How to Ride A Motorcycle Noise-Free On Highways

Published On 28-Mar-2021 12:02pm , By Jahid Hasan Jojo

Motorcycle riding is fun, it allows the rider to feel the open air and this is how a motorcyclist translates the freedom. On the counter, a motorcycle is a naked machine and thus it’s noisy to ride that sometimes goes quite unbearable. So here we came with “How to Ride A Motorcycle Noise-Free On Highways – 6 Noise Reducing Techniques”.

How to Ride A Motorcycle Noise-Free On Highways – 6 Tips


How to Ride A Motorcycle Noise-Free On Highways

You know a motorcycle includes mostly of exposed machinery than any other motorized vehicles. Further, this naked machine is not having any car-like drivers’ cabin which can save the rider from noises. Therefore a motorcyclist needs to deal with air noises, moving part noises from the motorcycle, and also huge noises from the surroundings.

Thus a motorcycle is most noisy to ride especially while riding speedy and of course on highways. So a motorcyclist must be caring for reducing unnecessary noises. Thus a motorcyclist can ensure a comfortable, enjoyable, and noise-free ride. So here are our six tips on how to ride a motorcycle noise-free on highways

Use Quality & Aerodynamic Helmet

While riding a motorcycle one of the most dynamic noise sources is air buffering. While riding a motorcycle air buffering creates huge noises around the rider's head. This noise has a wicked impact on the rider that can cause tiredness, fatigue, and even hallucination in prolonged riding situations.

To deal with such issues and to avoid air buffering noises a motorcyclist must use a quality helmet. A quality helmet comes with silent airflow channels, inner comfort liners, noise-canceling pads, and most importantly it featured an aerodynamic shape. Thus most of the air noises are canceled by a quality helmet.

Mount A Larger Windshield

In most motorcycles mounting a larger windshield allows better dealing with air buffering noises. Especially while riding on the highways and at higher speeds, an aerodynamic and larger windshield directs the upcoming air over the rider's head.

Thus a larger windshield helps to avoid air buffering noises. Hence if you ride frequently on highways or preparing for a long motorcycle trip you can mount a quality aerodynamic windshield on your motorcycle.


Omit Loose End Of Luggage And Riding Wear

Air buffering noise also can be produced from the luggage and riding wears. Loose-fitted luggage and loose laces of riding wear can make huge noises in higher-speed riding. Hence the luggage should have to be packed compact, tight fastened, and all the loosened laces should have to be fastened properly in long motorcycle rides.

Reduce The Exhaust Sound

The motorcycle exhaust system is another dynamic source of noise that literally awful on long motorcycle rides. A loud exhaust note literally hammers the ears; causes tiredness, fatigue, and sometimes high-note of the exhaust get unbearable to a long motorcycle tourer.

Commonly street-legal motorcycles are featured with a deliberately muffled exhaust system. But in some high-performance machines, the exhaust note can be louder. Further, to some of the motorcyclists, the standard exhaust note may go beyond his/her comfort level.

Hence, whatever the condition, to increase the comfort level one should be caring of canceling or reducing the exhaust note. Using aftermarket noise-canceling add-ons like DB-Killer or aftermarket lower note exhaust is advised to reduce the exhaust sound.

Reduce Chain & Tire Noises

A motorcycle chain and tires also are the vibrant sources of making bad noises while riding a motorcycle on long tours. Hence the same thing produces even from the dirty braking mechanisms. Therefore those noises should be reduced or completely avoid by using quality spares and also ensuring proper tire pressures.

Keep The Bike Well Maintained

Lastly, a well-maintained motorcycle always ensures unnecessary noise-free operation. Hence if you want a noise-free motorcycle then you have to maintain the motorcycle properly and regularly. Further, ensure lubing all the moving parts properly lubed and free. Thus a well-maintained motorcycle also ensures enjoyable and pleasant riding on long motorcycle rides.


So, riders these are the most effective techniques of reducing motorcycle noises and this is how to ride a motorcycle noise-free on highways. Hope you have grabbed carefully our six tips on staying noise-free on long motorcycle rides. Hence always ride controlled and stay safe. Thanks, everyone.

Published by Jahid Hasan Jojo