How To Order From CODS?

Published On 09-Jun-2022 12:17pm , By Raihan Opu

CODS is a premium clothing brand in Bangladesh. CODS makes all kinds of clothing for bikers, cyclists, and sports. CODS Clothing Co. is a well-known manufacturer of biker jerseys, t-shirts, and accessories.

It's been quite tough to find quality products for bikers. Especially in t-shirts, jerseys, and accessories, it is quite difficult to find a premium brand and also a premium quality. Here, CODS are different from others.

In the making of jerseys and t-shirts, CODS is ahead of their competitors. CODS has a large number of product lines. jerseys, t-shirts, premium buffs, and many more accessories for bikers and other sports.

Now the question is how to order from CODS. You can order from CODS on their website, Facebook page, or on their Whatsapp.

First you have to choose your preferred product and save the code. If you order from the website, then you have to add the product to the cart or send the code on their Facebook page. You can choose the size, color, or design of your own.

From the website, after successfully adding the product, you see the total cost. You can also choose the delivery point where the delivery charge is shown.

If the product is not ready, then CODS will make it and deliver it. But you have to pay 50% of the total cost. You can pay it in BKASH, nagad, or rocket. The other 50% you have to have in the product is delivered to you.

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It will take 8–10 days to deliver the product. Because they must be completed at this time.charge is 60 BDT inside Dhaka and 120 BDT outside Dhaka. But if you order ready-made, the product will be delivered within 3-5 working days.

CODS will make sure that the product will delivered within the time. They also make sure of the quality of the product. You can order from their website or their Facebook page of CODS. Thank you.



Published by Raihan Opu