Yamaha YZF R15 V.1 Ownership Review By Piyash GRZ

The Current king of sports bikes in the market, the Yamaha YZF R15 version 1 is the old veteran in the sports bikes market in our country. Though the engine here is smaller compared to the mighty 220cc pulsar but the bike has redefined the genre of high performance bikes in Bangladesh. After the Design and fashion statement of Yamaha,the bike has created a buzz that has again proven that in case of Yamaha style and power always go Hand in hand.

Now Dear readers of  BIKEBD, My name is Piyash GRZ, I am the founder of BD Ghost Riderz, we are the first and still now only organized stunt biking team in Bangladesh  Me and my friends have founded this club to make some fun and spend some times to do what we like best.We founded the Club only for the reason that we can have some fun together and practice our passion of pushing the two wheeled wonder to it’s new limits.I took the two wheeled wonder on April,2010. This was the first time i saw the bike in its full form.This bike was an embodiment of perfection. The feel of wind in the speed generated by the bikes torque in the road was the one feeling that gave me the intent to purchase the bike.

yamaha motorcycle bangladesh

Me with My R15

I took this bike because this was the first bike in BD that had the full sports bike look and the r (Racing Tech) meant that this bike has the same technology that racing bikes in the lightweight class has. Also the look of the bike is that of bikes allowed in the racing circuit. The Factory tuned 149 cc engine gives out power to the max. The Electronic fuel dispensing system allows for a great management of fuel demands and the built in turbo booster allows for upto speeds of 145 kmph in theory. Personally i have gotten speeds upto 143 in the Dhaka-Rajshahi highway. Today i am going to dissect the bike of my choice for all those guys who are in the net right now reading this.

Looks and Design of Yamaha YZF R15

The first thing that comes into our minds when we see this bike is awesome, truly this bike has changed the mindset of Bangladeshi bikers that a 150cc engine is not enough to set your heart skip a beat .Yamaha has once again proved that it can regain its monopoly over the bike segment whenever and where ever it wants.Everyone knows that this bike has killers look needless to say that it is the best looking bike in the 150cc segment. The design is inspired from the Yamaha r1 and has got a delta box frame with awesome aerodynamics which you can experience at 100+ speeds.

ENGINE of Yamaha YZF R15

The bike carry a 150cc engine, many people think that a 150cc engine and the price of the bike is not bang on but they don’t know that the factory guys have tuned this bike to the max and given it one of the most technologically advanced engine. It has a electronic fuel injection engine which ensure more fuel efficiency and less carbon emissions (somewhat a green bike) it is a single cylinder 4 valve engine and the best air to fuel ratio but this can be tuned according to your preference, R15 sports a radiator for liquid cooling. As we all know that as the engine gets hot, the efficiency and power decreases. Thus it is very important to keep the engine cool even at high rpm. The radiator sported in the bike does all the job of getting the engine cooled because the coolant is constantly circulated between radiator and the cylinder when the engine is running.

yamaha motorcycle bangladesh

The bike churns a max power of 17PS @ 8,500rpm and a max torque of 15 N.m @ 7,500rpm. The bike does not have a kick start so you will definitely be happy with the electric start which will never disappoint you, the fuel tank capacity is of 12l. It also comes loaded with a constant mesh wet multi plate clutch. The biggest plus point of the bike is its TRANSMISSION it has a 6 speed manual transmission. The gear shifts are smooth though sometimes they tend to bug you but it’s completely normal.

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Handling and Riding position

As we all know that this bike is inspired from the Yamaha r1. So needless to say that the handling is perfect. It induces great confidence while at high speeds and slow speeds as in the city traffic. The specially designed mrf soft compound tire are great, many people say that the tyres could have been bigger but trust me guys they provide awesome grip on the road. The riding position is very sporty though sometimes you will feel uneasy but posture is just like riding a superbike. With Only 165 mm of ground clearance this bike can Do wonders for the cause and create a mind boggling control on any type of surface.

yamaha motorcycle bangladesh


This bike is a jaw dropper when riding at high speeds though the small gears are a bit sluggish and don’t give you much power in slow city traffic but at higher gears you will feel a great push because of its power. People say that the bike makes lots of noise but those fools don’t know that this is not noise,it is music the engine grunt is awesome. The power to torque ratio is nearly same as a 200 cc bike that has a supercharger installed. This bike is a wonder on two wheels with only a 17bhp but 8500rpm on the bikes most power outmode. The 6 Speed Constant mesh gear box really allows a fine and speedy pickup,from 0-60 in only 5 seconds.


