How To Ride Safely In A Group of Motorcycles

Friends are like a precious treasures for us in our life. We spent most of our time with them, there are many activities that we can do with our friends. Among them for all the bike riders nothing can be more exciting than a group ride ! Riding in group is lot of fun when its with friends and when there are a bit of feeling like competition. But it doesn’t mean that we can just be carefree when we are riding in a group because many people have faced terrible accident while riding in a group. So there are some Motorcycle Group Riding Tips to be followed in a group ride. Therefore,below are the rules given for your safety.

  • Before planning a group ride the riders must devise a plan for the road communication.

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  • While riding the bike,never fix your eyes  on the biker infront of you because when you will keep on staring at them you will begin to follow him and if the biker infront of you goes off road or falls from the bike you will do the same.  You should keep a 2 second distance from the biker infront of you because if anything wrong happens to him than you might atleast go to save him and also you wont face the same problem. You will be able to call for some help from others.
  • Its important to maintain a cohesive group. And by a cohesive group I mean that every rider shouldn’t ride their bikes side by side. In the road they will have to maintain some distance,for this reason its safer to pass one by one. In this way they will be able to have a clear view,freedom of driving safely and there will be no stress !

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  • When you are riding your bike you must try to follow the biker who rides smoothly,safely, logically and technically. Because it will be very easy to ride for you and it will be safest for you. As they know all  the techniques for riding, there are less chances of accidents, and you will be to reach safely to your destination.

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  • As I have said in the first part that group riding does gives a feeling of competition. But in the feeling of competition you mustn’t get trapped, because when you will be participating in the competition you will try to ride faster. As a result you might face an accident.In a public road you mustn’t try to perform high performance techniques of riding and you mustn’t get your bike’s speed on.

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  • Weather plays another important role in the group riding. When its summer, try to avoid the middle part of the day as it will be really sunny and because of the helmet,heat you might get tired and even sick, so you wont be able to enjoy the group ride. But it’s the opposite when its winter,try to use the middle part of the day in winter as  there will be no sun, infact it will be a cool weather. But you will have to care about the fog while riding in winter as your roads might seem blur to you. And while discussing the ride make sue if it will be canceled,rescheduled in the middle of the ride in a bad weather.


  • The hand signals plays a very important role in the group riding. Every rider should understand all the hand signals.  Because they work as words in a group ride.

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  • When another vehicle is passing allow it to pass smoothly by slowing your bike and giving it a gap or else It may create a huge accident for you and your friends.


  • Always check your bike before starting your ride if it has got any problem. Or else it may stop In the middle of the road and create problem for you.


  • Follow all the traffic rules and signals because if you break them you will see that you will be in a big trouble.

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  • If you ever feel uncomfortable while riding in the group you may separate yourself from the group. You yourself has to be your own authority.

So if you follow this Motorcycle Group Riding Tips and have confident on yourself  than you will be able to escape from any type of accident.

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