Hero Honda Splendor Pro vs Bajaj Discover 100 : Comparative Review

This is a common market review about two common starter and basic bikes in the Bangladeshi market. Hero Honda Splendor Pro has a very good following and the Bajaj Discover 100 has a very common  presence for a long time in the starter bike market. In below we try to discuss all options about Hero Honda Splendor pro vs Bajaj Discover 100.

hero honda splendor pro vs bajaj discover 100


The Bikes are here in a common market design made for multipurpose use. They both have the cheap design look and on the exterior has a shared look of nonchalance that might make one wonder that are they from the same company or not. But a deeper and closer inspection might lead the owner to see certain traits that are only common to the manufacturers of these two separate bikes.

Hero Honda Splendor Pro:

‘Old is gold’; that’s what Hero Honda believes in as this bike has no different looks than its previous generations. Hero Honda has once again played their favorite game of stickers with this bike. They have tried to distinguish it from Splendor Plus by adding new graphics on this bike. Its integrated visor and cowl are the same, covering its unique headlight. Clear lens indicators are a new addition to this bike with new body colored rear view mirrors.

If you look it closely then you can notice its new silver finished alloy wheels and front mudguard which are different than its Plus variant. Sideways, this bike is the exact copy of its plus variant and features only different graphics on its fuel tank and side panel. Chrome shield on its silencer and carrier are a standard part of this bike. Side indicators at the back is the only difference between Pro and Plus variant, otherwise from its rear fender to its tail light, everything is the same.

Bajaj Discover 100 Dtssi :

This bike is based on the Discover 125ST which received a warm reception in our Bangladeshi market. This bike surely looks better than any other 100cc bike available in Bangladesh. At first glance, it’s hard to know if it’s Discover 100 or Discover 125. It has a sharply designed face which consists of angular headlight with characteristic pilot lamps and bikini fairing. Its pointed clear lens indicators are placed on the both sides of headlight. The tinted visor is short in length but gives aggressive look to this bike and features nice cuts on it. Its front fender is quite simple but the newly introduced 10 spoke design of alloy wheels is really eye catching.

The rear view mirrors are also prickly designed which looks aerodynamic. Its engine, silencer and alloy wheels are painted in black color. Its silver finished side sets and rear grab rail adds premium touch to this bike as this type of styling has never been introduced before in 100cc bikes. Bajaj has smartly designed its muffler which also sports a chrome shield on it. It has a full size seat and it also features an up raised fuel tank with running graphics on it. The V- shaped rear cowl houses its layered LED tail light which looks very attractive with an extended fender. This rear fender has a reflective light on it and also carries a set of side indicators.

Instrument Panel:

hero honda splendor speedometer

Hero Honda Splendor Pro:

Hero has tried to make its instrument console look more premium and stylish. It features twin circular pods with chrome surroundings. The ignition switch has side turn indicators on its both sides. One of these dials features an analogue speedometer and odometer while the second dial houses analogue fuel gauge and other indicators.

bajaj discover 100 speedometer

Bajaj Discover 100 Dts-Si:

Bajaj Discover 100 has a simple yet interesting instrument console. It features an analogue speedometer and odometer in a circular dial while it has an analogue fuel gauge right next to this dial. Other essential indicators are also placed inside this instrument console

Engine and Gearbox:

Hero Honda Splendor Pro:

This bike uses the same 100c engine used in Splendor Plus but it’s been altered for improved performance. This 4-stroke, mono cylinder engine yields out a peak power output of 7.6 bhp at 7500 rpm. The torque output of this air-cooled, OHC engine is 8.04 Nm which can be achieved at 4500 rpm. Hero has equipped this bike with a four speed manual gearbox with all gears up- shift pattern.

Bajaj Discover 100 Dts-Si:

This bike is powered by a mono cylinder,  102cc DTS- i air-cooled engine. This 4-stroke, 4 valve engine churns out a peak power of 10.1 bhp at 9000 rpm and its utmost torque production of 9.2 nm arrives at 6500 rpm. Bajaj has opted for a five speed gearbox for this bike with all gears down shift pattern.

