How To Do Stoppie on Motorcycle?

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You can call it stoppie, nose wheelie or endo (end over end)... whatever. To do a stoppie you have to first know How To Do Stoppie?

It will still be that motorcycle trick in which the back wheel is lifted and the bike is ridden on the front wheel, giving you that weird feeling that you will fall on your face and kiss the ground. Literally. Well, that happens if you do it the wrong way... and without the gear.

First What someone that should know is that doing bike stunts looks good and feels great but when you fall the pain is very real.

So the one thing that people have to remember is that please.,please and please do try to be safe while trying to do all the stunts and check your safety equipment and always try to know the bike, that is have a feel of the bike that you will do the stunt on.

How To Do Stoppie On Motorcycle?

how to do stoppie

What do you need to know How To Do Stoppie?

Well, a motorcycle could be a good start. Assuming you got this problem fixed, let’s move on to the riding gear. A helmet is recommended. As for the rest of the protective gear, the usual jacket, pants, gloves and boots are imposed. That was easy so far.

Nowlet’s take a look at the motorcycle. Good front brakes is the first thing to make sure you have. Next are two good sticky tires. The general stock tyres are not often good enough to use in such stunt requirements. MRF tyres are both light and sticky enough.

A small light motorcycle With Hydraulic Brake system may be easier to learn on and for starters.Any 100 to 120 cc bikes will do.

What you Need to do ?

The first thing you need to do is be comfortable and relaxed. A man in peace can do a lot of impossible tricks and hard works.

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How to do It?

This is the part where you do your stoppies at 0 mph. Get up to about 15 mph and then, using all four fingers, progressively squeeze the front brake, loading the front tire. At the same time, get up from the saddle and slightly lean forward. As you get closer to 0 mph, squeeze harder and harder.

On practice runs the rider lets go of the front brake before the bike stops completely in order to get used to keeping balance after the release of the front brake. Loading the front forks is important, because it transfers the forces from the bike's weight to the front before the rear is brought up.

A stoppie is not achieved by instantly applying full front brake. That will just slide the front, even at such low speed. The way most people would try to do stoppies is usually around ten miles an hour coming up to a traffic light. The easiest way to try and learn how to do it. You would be much better off attempting this at about 30 mph on a nice road surface. Depending on what motorcycle you ride can make this a lot easier.

how to do stoppie

Now set the theory aside and now listen to an experienced riders tips.

1. Please try it with a starter bike,such as Bajaj Discover 125. It is a good bike to do stunts on (Source).

2. I learned doing the stoppie in two ways, one by falling other by watching, So before trying to do it,watch any video that you can get your hand on and please don't feel ashamed to ask any one for tips.

3. Finally find a good place to try it. Look at the basic tips in this section first.

In Bangladesh Yamaha FZs & Yamaha R15 is the Best Bike to do a stoppie.

Hope by following this method you will know How To Do Stoppie?

Photo Credit: BD Ghost Riderz

FAQ- Frequently Ask Question

1. What ought to be the air pressure within the wheel for a bike stunt?

Ans: For a bike stunt we need to air pressure front tire 34 and rear tire 36.

2. Which stunts are the most popular in our country?

Ans: Stoppie, Wheelie, Drifting, Supermen, Burnout, etc are the most popular stunts in our country.

3. Is ABS helpful in doing bike stunts?

Ans: No anti braking system will release brakes as soon as a function of slipping may occur. Acceleration related stunts like wheelies can be done but not the braking ones like endo or stoppie.

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