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Before I get in all business on giving tips on bikes. I would I like tell you a Bike Story.To me, my bike is like Tipu Sultan’s is to him. This has feelings but thankfully no emotion.Your Bike doesn’t mind if you out other bikes.

Your Bike doesn’t take insults. (The owner of the bike might).Your bike doesn’t mind if you take it out on a day off.Your bike doesn’t mind getting wet in rain.Your bike doesn’t mind if you go slow.

Your bike takes your actions very seriously. So be nice and gentle with your bike. Else you do see what happens to the rodeo who pisses of a stallion in youtube, haven’t you?

If you take care of your bike the bike will take care of you in the days to come.

tips for bikers

Now Technically Speaking:

First thing I do when I get to my bike:

  • I give it a proper dry cloth dusting, wiping, checking. As you clean the surface areas you also inspect for damage or if the bike was handled in your absence.
  • Break oil for Hydraulic Breaks.
  • Engine Oil
  • if both the tires are inflated.
  • if electrical are in working condition.
  • Never ride your bike without inspecting your bike. You will be thankful to me one day.

Wait! Once you have done the above (which most lazy people I assume skipped)

Start your engine. Let it run for about 3 to 5 minutes. So that the core temperature of the engine rises to optimum performing temperature.

You could also do the oil checks and start you engine and clean your bike with the running engine so that it saves time and helps if you are in hurry.

And now you may go for the ride.

Commuting & Long Distance:

Tips For commuter in city traffic:

I am not an expert in Auto Mechanics but what I understand is that if you accelerate rapidly you are burning more fuel and sumptuous amount of unburnt petrol/octane is let out of exhaust. If you are using your bike in city traffic accelerate and decelerate less aggressively. It will help you in less fuel consumption.

Tuning your carburetor can also help in less fuel consumption.

Never ride your bike in reserve fuel as it may clog up your carburetor. Because there could be foreign particle in fuel that lies at the bottom of the can pass thru to the carburetor.

For long distance travel:

Make sure your headlight, signal lights, Breaks are in it optimum working condition. Wear a bright colored (preferably vests with reflectors) clothes.

Flash your break before stopping completely. Stop away from the Main .

Pillion riding: Never take anyone who has never been on a bike before. Since their reaction could jeopardize you’re riding ability. I have faced such problem myself with my wife. As she put her foot down while I was cornering. Thankfully I did not crash the bike. But a valuable lesson learnt there.

Never take more pillion rider than the bike designed for. It would only increase the risk by 50 percent.

Riding Tips: Counter Steering. It is very crucial in riding anything with two wheels. The trick is to push you handle bar away from the direction you would like to turn to. In laymen term to go right you gently push your right handle bar towards left. This is more visible in speeds above 20 to 30 kmph.

Breaking70% of the Breaking power comes from your front break. And 30% from your rare break. In case of emergency you may lose your mind hit the break hard and rare tires may skid. If that happens. Try your best to sit upright on your bike and turn your handle bar the opposite direction of the skid. And adjust the angle as per the angle of the skid. If all else fails let go your bike and and .

Accidents: 80% Accidents happen to bike riders due to freezing due to fear. The fear takes control of the muscles movement and one does not find the time to recover and react according to it. Factors that diminishes the motor skills are some prescription medicines, fatigue, sleepiness, and alcohol and drug abuse. So do not risk your life riding when the above factors are involved.

Rubber Necking:

Do not rubber neck while you are riding. You see a beautiful girl. Stop your Bike and say hi. Do not rubber neck and crash your bike. You see something interesting while you are passing by. If it is worth your time. Turn your bike and out the point of interest and then ride away. Never rubber neck. Once an accident has happened, second wave of accident happen due rubber necking.

Show Off:

Yes we do agree that boys will be boys. Age no bar. We like to show off our skills. Skilled riders have certain set of skill that they have spent a long time practicing and training themselves. That’s why you don’t see a GP racer competing in Moto-cross. And vice versa.

Never ride at a speed that your riding environment doesn’t support.

Spit Safety:

Stay clear from Rickshaws and busses parked on the side of the or at a traffic stop. People in Bangladesh suffer from compulsive spitting due to dust and smoke. So if you are passing a rickshaw or a public make sure you make your presence felt. Or else you might be the next victim of accidental spitting. And luck has it I have been spat on and someone gurgled Betel nut while I was passing a on Nayabazar Bridge.  Sad but this is how it is.

Our city and its riding conditions will not change overnight. But we can adjust and adapt to the elements.

Bike riding is fun and fastest convenient mode of transportation in a city. Ride Responsibly. Ride safe.



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