World Top Touring Bike For The Year 2013

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Motorcycles are the most amazing machines since they are gentle on fuel consumption and can be used for a thrilling canyon ride. The best thing about bikes is that they are fairly inexpensive, accessible performance levels and with appealing design. The year 2013 has seen a number of new bikes that have come to the market. We have analyzed bikes released for the year 2013 and we have the only bank that is friendly to World Top Touring Bike For The Year 2013 & your pocket.

The 2013 New GL1800b Honda

2013 New GL1800b Honda

The new model takes the first position as the most awesome sports motorcycle. It puts a whole new spin on it is lighter, trimmer and learner. it is perfect for getting through the streets while running errands and in the process avoid paying the london congestion charge contact. The bike also offers plenty of storage capacity and performance, along with other many luxury features. It weighs 842 lbs, has a wheel base of 66.5 inches and a seat height of 29.1 inches. The bike also comes with twin saddlebags. This provides a lot of space to store any materials you may need during your traveling. Other additional features include a premium audio system with iPod/ MP3 capability. It also has a multi information screen that features a clock, trip meter, air temperature gauge and audio controls. NEW INNOVATIONS AND FEATURES The new model has brought in a number of new innovations and features. The bike comes with a low profile windshield which really opens up the cockpit and puts you in touch with the environment while it stills offers excellent protection from wind and weather protection. The front headlights and the low profile windshield give the bike a fierce look bringing out a cool look for the rider. The bike also emission have been tested and approved after meeting the current California Air Resources Board and the EPA standards thus one can own the bike with a clear conscious that the bike is environmental friendly.

World Top Touring Bike For The Year 2013

ENGINE CAPACITY AND FUEL CONSUMPTION The bike has a 5 speed transmission including overdrive with a 1832cc, six cylinder engine and an advanced chassis making it a touring legend. It comes with a fuel capacity of 6.7 gallons and the bike can record a fuel consumption of 1.4 gallons/62 miles. It has a top speed of 138 mph with and once up to top speed it drops and goes into overdrive. The bike has exemplary brakes that are made of three pistons calipers that give the bike a firm and steady stop. The front brakes are dual full floating 296mm discs with the rear been single ventilated 316mm discs. it contains a wheel base of 66.5 inches

World Top Touring Bike For The Year 2013

PRICE RANGE The bike comes in two models which are available; there is the standard bike that costs $19,999 and the deluxe bike that costs $20,999 which is fitted with a passenger backrest, heated grips, a center stand and self-cancelling turn signals. Numerous chrome extras are also available.

With 2013 model the only decision you will have to make is whether to take the black or red, as they come only in two colors.

Hope you get a proper view of the World Top Touring Bike For The Year 2013.

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