How Does Motorcycle Exhaust Systems Work

Published On 27-Jan-2013 01:30am , By Shuvo

Did you think ever how does a Motorcycle Exhaust Systems Work? A motorcycle exhaust system also known as muffler is made to route exhaust gases away from the engine. As fuel burn inside the engine gases and fume are produced, so this gases and fumes need to be taken out from the engine. The exhaust system does the work. In Bangladesh we often use the term “Silencer” to indicate the exhaust system. The muffler also captures some of the harmful toxins in the gases before they are released into the atmosphere. It also helps regulating engine noise. Some are made to create specific sounds to certain motorcycles.

motorcycle exhaust systems

How does Motorcycle Exhaust Systems work?

 As gas burns inside the engine, fumes and exhaust gases flow through the exhaust pipe and pass through one or a small series of tubes.

 From there, they pass through the catalytic converter. In the converter, harmful substances such as Carbon Monoxide (CO) which causes green house effect are broken down before they are released into the atmosphere.

motorcycle exhaust systems

 Then the gases flow out to muffler, where they resonate with the vibration of the engine. As the muffler resonates, it decreases some of the engine noise before allowing the gases to exit through the end of the muffler.

motorcycle exhaust systems

Exhaust system modifications include:
 Replacing your motorcycle’s entire exhaust.
 Replacing your stock system's header
 Replacing your stock muffler with a slip-on muffler
 Adding heat shields to your exposed exhaust pipes

Such modifications potentially can improve your motorcycles

 Performance
Adding exhaust with more free flow space for exit of gases and fumes will also increase the bhp. By reducing the exhaust back pressure, engine power is increased in four-stroke engines. Also adding new ones you can reduce some weight.

 Appearance
As bikes exhaust are visible adding different exhaust like chrome, titanium, alloy and color can change the appearance.

motorcycle exhaust systems

 Sound
By increasing the outlet diameter sound can be increased and by using good quality sound insulator the sound can be reduced on the stock exhaust.

motorcycle exhaust systems

Rider comfort
In some case the heat pipes can come in contact with the rider or pillion. So by changing the layout of the pipe ride comfort can be increased. Also by change the position such has the midship muffler of Yamaha FZ-16 or so the center of gravity can be changed giving added stability to the riding.

motorcycle exhaust systems

 Start easily when the engine is cold.
 Move easily from a full stop into moving traffic with sufficient power.
 Maneuver through city traffic at low speeds with smooth, sufficient power.
 Move easily with highway traffic and in bumper-to-bumper situations.
 Easily climb mountain roads when fully loaded.
 Give you quick energy and power when you twist the throttle.

That's all from me about motorcycle exhaust systems. Appreciating you'r valuable comments.

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