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Why Should Not Ride A Motorcycle At Night - 7 Reasons

Last updated on 24-May-2022 , By Jahid Hasan Jojo

Why should not ride a motorcycle at night? Why peoples discourage riding motorcycles in the dark of the night? Isn’t riding in the night is thrilling and adventurous? So what the reasons those tend people not to ride in the night? Whatsoever, here we have the reasons coming to our today's discussion, why should not ride a motorcycle at night.

 Why Should Not Ride A Motorcycle At Night - 7 Reasonsmotorcycle-riding-at-night-advantages-and-disadvantages

Why Should Not Ride A Motorcycle At Night

You know, riding a motorcycle is a fun and exhilarating activity. People ride motorcycles for many reasons and mostly for daily commuting. Motorcycling is also an adventure and kind of sport all over the world. Hence, most of the motorcyclist loves to ride.

Further, riding at night is also much popular among many motorcyclists. But due to some unavoidable reasons, it’s not as safer as riding in the daytime. So commonly people discourage to ride a motorcycle at the night. So here are those reasons why should not ride a motorcycle at night.

Lower Visibility Lower Vision

Commonly, the visual power of human eyes is very limited in the dark of the night. Moreover, the surrounding objects don't remain clearly visible in the night as in the daytime. Hence the visibility of the objects often comes to a limit. Thereby both the motorcycle rider and other vehicle drivers' eyesight limits to a certain range at night.

Hence lower visibility issue occurs during the night and it increases upon the time. Furthermore, due to rain, fog, dust, and smoke the object visibility reduce more at the night than in the daytime. Thereby, lower visibility both for motorcyclists and other vehicles causes huge danger to a motorcycle rider. Hence it’s unsafe to ride a motorcycle at the night.

Weather Condition

Weather condition during the night is the one of the major concern to avoid riding a motorcycle at night. During the night the weather changes very frequently than in the daytime. At night, the temperature drops chronologically and humidity changes fast.

Furthermore, rain, fog, dust, and smoky situations are very common at the night. Hence those causes lower vision, lower visibility, and make the surfaces unpredictable. Moreover, a rider may feel much uncomfortable dealing with the frequent weather change. Hence that’s one of the reasons people discourage riding a motorcycle at the night.

Motorcycle Handling & Controlling Issues

During the night a motorcycle handling and controlling character on the road changes a lot. The weather condition, humidity changes, etc. have a huge impact on the road surfaces. Further rain, fog, dust, etc. makes the surface quite unpredictable at the night.

Thus a motorcycle rider may experience lower traction, inefficient braking, and also lesser control on the bike. That’s why riding in the night is more tactical than riding in the daytime. Hence it’s discouraged to ride a motorcycle at the night.


Mechanical Hazards 

While riding a motorcycle or even driving any other vehicle mechanical problems can arise just on the road. As a machine, it’s a common issue facing some disasters while rolling on the road. Hence while riding a motorcycle at the night it can get some unwanted mechanical issues. Thus a motorcycle in some situations may go out of order.

Further, a motorcycle suddenly may run out of fuel. Whatever the issues are, during the night time it gets harder to get help and supports from the surroundings. Thus the situation may get worst in the low-density countryside and isolation of the night. Therefore it’s discouraged to ride a motorcycle in a remote place at night.

Feeling Unsecured and Unconfident

During the night ride, a motorcycle rider may feel a lack of confidence. Riding lonely in the isolated night a rider may get overwhelmed easily by the shadier surroundings. Further, a rider may feel fatigued and feel sleepy easily. Thus one may experience a lack of confidence to roll in the dark.

Furthermore, the frequent weather change, unpredictable road surface, rain, fog, dust, smoke, etc. can make a rider feel much discomfort. In such cases, a rider even being within a team may feel unsecured. Hence it’s better to avoid riding a motorcycle at night while feeling uneven.

Break and Refreshment Issues

Taking a break for fuel, refreshment, or food it’s a common situation for a motorcycle rider. During the daytime, it’s easy to find out the nearby fuel station, restaurant, or lodges. Even in an unknown area a person easily can find a convenient place to take a break in the daytime.

But the situation gets much more complicated in the night to a motorcycle rider. It gets tougher to catch even a convenient refreshment place in the night time. Hence in the case of an unknown place, the safety & security both for the ride and rider may hamper in the night. So this is one of the major issues why should not ride a motorcycle at night.

Security Issues

Safety & security issue is the most major concern while riding a motorcycle in the night. During the night time visual power of a rider reduced, visibility of the rider and surroundings reduced. Further visibility to other vehicles also reduced dramatically. Hence road accident possibilities in the night time increase at the highest level.

Furthermore, theft, robbery, snatching, hijacking, etc. hazards are too frequent in the nighttime. Therefore, riding in the night even within a group may not safer also in some known places. Hence, riding a motorcycle at the night in such possible areas really dangerous and one should strictly avoid it.


So riders you can see there are numbers of demerits riding a motorcycle in the night. Hence for those reasons experienced and responsible riders always avoid riding at night. At the same consideration, long motorcycle tourers like transcontinental or world tourers avoid riding motorcycles in the nighttime.

So it’s advised to avoid night riding with the motorcycle. But if you’re fascinated by riding in the night then it’s better to roll with a team and in the known territory. Further in the case of solo riding at night, one should take proper preparation and roll carefully thereby. That’s it.

Published by Jahid Hasan Jojo

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