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Hello readers, I am Ziaur Rahman Siddiqui. I live in Dhanmondi, Dhaka. I am an Administrator and former stunt rider of a renowned stunt riding group of Bangladesh that is Haunt Ryderz (HRZ).

This is the 2nd time I am writing a bike review in BikeBD. I am also a proud owner of a Bajaj Pulsar AS150 & now I am going to share with the BikeBD readers about the ownership review of my bike. So here is Bajaj Pulsar AS150 - Ownership Review.


Back of Bajaj Pulsar AS150

The Bajaj Pulsar AS150 the "Adventure Sport" is one of the best bikes in its segment available today in market. With its bold new look and a powerful engine with 16.8 horse power, this is definitely a bike that satiates the thrill -seeking needs of performance bike enthusiasts across the country.

Bajaj has come up with a totally new look in the Pulsar AS 150, for the past decade the pulsar models had more or less a similar look in the bikes. You can see latest pulsar 150 price in bangladesh here.

The Adventure Sport can be said the 2nd generation of the pulsar as it has perimeter frame, projection head light, new shape tail light, sporty split seat, new shape alloy rings, nitrox mono shock absorber.


This quarter fairing bike looks macho and very eye catching with its projection head lamp and muscular fuel tank with 12 liters fuel capacity. The shape of the tail lights is different from the old pulsar models; it is given a slightly curved look that adds to the beauty of the bike.

The powerful engine proves itself to the rider during each and every gearshift. While riding the bike in top gear with forceful gusts of wind passing by, the aerodynamic shape of the bike made me feel like I was totally in the comfort zone, no matter what the speed was. Bikers who like to ride fast and travel long distances are going to love this bike, as it is powerful, durable, economical and comfortable with a pillion rider.


Bajaj Pulsar AS150 - Mechanical Advancement

The bike has a very crispy throttle response, it has a 5 speed gear box, it is powered by a 149.5 cc single-cylinder, twin-spark, 4-valve, air-cooled, DTS-i engine which produces 17 PS of power at 9,500 rpm.

I have completed 4,000 kilometers so far with this bike and I found that this bike has a good acceleration, good visibility during night rides because of the projection head lamp, comfortable riding position, good handling and control which offers a solid riding experience.

The fuel economy is also a bright spot, as I got 38- 40 km/L in the city and 43-45 km/L in the highway, which is pretty decent for such a powerful bike. . The bike accelerates pretty fast and I was very satisfied with the top speed I reached with my Adventure Sport motorcycle, it was 132 km/h.


The speedo meter has a new shape from the previous pulsar models, it has a digital speedo meter and taco meter in center. Though the gear indicator is not there but a digital clock has been added and a logo of Bajaj at the left side of the meter which adds a beauty as a whole.

Back lights in the chaps were there in the previous Pulsar bikes, which is one of the unique feature Pulsar bikes has, as the other bikes of this segment doesn’t offer this lights. Previously the back lights in the chaps were white and this time it is blue light which looks mind boggling in the dark.


Comfort Zone of Bajaj Pulsar AS150

The AS 150 is equipped with nitrox mono shock absorber at the back and telescopic front fork. Both the front and rear suspensions are on the softer side. The bike smoothly runs over the pot holes and bumpy roads. Rear shock absorber has adjustable options so the stiffness of the bike can be adjusted as required.

The bike comes with MRF tubeless rubbers on both the wheels, the front tyre size is (80/100-17) and the rear tyre size is (110/90 – 17) which is same as that of the current Pulsar 150 (UG 4.5) but what I felt is Bajaj should have given a wider rear tyre (Source). The AS 150 is a muscular motorcycle, rear tyre looks pretty thin on the bike.

Bajaj offers a 240 mm front disc and a 130 mm rear drum on the AS 150, applying both the brake 50-50 brings the bike at a halt. Previous pulsar had the hydraulic brake chambers from “BYBRE” but in AS 150 there is no name mentioned on it.


Few Flaws of Bajaj Pulsar AS150

In Bajaj Pulsar AS150 there no changes in the braking system and the front suspensions so, I felt the braking system should have been upgraded along with the front telescopic suspensions like the competitor bikes FZ-S or Gixxer.

I am quite sure an optional ABS (anti-lock braking system) and rear disc brake on the bike would have been much appreciated by the riders at this stage of Pulsar bikes.

I rode the AS 150 both in on road and off road conditions, it has a good ground clearance and smooth leaning capacity. The bike is very fun to ride while cruising or riding fast. But this bike becomes a bit difficult maneuvering in the city traffic.


There are not too many negative sides of the bike but I found the gear shifting is not smooth, gear shifts needs more effort with the ankle to up shift a gear.

Sometimes while shifting the gear, it remains somewhere in between two gears making cranky sound from the engine, at that time it needs immediate clutch in and again an up shift.

The bike can be difficult to ride for a rider below 5 feet 7 inch tall because of the height of the bike. Other than the gear shifting issue I didn’t face any other problems yet. I use Motul 20W-50 grade engine oil and go for servicing the bike as recommended.


Thanks to the honorable readers for managing time to read this review. Lastly I would like to request all the riders please put your helmets on while riding, ensure your safety first. It’s better to be safe than sorry and always remember a biker without a helmet is a king without his CROWN!

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