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YAMAHA FZ150i Review Based on 900KM Test Ride By Team BikeBD

Last updated on 28-Dec-2023 , By Saleh

Yamaha is the 2nd most popular motorcycle brand in Bangladesh. Over the years we adored the sheer performance and elegance of the mighty R15 V2.0 & our respect for FZS & Fazer has grown bigger day by day.

YAMAHA FZ150i Review Based On 900KM

Today we will present in front of you a bike that was only built for SHEER LUNACY! The only thing comparable in the real world was with the Spanish Matador. Welcome everyone to the  YAMAHA FZ150i REVIEW.


No matter what Yamaha always seems to stay a step forward then the other two Japanese manufacturers in Bangladesh and just as when all the hopes went away with no official Yamaha distributors in Bangladesh an importer has decided to import Yamaha FZ 150i from Malaysia, in short a bike which shares the near same technical knowledge of Yamaha R15 V1 but in its own tune.

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First impression of the bike will never be good, when you look at it and compare the bike with the elegant tune of Yamaha R15 V2 and the angel that surrounds the ultra exclusive Yamaha M Slaz you will think that you went in a wedding party in a wearing a t shirt but it will be this costume which will scare the hell out of the rest two bike from the same family tree.


Yamaha FZ150i has a 150cc water cooled engine which has 4 valve and to grow more confidence on the power unit we can reveal that this is the same power unit which Yamaha used in R15 V1 when it was launched in 2008, you can argue that fact that the engine technology is 8 years old but hey isn’t OLD IS GOLD!

Despite being old, the engine still uses the latest upgraded parts, & because in the present day there is still R15 V1 on road so if the engine does die after 3-4 years later you still will be able to rebuild it.


The engine thunders down 16.4 BHP and 14.5 NM of Torque to the rear wheel, only this time it is transferred to the real wheels through a 5 speed gearbox, yes I know you may argue about adding a 6th gear but at no point during the testing I felt that a 6th gear was needed until & unless you are in a drag race, because the gear ratio is well sorted out by the Yamaha technician.


One of the key things about the Yamaha FZ150i is that it weighs just 117 kg, that’s near about the same weight of a Hero Splendor. Having weight in a bike is good for the highway ride where the cross wind or the wind turbulence from buses won't slide you but it is bad for handling, bad for city riding, bad for speed and mileage & getting rid of extra weight just makes everything so better, but don’t be fool that this bike is hollow and all it is made up of with cheap plastics.


The engine of Yamaha FZ150i is manufactured in Indonesia then it is packed and couriered to Yamaha plant in Malaysia where it meets the chassis body parts to give birth a fantastic machine.

The body quality of the bike is good & I have to admit that the finishing quality is not top to the mark when you compare with R15 V2.0 & M Slaz.

The speedometer of the bike is very small; it features a analog rev counter and a digital speedometer which shows you SPEED and FUEL TANK GAUGE along with some warning lights including a light for the overheating of the bike. Best thing they did is that they gave white back light like R15V2 instead of yellow, orange or blue.


The design of the bike is not the best, it is more aggressive than beautiful and elegant, the bike has a serious looks which showcase the aggression of the bike and it states that no nonsense is taken. From the sideways it looks more like a Spanish Bull which needs a matador to control it.

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The indicator up front is suited mounted just on the side of the bike which gives the impression of a donkey’s ears, they are the same unit as those found in Thai R15 V2, the headlight is halogen and I think it is powerful for highway rides and yes unlike many bikes the headlight of the bike stays ON all the time, but you can add a separate switch to turn it OFF.


Switch gears are borrowed from Yamaha SZ-R , though the handle bar is small but I think well enough for city ride; the ignition key is mounted just near the fuel tank which gives a different style to the bike.

The exhaust is a new unit which have heat resistor on it & while the tail light is just normal bulb type. Am glad that they gave duel accelerator cable to his bike for better and smooth acceleration.

I love the way that they kept the engine visible to the naked eyes despite adding air scoop to the side of the tank, it is a nice way that you can see that furious master piece, the seat is wide enough for two grown up to seat comfortably and the seat is soft too, Yamaha FZS150i have a under seat designed where the pillion can seat and grab something for his/her balance something R15V2 or M Slaz don’t have.


