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How To Stay Comfortable On Long Motorcycle Rides?

Last updated on 25-May-2022 , By Ashik Mahmud

Riding and touring with motorcycles is a popular adventurous activity around the world. Often people do long rides with motorcycles and even some of them do world tours with motorcycles. Hence in the long motorcycle rides one should know how to stay comfortable on long motorcycle rides. So here are our tips on how to stay comfortable on long motorcycle rides.


How To Stay Comfortable On Long Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle riding itself is fun and also an adventure. Commonly people ride a motorcycle for their daily commuting purpose. But riding a motorcycle for a long and making a long trip is far different than daily commuting. In such events, a motorcyclist rides for many hours and spends a long time on the saddle.

Consequently, a rider may do the same for many days to make a complete motorcycle tour. Hence in such a case, a motorcyclist should care about how to stay comfortable on long motorcycle rides. Therefore in long motorcycle trips, a motorcyclist should follow some basics that are discussed below.

Choose Appropriate Type of Motorcycle 

Choosing the appropriate type of motorcycle is very important to stay comfortable on long motorcycle rides. Considering the road type, road condition, riding distances, riding durations, and mostly the riders physic one should choose the right type and capacity of motorcycles for a specific motorcycle trip.

Choose Appropriate Riding Gear

To make a comfortable motorcycle ride one should choose the appropriate type and feature of riding gear. The riding gears should have to be lighter-weighted, well fabricated, and of course comfortable. It also should have to be selected according to the weather condition of the riding area.

Get Optional Physical Support

In the long motorcycle rides one should get proper physical supports according to his/her age, physic, and physical condition. Hence it should include necessary medications in case of physical issues. Therefore along with proper safety gears, one may use a wrist band, waist belt, neck brace, knee brace, etc. Thus one can stay comfortable on long rides.

how to stay comfortable on long motorcycle rides

Reduce External & Avoidable Noises

Staying comfortable on long motorcycle trips one should care about reducing or cutting off the external noises. The noises like air buffering in the helmet, higher exhaust note, tire or chain noise, loose luggage noises, etc. should reduce taking proper action. A noise-free ride is always pleasant and comfortable.

Choose Right Type & Size Of Luggage

To ensure a comfortable and hassle-free long motorcycle ride one should seriously choose the right type of luggage. Accordingly, the luggage size and its weight distribution also is a matter. Cause it impacts the balance and control of the motorcycle. Thus it seriously impacts the comfort level of the rider.

Stay Lighter Weighted As Much As Possible

To stay comfortable on long motorcycle riders it's necessary to stay lighter weighted on the terrain. It ensures ease of controlling and handling thus saves the riders' stamina. Hence one should be packed lighter-weighted as much as possible on long motorcycle trips.

Keep The Motorcycle Well Maintained

Keeping the motorcycle well maintained is another key to stay comfortable on long motorcycle rides. Obviously riding a well-maintained bike is fun and enjoyable. Thus it increases the comfort level providing optimum performance and effortless controlling.

how to stay comfortable on long motorcycle rides

Take Enough Breaks With Regular Interval

A rider always should take enough breaks on a long motorcycle trip. For refueling, taking food, or drinks and for refreshments taking a break is mandatory. Moreover riding for long and long hours one should take breaks in periodic intervals perhaps for a small drink. It literally removes fatigue, hallucination, sleepiness, and recharges the rider fullest.

Drink Enough Water In Every Break

A motorcycle rider should drink enough water during a long motorcycle trip. Perhaps it will cause frequent urination and take a break. But taking enough water will help to avoid dehydration, fatigue, and sleepiness on the ride. Thus a rider will feel fresh, recharged, and much comfortable while riding for long.

Find Comfortable Lodging At Day End

Finding a comfortable lodging at the day end is very essential for a long motorcycle tourer. Hence having a proper bath, getting refreshed, taking good food & drinks, and then a sound sleep is necessary. Those are mandatory to make the rider relaxed and recharged for the next day's rides.

Stay Relaxed Whatever The Situation Comes

A rider should stay relaxed in every situation while riding a motorcycle on long trips. It helps to stay calm and tackle the situation better. Further staying relaxed controls the temperament and save stamina. Thus a rider can stay comfortable and do brain work. So whatever the situation comes one should stay relaxed on long motorcycle trips.


So riders, these are the most common basics of how to stay comfortable on long motorcycle rides. Further one can find own comfort zone by their own experience. Thus staying comfortable on long motorcycle trips helps to stay safer, relaxed, and enjoy the ride to the fullest. So stay relaxed and ride long. Thanks, everyone.

Published by Ashik Mahmud

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