Keeway RKV 150cc Ownership Review By ALIF

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Keeway RKV 150cc Ownership Review

I learned riding bike when I was in seventh grade. That too by bluffing my elder brother. I sat on the bike and told him that I can drive bike. I just managed to put it on first gear. However I could not adjust the clutch properly. My brother taught me how to do it. After that I never had to look back. Whenever I could get opportunity, I would ride my dad's Honda CDI 125.

keeway rkv 150cc ownership review

The date was 10-10-10. For the first time in my life I bought my own bike in Dhaka. Though I was born in the heavenly kingdom of Bangladesh named Bandarban. It was Bajaj Pulsar 135 LS. The attractive bike with four valve engine drew my attention at the first glance. With Pulsar I passed four years. By that time there were new bikes on the roads of the city.

One day, I saw a 100cc bike owned by a colleague of mine which looked just like FZS. I liked it from the first look. However the producer of the bike was unknown.  Keeway RKS 100. On one rainy day I was stranded with that colleague of mine at the main show room of Speedoz. I got to talk with the DMD, brother Zaman. Special thanks to him.Here is my Keeway RKV 150cc Ownership Review: 

keeway rkv 150cc review

Starting of The Journey

Keeway RKV 150cc. At the first glance the bike seems very stubborn looking. The look of the head light would leave a long lasting impression in the mind. The copper suspension, wide wheel, double hydraulic, huge oil tank, attractive dashboard is very eye catching. Moreover, after hearing about the after sale service from brother Zaman, I decided that if I ever going to change my bike I would definitely buy Keeway RKV 150.

On 10-12-14 I have finally bought RKV 150. By the time unpacking and delivery was finished it was afternoon. I decided to take more care of my bike as I have bought a bike other than an Indian one. Hearing nay say of almost everyone, after four months I have rode 3000 kilometers with this bike. That is why I could not stop myself from writing a review of the bike.

Keeway RKV 150cc Specification


One thing plays in my mind all the time. Perhaps it is kind of like showing off. When I bought Pulser 135, it was a new bike in Dhaka back then. Every day I enjoyed answering some random guy's question regarding the bike. One of the main reason for buying Keeway  RKV 150 was that the bike is very rare on the road. As a result It attracts attention. With that comes curious questions of the people. Now I have to answer to somebody everyday. If you buy a bike with money and people does not look at it, is it worth buying it then?

Keeway motorcycle in bangladesh

The saddle style of the bike is very good. Well specious seat but a bit lower in height. According to my height a bit higher would have been better.  Handling of the bike is perfect. Looking glasses are cool too. There are two bulbs in the headlight. One for low beam and another for high. I was not quite satisfied with the light intensity. So, I changed them for two LED lights. With that I have added two additional light on the both sides of the bumper. There is an adjuster for the hand break. You will be able to adjust the brake as you like.

Keeway bike in bangladesh

The sound of the engine is pretty smooth. There is dual suspension in the rear wheel. However I feel that a mono suspension would have been better. The distance between the silencer and the body is short. Had it been a little longer, the passenger could seat more comfortably; a side-box could be affixed. For the price the engine is very good. Made with Italian technology. The design was done by a world famous company named Benelli too. Talking of mileage, I got highest 38 kilometers per liter. Although the company claimed about getting 40+ kilometers per liter.

keeway bike price bd


  • Attractive look.
  • Golden color suspension.
  • Blue dashboard.
  • Taco meter, speedometer, fuel meter, gear display, maintenance indicator, clock.
  • 17 liter large oil tank. It gives you extra confidence while controlling the bike.
  • The wide rear wheel is good for cornering.
  • Top speed will reach upto 120 claimed by the technicians.
  • Disk brakes are positioned on the opposite direction. So, the breaking system is very good.
  • Jerking is very low.
  • Tubeless tire ensures safe journey.
  • Double lock system makes the bike secure.
  • After sale service is very good.


  • The stock horn is not loud enough.
  • Side box do not have keys. You will need screw driver to open them.
  • There is no key for opening the seat. Seat has to be opened by unscrewing the screw which is annoying.
  • Color of the side kit is low quality. The color might fade away.
  • Clutch is not that smooth.
  • Parts is available only in Speedoz showroom.


Megellie is another segment of the Speedoz company. Even though the overall performance of the bike is not equal in comparison with the Indian bikes, you cannot underestimate the bike for customer satisfaction. It is a fact that there is room for improvement; however the quality is perfect in this price range. Now the durability of the bike will speak how friendly is the bike in reality. You will feel comfort riding the bike and as the look is praiseworthy, everyone will complement your taste for certain. Main show room and office of Speedoz is situated at Amtali, Mohakhali, just beside the flyover.

Keeway RKV 150cc Price In Bangladesh

keeway motorcycle test ride review

I believe that for buying new bike this Keeway RKV 150cc Ownership Review will help the bikers.


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