Accelaration and Performance

Hero Honda Splendor Pro:

The alteration made to this engine seems to be effective as this bike feels more responsive and quick than its Plus variant. It now reaches 0-60km/hr in less than 8 seconds. Its revised gear ratios are also helpful while driving in city traffic. The power and torque output of this engine is available early. This bike can reach a top speed of 85km/hr. The crispy gear ratios remove the laziness from this engine.

It still can’t go pass the engines of Bajaj bikes in terms of high end performance and pick up but feels certainly better if you talk about refinement. It’s a very silent motor which bothers you least when rev hard. The early availability of torque has resulted into better throttle response and that can be easily felt when it’s in big gears at low rpms. There is very less power offered by this engine after 6000 rpm and that disappoints you highways. However noise and harshness levels are very less and that gives it an advantage over others. It’s not the best engineered engine in its class but surely has the quality and potential to impress you.

Bajaj Discover 100 Dts-Si:

This is till date the most powerful 100cc engine available in any indian bike. The bike has ample amount of torque and power which gets delivered linearly to you through a much refined and smooth five speed gearbox. The gear transitions are very smooth and the gear ratios are also well proportioned. You can sense the power of this engine as soon as you open the throttle of this bike.

The bike gets off to a flying start thanks to the patented exhaust technology which helps to pull up torque at slow rpms. This torque boosting enables this bike to pick up really well at slow rpms in big gears. You can avoid frequent gear shifting with this engine which results into improved fuel efficiency. The bike makes less sound when rev hard and responses much like any other 125cc bike. Its Bajaj’s most refined 100cc engine which can even challenge Hero Honda bikes. Within 5.5 seconds Discover 100 reaches 0-60km/hr and can go pass the top speed of 100km/hr. The vibrations are evident after 7000 rpm but even then this engine performs better than any rival.


Hero Honda Splendor Pro:

Fuel efficiency of Hero Splendor Pro is more or less similar to its Plus variant but shorter gear ratios have increased its performance which has cut down its fuel efficiency marginally. This actually may give you a fuel efficiency of around 55-62km/ltr in city conditions while it increases by 5-7km/ltr on highways.

Bajaj Discover 100 Dts-Si:

Bajaj claims a fuel efficiency of around 87km/ltr with this bike however in real conditions its mileage ranges from 62-65km/ltr in city conditions and improves up to 5km/ltr on long runs.

Suspension And Breaking

Hero Honda Splendor Pro:

Hero Splendor Pro shares its suspension and braking system with its cheaper sibling Splendor Plus. At the front of this bike, it has telescopic forks while it features swing arm with adjustable hydraulic shock absorbers at the back. Its braking system consists of effective drum brakes of 130mm on its both front and rear wheel. Unfortunately, there is no option of disc brake in this bike.

Bajaj Discover 100 Dts-Si:

Bajaj Discover 100 Dts-Si  has telescopic forks at its front with a wheel travel of 130mm. The bike is equipped with Nitrox gas filled rear shock absorbers with a wheel travel of 110mm. The standard braking system of this bike features a front drum brake of 130mm and rear drum brake of 110mm. Sadly, there is no option of disc brake in this bike.

Ride and Handling

hero honda splendor pro

Hero Honda Splendor Pro:

Hero Splendor Pro is based on the same platform of its Plus variant which means it has similar physical dynamics. There is a lot of sense of familiarity in the ride and handling of this bike. There is nothing new in its ride quality which is not good news. The same skinny tyres and wheelbase of 1230 mm finds it hard to make it stable at high speeds and around sharp corners. Nasty potholes and speed breakers are still a matter of concern due to its low ground clearance (159mm).


Bajaj Discover 100 Dts-Si:

It’s a very confident and comfortable bike in terms of ride and handling. Its wheelbase of 1305 mm is best in class which makes it really stable at high speeds. The bike remains grounded on highways thanks to its effective suspension system. Discover 100 feels quite confident around corners and firmly holds the road thanks to its zapper tyres. It stays under control while changing lanes frequently on highways. The nitrox suspension also helps this bike to settle on our Indian roads filled with potholes. It has a ground clearance of 165 mm which helps this bike to cross nasty speed breakers easily.


At last if you want durability then go for Hero Honda Splendor Pro but if you want mileage then go for Bajaj Discover 100cc. Thats what we get from people who use this bikes. That’s all  about Hero Honda Splendor pro vs Bajaj Discover 100, hope it will help you to choose the best among them.

-By Noor Imtiaz

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