficiency of the bike as well as increasing the fuel economy due to less wastage of fuel.

 benelli tnt 165s review

The design of the motorcycle is eye-catching, it has a full LED headlight which has good illumination power. The switch gears of the bike are of good quality with a fully digital speedometer which shows lots of information like speed, rev counter, fuel gauge, gear indicator, clock, etc. The overall build quality & finishing of the bike is fantastic, it really lived up with the Italian brand image.

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Benelli 165s - Brakes and Suspension

They fitted the bike with front USD suspensions, which is good for the smooth road but on bad roads of Bangladesh, the feedback is good but not the world best. The front suspensions are hard but compared to that the rear mono-shock suspension is very smooth and soft. After the servicing, you can adjust and soften up the front suspensions even further.

 benelli 165s in bd

Front tyre has a 100 section tyre with a 260mm front disc brake, while on the rear of the bike there is a 130 section rear tyre with a 220 mm rear disc brake. Both the tyres are tubeless and the front & rear brake is connected as CBS (Combined Braking System). The front disc is connected to the left-hand side of the bike. When you press the brake, the bike tends to move to the right, but only a little. The weight of the bike is 147 kg and it carries a 10 liters fuel tank. The fuel tank is not enough for the long ride, this needed a bigger tank.

 benelli tnt 165s bd

Benelli 165s - The Performance

The seating position is upright. Those who are 5 feet 6 can ride this bike very comfortably. But, those who are 5”7 or 5”8, they have to bend their knee a bit to ride this bike.  The turning radius is good, and we found no issues with the city ride.

 benelli tnt 165s top speed

You can do a really good medium and slow speed cornering due to the short wheelbase. You need to be really careful while doing high-speed cornering as this bike sometimes misbehaves on high-speed curves. The build quality and the finishing of the bike is fantastic. The best thing about it is how it looks, especially the aggressive headlight and the illumination power.

 benelli tnt 165s price in bangladesh

The seats are on the smaller side, and the pillion seat is not comfortable for the highway. Being an EFI, the engine requires good quality fuel which is hard to find. In Benelli 165s, we clocked a top speed of 135 KMPH. The mileage we got in the city was 32-35 KMPL, and in highway we got 38 KMPL.

 benelli 165s bd price


  • ­Unique design and looks
  • Good finishing & build quality
  • Good headlight illumination
  • The surprisingly good performance figure
  • Power on 6th gear
  • Good turning radius

benelli 165s details


  • Fuel sensitive
  • Small pillion seat
  • Riding seat uncomfortable for fatty rider
  • 10 liters fuel tank is not enough

benelli 165s price

Benelli 165s is a naked sports bike from a world-renowned brand, and it certainly lives up to the brand name, history, and expectations. It can give any Japanese or European or Indian naked sports alternative some serious competition, and anyone who wants a machine topped with quality, style, and performance, the Benelli 165s is a really great option.

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