The bike offers a respectable mileage of 42kmpl under sane driving off course you cannot expect a 50 or 60. Under insane driving you can expect a mileage of around 35-38 kmpl. The bike is amazingly maintenance free and the Yamaha guys offer 6 free services. Regular cleaning of the chain is a must. It’s been 3 years since I first laid hands on this machine. Currently the bike has clocked 62,350 kms on odo. It has been a very good ownership experience.

yamaha motorcycle bangladesh


1. Handling, even today every new bike coming in, has its handling ability compared to the benchmark – the R15

2. Good fuel efficiency  the bike has consistently returned a fuel economy of around 38kmpl with the highest being +/- 45kmpl and lowest +/- 32kmpl

3. Reliable – never once has the bike thrown any tantrums or unexpected issues

4. Tires – very good even on wet roads

5. Light weight – light weight of the bike, makes it easy to control and handle the bike on terrains like off road, where you might trip a number of times, have to lift the bike up and the weight comes into play.

6. Decent amount of luggage can be tied up on the backseat with bungee ropes and its stays quiet intact if done properly, leaving good space for the rider to sit comfortably

7. The bike was once rammed between a car and a tree in the parking lot, exhaust, body, rims, brakes damaged, once they were replaced I expected the bike to start giving nimble issues now and then, however, there was not even a single issue coming up after the repairs, the bike continued to be as reliable as before, good durability


1. Tires, though they are excellent in grip, the compound used in the tire is softer than usually seen on sports bikes. Softer the compound, better the grip but the tire life is reduced. The way I use bike for hard stunts, rear tire for me lasted around 8-10k kms before its started showing hints of loosing grip. Tyres are prone to punctures a lot when they are nearing the 8k mark – however V2 has some changes to the tires done by MRF. One important point – tires are always in shortage and its quite a task getting new stock tires unless you know where exactly to look for them.

2. Steering Cone – I personally think the wear and tear of the steering cone is too frequent, and replacement costs a lot. It will definitely leave a big hole in your pocket. Though it depends on service centers how much labor to charge, on average a complete steering cone replacement costs With labor around 8 thousand.

3. Rims, in my opinion are weak. Considering it is a track tool, the wheels are supposed to be light weight, however for road use (read Bangladeshi Specifically Dhaka roads, you hit a pothole at a considerable speed the the rim will either bend or have a crack! Bad! However, good news is, V2 has new rims, so hopefully the problem should have been addressed to. The main thing that became clear after talking with the assembly manager of the new plant in tongi is that the rims are cast metal and not forged foundry high end rims in the v1.Perhaps the v2 rims will be a lot better.

4. Maintenance is on the upper side compared to other sports category bikes in Bangladesh  but so is the quality, reliability and performance, so I wouldn’t really count it as a negative point.

yamaha motorcycle bangladesh

Overall the bike is in very good shape. Give it a wash and a polish and it shines as good as a new one (sparing the minor scratches on the tank due to my magnetic tank bag). Plastics and body part are firmly in place. No vibrations or noises. Fuel economy is still upto the mark. Reliability is totally intact. I know where to exactly find a new set of stock tyres so that hasn’t been an issue at all. You cross the 7k mark on the RPM meter and you still see other vehicles vanishing in the rear view mirror.

All the problems/complaints by bikers have been taken into account and Yamaha has tried to make the changes in Yamaha R15 V2. It has a comparatively wider rear tire than V1, Yamaha has cut down prices on some parts including brake pads, oil filters, etc. V2 has new tires from MRF as well. So my opinion is V2 will definitely be better equipped than V1 and you can definitely rely on it.

This is my experience all i get from my Yamaha YZF R15. Hope BikeBD readers will enjoy the article. I appreciate You’r valuable comments.

-By Piyash GRZ


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