How to Maintain a Motorcycle Helmet? Do It Your Own

Published On 24-Nov-2019 09:05am , By Raihan Opu

How to maintain a motorcycle helmet? It’s a very frequent question and topic on which asked by the motorcyclists so frequently. Yes, it's common and of course too important to know the better way to keep it good condition and hygienic. Sequentially, our today's discussion is on the maintaining tips of the motorcycle helmets. Come, join with us.

How To Maintain A Motorcycle Helmet? Do It Your Own

how to maintain a motorcycle helmet

Maintaining a motorcycle helmet to keep it in good condition is not that tough thing. Accordingly, keeping the helmets in the hygienic condition is also not a hassle job. It’s just building a habit to maintain some general practices. The habitual set of jobs can ensure the healthy condition of the helmet. That’s so easy no doubt.

So, when you are a frequent rider and using the helmet so frequently than it obviously needs to be habituated with some basic practices. So, pay a few minutes of attention every time for the good health of your helmet therefore you.

Dust off the helmet

When coming form a ride from the outside, dust off the outer shell of the helmet. Do it every time or every day. It’s less than a minute of a job but keeps the helmet primarily clean. It also effectively delays the further dust buildup. So, do it every time after a ride.

Dry off the helmet

When you’re in the home or in the workplace after riding in the rain or in dense fog surely the helmet got wet. Then just dry off the helmet. Wipe off the outer shell with soft cloth or tissue. If inner padding is wet then soak the water with a tissue. Meanwhile if possible, keep the helmet in a warm place or in place of airflow.

How to maintain a motorcycle helmet

Clean the helmet

When using a helmet frequently for long it gets dirty from inside. Bad odor takes place in the padding, dusts deposits inside the air vents and groves. Further, metal buckles and screws can get rusts. So, in such a case, the helmet needs proper cleaning from inside.

Do it periodically according to your usage range and the helmet condition. Do it carefully; hereby you can follow this article Motorcycle Helmet Care clicking the link. Thereby, you should wash the helmet padding, visor, outer shell separately and then reassemble the parts carefully again.

How to maintain a motorcycle helmet

Store the Helmet in the proper way

Storing a helmet in the proper way is very important. You can see we use the helmet for a certain period while we are ridging. Therefore, most of the time it kept stored for further usage. So, the storing should have to be in a clean and dry space.

Don’t store the helmet under direct sunlight or in place of moisture or in humidity. It's better not to keep the helmet in closet or boxes because it does fungus buildup. Keeping the helmet in place of good airflow and comparatively in a warm place is healthful and hygienic.

So, riders, you can see maintaining a helmet is a very easy and simple job. Just a few minutes of care and a few seconds of attention can keep your helmet healthful and hygienic. Further, a clean helmet also ensures a better ride and also helps to hygiene yourself. So, maintain it. Thanks.

Published by Raihan Opu