Female Rider Scenario In Bangladesh

Female Rider Scenario in Bangladesh, I have been thinking about this topic from few days to write on. So I started to collect some info about the riding of our female rider, and surprisingly found females were riding motorcycles from many years just very close around us. No matter it is in town or in rural, female riders are riding quite frequently in both areas of our country. Therefore today you are welcome here in our discussion on Female Rider Scenario in Bangladesh


Melusine Mallender in Bangladesh with BWRC

You know biking is the very popular activity at any age of people worldwide. At the core it has no specific race, ethnicity or limitation of community. Everyone from any caste or society like bikes and loves to ride or to roam with bikes.

You also cannot put the biking in a bracket even in consideration of gender at anywhere. But in some sense somewhere female riders somewhat were contrasting due to local culture and regulations.

On the other side worldwide it is very remarkable and of-course encouraging as usually female expertise is. But in South Asian region therefore Bangladesh the prospect is quite a different, sensitive and sometime very much negative.

But there is something very positive in hidden. Hence all the related issues with our female rider, I tried to discuss here. Let’s try to discover our real scenario considering socio-cultural issues with present reality.


Melusine Mallender

Worldwide female rider scenario

Worldwide biking is considered as sports and other part a regular daily activity. There is no differentiation considering gender. Both male & female rider can ride the bike for their daily necessity, commuting, touring or sporting.


Female Riders in Foreign

There are many female rider, sports club and biking organizations are rolling worldwide. And female rider doesn’t create any difference where male or female activities are not evaluated in consideration of sex.

So in foreign, in most of western countries even some Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, Vietnam or India motor biking is a regular activity. Even in some Muslim countries female riders are riding motorbike.


Female Riders in Foreign

Motor biking is popular everywhere due to easy commuting where most of the situation public transport is quite limited and hassle full. And public transportation system is most of the time not for short distance travel and somewhere not so easy like uneven areas.

You will find there female riders are frequently riding bikes beside the male riders. There also were some hardcore motor biking community and also dirt biker’s community of female riders which we can’t even think in Bangladesh.


Female Riders in Bangladesh

Female rider scenario in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh the female bike riding scenario is quite different even from our door neighbor Nepal, India or Pakistan. In Bangladesh female riding ability considered with some negative glance. Sometime it quite a bit subject of aggressively taunting or sometime as a poor competitor on the road.

Some people always tend to make harasses for the female riders or treat them very badly. But hopefully situation is not same at everywhere. The trend is changing very fast due to globalization and of-course by the changes in our daily life need.

You know females are riding bike in Bangladesh not from only few years but from many and many years. Female are riding from many years maybe sometime not for passion but for their profession or daily life.


Bangladesh Women Riders Club (BWRC)

I can remember at least two lady riders of the 90’s generation who used to ride heavy weighted 175cc blue colored Yamaha DT bikes when I was just a school boy. I always loved to see them riding the loud exhausted dirt bikes at my small town. They were so gorgeous and I can remember they were dressed very well with their Hijabs.


Saleh Mohammad

it's Saleh, a homebound stranger; sometimes unleashes the inner ascetic to trail like an outlaw...

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