Runner Automobiles Is The New Distributor Of Vespa Scooters In Bangladesh

Published On 13-Mar-2019 11:42am , By Ashik Mahmud

Runner Automobiles is the new distributor of Vespa Scooters in Bangladesh. In the first day of 5th Dhaka Bike Show, they will unveil and launch Vespa Scooters Officially in Bangladesh.

vespa scooters in bangladesh

 Runner Automobiles is one of the leading Vehicle manufacturers and importers in Bangladesh, and Runner Motorcycles is one of the most popular motorcycle brands in Bangladesh. A year back Runner Automobiles started to produce and also distribute UM Motorcycles in Bangladesh, and now they have become the official distributor of Vespa Scooters in Bangladesh (Source).

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Vespa is probably the most iconic brand when it comes to scooter, especially in Bangladesh and this region. Recently around a year ago, Vespa scooters were brought in Bangladesh by KR Industries. But now, Runner Automobiles has become the new distributor of Vespa Scooters in Bangladesh.

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Several models of Vespa Scooters in Bangladesh is going to be diplayed and launched by Runner Automobiles at the 5th Dhaka Bike Show 2019, and all of the models are going to carry the iconic color options of Vespa like Yellow, Red, Blue, and more.

 vespa scooters price in bangladesh

Vespa VXL

Vespa VXL is the flagship scooter of Vespa in Bangladesh. It has a classic design along with the legendary round shaped headlamp, and shiny color options. The bike may look old school, but it packs the modern touches like disc brake at the front, tubeless tyres, semi digital speedometer, and more. Vespa VXL is available in two variants - one is the Vespa VXL 125, and the other one is Vespa VXL 150. vespa sxl 125 price

Vespa SXL

Similar to the VXL, Vespa SXL too has two variants, with 125cc engine and 150cc engine. The bike has a styling straight from the sixties, but it is also adapted to the modern world with broader tubeless tyres, disc brakes, and all the other features. The bike is available in various color options to suit literary anyone.

 vespa elegante 150 price in bangladesh

Vespa Elegante

The name is the most perfect definition of this Vespa scooter as from top to toe, it is covered and designed to carry elegance. From the color options, to the round headlights and leather seats, the scooter carries elegance and luxury to another level. The engine doesn't compromise even a bit, as it is powered by a 150cc engine.

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Vespa Notte 125

The word Notte in Italian means the expression of night - therefore the Vespa Notte is only available in one color option, the matte black. Even the rear-view mirrors on the bike is painted matte black, and the bike carries a dark theme in all part of it's design.

Vespa LX 125

This is the most entry level scooter among all of the Vespa Scooters In Bangladesh. This is powered by a 125cc engine, and the bike has all of the old school design aesthetics which made Vespa so much popular. With round headlights, curvy panels and classic characteristics, Vespa LX 125 is a perfect entry level model in the world of Vespa.

 vespa price in bd 

Runner Automobiles is the official distributor of Vespa Scooters In Bangladesh, and now this means that Vespa lovers all across the country can now purchase their favorite scooter which are filled with nostalgia, and they can also get proper service of the bikes and get spares. This is really a great news for Vespa lovers in Bangladesh and overall, all of the Bike enthusiasts in Bangladesh, as this marks another official entry of a renowned brand.

Published by Ashik Mahmud