Which Is The Best SPORTS Motorcycle In Bangladesh Currently?

Published On 19-Jul-2013 12:27pm , By Shuvo

Day by day Sports shaped  in Bangladesh going to popular. Here in Bangladesh people LOVE to commute with bikes, a recent survey has said that there has been more bikes on the in the last 3 years then it has been in the 6 years before it. Day by day people are moving towards bike as a major mean of transport as it economical and more importantly it saves a lot of time against if you have a ride in a or on a working day. Some people buy bikes for hobby other does it to use it for their work.

Today we will talk about SPORTS bike. By definition it is a whose enjoyment consists mainly from its ability to perform on all types of paved highway – its cornering ability, its handling, its thrilling acceleration and braking power, even its speed, in other word it is a true blend of SPEED and THRILL. Nowadays there are many SPORTS BIKES in BD, and today we are going to ask you which of the current market sports bike is your favorite through a BIKEBD FAN SURVEY

While casting your vote you must remember that you will vote on not only for the BRAND of the product but also for its engine performance, fuel economy against its competitor, top speed, handling, braking and off course how it LOOK.

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We have selected Four BIKES for this category and here is a small sneak peak to all of them.

yamaha r15 v.2

Yamaha R15 V2

Engine: 150 cc Power:  16.8 BHP

Torque: 15 NM

Price in BD: 490,000 BDT

 honda cbr 150r

Honda CBR 150R

Engine: 150cc

Power:  17.6 BHP

Torque: 12.7 NM

Price in BD: No dealer are available still in BD, some people have personally imported the bike for themselves.

 megelli 150r

Megelli 150R

Engine: 150cc

Power:  14 BHP

Torque: 12.8 NM

Price in BD: 265,000 BDT

 sports  in bangladesh

Hyosung GT125R

Engine: 125cc

Power:  14.2 BHP

Torque : 9.7 NM

Price in BD: 480,000 BDT

Hope Viewers will choose the best sports  in Bangladesh & help others to choose there dream bike.

By Wasif Anowar

Published by Shuvo