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Published On 03-Jul-2021 04:29pm , By Raihan Opu

With the world pandemic hitting Bangladesh & public transport is not only becoming a risky place for covid to spread but also becoming expensive & rare,a motorcycle can be one of your best friend during this time. Today I will write about Top 5 Entry Level Motorcycles You can buy under 1 lac BDT which are currently avilable in the market.

 top 5 entry level motorcycle 

Now for an entry level biker there are few things to be considered

  • The motorcycle am buying needs to be reliable.
  • Spare parts & service should be available in major cities of Bangladesh.
  • Mileage should be a very key factor.
  • Given me as a Biker is new or this is my first proper motorcycle

Top 5 Entry Level Motorcycle In Bangladesh Under 1 Lac

Runner has lots of sales centre in Bangladesh & with Runner AD80S  being the most selling 80cc motorcycle in Bangladesh you can trust the machine. The bike is small, simple to ride & easy to maintain.

 runner ad80s deluxe price 

Now with 9,000 BDT less you can buy the base version which mechanically is the same thing but the Deluxe version looks a bit smarter & a bit better.

You just can't walk away of thinking of this brand, Bajaj is the most selling motorcycle brand in Bangladesh & CT100 surely is one of the top selling product in it's segment.


bajaj ct 100 es alloy price in bangladesh 

Now you won't see too much of this in big cities but in rural area these are work horse. Due to good suspensions, longer seat, reliable engine & Bajaj's 400+ service network in Bangladesh helped to increase the popularity of this bike.

Yes you can argue why not the best selling Splendor+ from Hero! Well there are two reasons. 1. Technically & Mechanically they are both the same & it's just the LOOKS which are different & number 2 I think HF Deluxe looks smarter over Splendor+ .

 hero hf deluxe price in bangladesh 

I am always of fond of Hero bikes, for some reason I think they are underrated. One of the thing which I always admire about all HERO bikes which I have tested are the suspensions, whether it is Achiever, Ignitor or Passion X Pro they always are on top of their game in this technical part.

 tvs radeon price in bd

If you are LIKE me and want to squueze out all the money and spend of a bike then buy this. Yes there are other options from TVS in the commuting segment but none of them is as exciting as TVS Radeon.

TVS Radeon Test Ride Review

As we have tested this bike we can give feedback that the handling, braking, build quality & most importantly the sound of the engine will make every penny worth. The bike has CBS braking but I would prefer if TVS in the future can install a disc brake option with the bike but still keeping the price tag in check.

 honda dream 110

Honda already had Honda Dream Neo in the entry level commuting motorcycle but upon taking market data they made some modification and launched a new bike in the name of Honda Dream 110.

According to BHL this bike has comfortable seat, low seat height & better fuel economy over Dream Neo. These are 5 bike which I think people who are thinking to buy a motorcycle under a budget of 1 lac & they are new into biking can choose from.

During this pandemic stay safe & always wear a mask while you travel outside your home. Top 5 Entry Level Motorcycles You can buy under 1 lac BDT which are currently available in the market.

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Published by Raihan Opu