Unlike Sports bike the seating position of the bike isn’t sporty but more about commuting, the footrest of the rider is very straight like Yamaha FZS and you keep a comfortable pasture while you ride it. The turning radius of the bike is very good for riding through heavy traffic. The ignition key of the bike is on the fuel tank which added a great aspect of the styling of the bike.

Riding the bike is a wonderful experience you can feel the metal to metal contact in the engine bay & the noise it makes is just superb. I have seen many bikes that roar but none will roar the way this bike will. With stock Dunlop tyres are fitted I can say that the grip is just AWESOME!


When you turn ON the ignition the bike’s speedometer screened out HI BRO & you get the feel that bike want to know how your mood is. If the mood is dull then you need to ride the bike below 6 K RPM to save everything and go for a ECO ride and if you have the intention to bring around a hurricane then you can ride it over 6 K RPM and then it will tear apart the tarmac below it.


Yes it is just 120 mm rear section tyre which is good for city riding and though the bike is a bit long on the corners it is not as much as agile as we will see in Yamaha M Slaz. It is very tough to make this bike misbehave.  I would have love if they gave any radiator cover to the bike as it is very badly expose to the dust and other things hitting it.

You can ride these Yamaha FZ150i miles after miles in city or on the highway & I promise that you won’t get tired, neither will you have any sort of pain or ache which you might experience in R15 V2 or M Slaz, & because the bike is light and has less equipment it will accelerates from ZERO to 100 km/h as if you will feel you are in a fighter jet.


It was a tough day of work for me to find the negativity about the bike except for the fact that it looks like it was from the 90’s. The suspension of the bike actually works, I would have liked if they could have given FZS/FAZER style front suspension, riding ergonomic is just awesome. I admit that the finishing of the bike is not up-to-date but overall the bike is too epic to fight against it.


Mileage:         City-: 35-38 km/L (aggressive riding),

                        City:  40-42 km/L (normal riding condition like a 50 years old man)

Highway- 42-45 km/L.

Top Speed: 139 km/h (Only the rider weighing 70 kg & 6 litres of fuel)

124 km/h ( With pillion combining weight 150 kg)



I have never been a Yamaha fan, but I think this bike is utterly brilliant. It’s well made, it has seat for two elder people, it’s comfortable to ride but when you want to give it pain it will tear your head apart, way it will accelerate from 0-100 will make R15 & CBR drop their jaws!

I love this bike, I really do as of now this is my favorite bike in this planet which I would love to own, the best thing about the bike is the way it produces the noise from the engine, it sounds so ALIVE, it sounds like a WILD animal that haven’t eat for 3 days and all of a sudden you are its prey.

PRICE: 3,40,000 BDT (See The Current Market Price Here) Colour: RED & BLUE


  • Motor Type 4-Stroke, Liquid Cooled, 4 Valve, SOHC
  • Displacement 149.8 cc
  • Compression Ratio: 10.4 :1
  • Power 16.36 hp @ 8,500 rpm
  • Torque 14.5 Nm @ 7,500 rpm
  • Gearbox 5-Speed
  • Clutch Wet Clutch
  • Weight (Dry) 117 kg
  • Frame Diamond
  • Front Suspension Telescopic
  • Back Suspension Double-sided Swingarm.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 12 litres.
  • Braking system Disc brake at both front & rear.
  • Dimension 2009* 705 * 1035 mm
  • Saddle height 790 mm
  • Ground Clearance 167 mm
  • Front tyre 90/80 – 17 M/C 46 P tubeless
  • Rear tyre 120/70- 17 M/C 58 P tubeless
  • Front suspension Telescopic
  • Rear suspension Swing Arm 

FAQ - Frequently Ask Question

1. What is the smallest motorcycle in Yamaha?

Ans- The smallest motorcycle is Yamaha SR400.

2. Who started Yamaha motorcycle?

Ans- Genichi Kawakami started Yamaha motorcycle.

3. Who is the CEO of Yamaha motorcycle?

Ans- Yoshihiro Hidaka 

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Published by Saleh

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