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Saidpur Crazy RiderZ (SCR) is the first stunt group of Bangladesh from Thana level and also in Rangpur division,Saidpur city. Actually we realized that there was no bike stunt group in Rangpur division and also in our Saidpur city. That’s why we founded this group. We never intended to harm anyone or to cause trouble in our community.

sayedpur crazy riderz

At first we shared our plan with our friends and brothers to build up this group. They agreed with us and finally with their support on 1st June, 2012 we founded this group with five bikes and named it Saidpur Crazy RiderZ (SCR). At first we used to hangout with our group on every Friday. Then we had a little knowledge about stunts and performed them only for having fun.

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Day by day we practiced more and developed our stunt skills and soon it turned into our passion and gained a special identity. And obviously we do stunts with proper safety and following the govt. & traffic rules. Our main objective was to have all the bikers in our region under one shed and also to help each other in needs.

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We perform stunts which are done in open space where there are no traffics, we always make sure we wear helmet and also wear proper safety gears for doing stunts. We don’t allow any bikers in our group who don’t who don’t have proper documents of his bike and also we make sure he has the license. Sometimes we go in  trips which we do it safely so that we don’t get harm.

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 To establish this group we faced a lot of problems that we never faced in our lives. Still we are facing many problems but we haven't given up our hope. We always try to cope with these problems. As we are from a small town we don’t have a huge number of bikes and members.


 Now we have about 10 bikes and 15 members in our group. Through this group we always try to build up a good relation among biker groups and we promise to help other groups as far is possible for us. As we are the first bike stunt group in our city we have some social responsibility too and we always try to do something good for our society. "Actually we are here not to make any competition, we are here to build up a good relation among bikers"


We want to thanks BikeBD for helping us and making us a part of their family, we try to respect them and other bikers group in BD . We liked their Helmet Sticker campaign and sitting in Saidpur we participated with them in that welfare.

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In the future we, Saidpur Crazy RiderZ (SCR) want to try to do something good for the community and try to help the people of Bangladesh as much as we can.

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