Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 Comparison Review

Saleh Md. Hassan
July 15, 2017

In the commuter motorcycle segment the 125cc motorcycle day by day getting trendy in Bangladesh. These days our commuter users are searching for better options in 125cc segment. In this fragment Honda CB Shine 125 and Bajaj Discover 125 are doing nice in our market. Subsequently there lots of queries come frequently on them. Therefore here is our discussion on Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 Comparison Review to deal with those queries. Let’s search out some details.

honda cb shine 125 vs bajaj discover 125

In real the commuter users are significantly concentrated on fuel economy of their bike. Again fuel economy is the core concentration for using a commuter where after that low maintenance, reliability and durability comes. But there are some commuter users who comparatively search for more power with some modern and sporty feature. But that doesn’t mean they are not determined on the common commuter features.

In such demanding situation 125cc commuter is a better solution. Therefore 125cc commuters are the most challenging segment in Bangladesh. Here fuel efficiency is commonly most demanding feature but power play is another significant enhancement to satisfy the customer thirst.

Here Honda CB Shine 125 and Bajaj Discover 125 are much closer to meet all the requirements of the power commuter users. So question comes which to choose and why? Here both the bike have some advancement and simultaneously has the lags after one another. So discussion comes on comparison.


Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 – Looks & Design Comparison

These days looks and design getting significance among the commuter users especially within the 125cc motorcycle users. So manufactures try to ensure good looking and modern design to get position in the market competition. In terms of looks and design both the bike Honda CB Shine 125 & Bajaj Discover 125 are designed with very decent and appealing looks.

In the competition between Honda CB Shine 125 VS Bajaj Discover 125 both the bike designed following with quite same trend. But considering over all appearance both of them got different look. They look different due to some area design and graphics difference.

Both the bike follows quite same theme in design but the fuel tank and headlamp assembly makes the different identity. The differences are really significant & iconic. In comparison Honda CB Shine follows quite conventional shape on fuel tank and headlamp assembly. On the other side Bajaj Discover 125 designed more attractively.


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