BD Riderz Club : Motorcycle Travelers In Bangladesh

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BD Riderz Club popularly known as BRC evolves as a facebook based motorcycle club (Source)BD Riderz Club is established in 16th December 2011 by the direction of Russell Rider (Founder, BRC) with the help of few friends and brothers; but interestingly the club is not ONLY about motorcycle but ALSO about the person who rides it. Here the biker is more important to us than the bike. Motorcycle or bike is only a base which brings people of same interest, same heart and same soul here.  Team BRC arranges various types of events like tea party, guitar session with friends, short tour and long tour only to enhance the friendship and having ultimate fun.

BD Riderz Club : Motorcycle Travelers In Bangladesh

 motorcycle in bangladesh


BRC’s mission is to multiply the fun of friendship by arranging various events like game, guitar session, adda, short and long tour so that members not only can get to know each other but also can have ultimate fun with people of same soul.


The vision of  BRC is to create a friendship network of Bangladeshi Bike Lovers in national level.


Dare to Dream.

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What was the concept?

Everybody knows the old saying that four wheels move the body; but two wheels move the soul. It does not matter what bike you own (be it a 50cc scooter or be it a 150cc mini-racer like R15), what is your gender (male or female); what matters most that the bikers/riders are brave fighters, freedom seekers and most importantly shares the same heart.

We Bangladeshi bikers are vastly the cause of envy of other people who do not have bike. So BRC wants to build a strong community of bikers so that they can be united any time for fun or any social cause. And who can deny that only a biker knows and feels another biker. A civilian can never understand a true biker.

Yes you heard it right! People who do not have bike are like normal civilian to us. The bikers are like legends, like heroes to us; because they defy the fear of accident, cheat death and brings freedom to them. In BRC, we show off our beloved ride and share our knowledge with others so that everyone can be benefitted.

 motorcycle in bangladesh

Who can join?

Anyone (boys, girls, students, job holders, businessmen) who loves bike can join us. The joining has four layers.

Layer 1: The facebook members (popularly known as FANS).

You can easily join to our facebook group which enables you to show off your bike and your passion towards your ride. You can ask for any type of technical assistant and help and it is certain that you will get help from our other valued members. You can also like our Facebook Fan page  for various updates about bike news and events arranged by BRC.

motorcycle in bangladesh

Layer 2: The Friends.

It’s the next level where you can physically come to our events and make friendship and share a cup of tea with us. We believe in friendship and we promise you will love to be with us.

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Layer 3: The Brotherhood (popularly known as the ‘BRCians’)

This is further deep in the membership process. We have a certain style to roam around the city and tour to various places beside Dhaka and outside Dhaka. We explored every mentionable place in the Bangladesh fully by bike ride. In the Brotherhood, we move with same T-shirt and other memorable. We eat out together, party hard etc. Members of the Brotherhood can give any feedback/suggestion to further develop the group/club bonding so that we can be one more step ahead achieving our mission and vision.

 motorcycle in bangladesh

Layer 4: Team BRC (popularly known as CAT – Club Acceleration Team).

This is the zenith of BRC. There is a CAT (Commitment, Ambition and Timeliness) necessary to be a team member.

The C is Commitment. You have to be extremely committed to be a team member; because a team member represents BRC greatly and does voluntary work for the group to earn recognition for him/her as well as the group as a whole.

The A stands for Ambition. Our slogan is Dare to Dream. The slogan itself represents ambition. So you have to be ambitious and dare enough to do something big for the group.

And lastly T stands for Timeliness. Any responsibility given to a team member must be finished within time.

 motorcycle in bangladesh

Lastly, we hope you did not feel bore with our article. We BRCians are really proud to share about our group. The pictures given here are of  BD Riderz Club various tour and event photos. A picture says a thousand words. So you can see the picture and have an idea. And welcome towards a friendship. Let’s shake hand together. You and we share the same soul, aren’t we brother?

See the BRC Facebook Fan Page

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