Honda Bike Price List 2018, Honda Motorcycle Price In Bangladesh 2018

Published On 25-Jan-2018 05:30am , By Ashik Mahmud

Honda is one of the most popular bike company in our country. It is an international bike company.  They made stylish, unique and attractive bikes which won lots of people heart and trust. Let's check out the Honda bike price list 2018.

Updated Honda Bike Price List 2018-Honda Motorcycle Price in Bangladesh 2018

Honda bike price list 2018

Honda CB Hornet 160R

Honda CB Hornet 160R is the robust 160cc category bike from Honda (Source). After getting permission to lunch 165cc bike in Bangladesh this bike has is the most demanding bike in our biking community. Bangladesh  Honda PVT.  Limited will lunch this bike very soon. Honda CB Hornet 160R  has 162.71cc powerful engine. Its has 4-Stroke, 2- Valve, Air-cooled SI engine. This engine can produce 15.66 BHP@ 8500 RPM maximum power and 14.76 Nm@ 6500 RPM maximum torque.  Its engine ratio is 10.1. 

honda cb hornet 160r 

Honda CB Hornet 160R  has attractive sports look. It has a unique design, aggressive headlight, compact body, bloated exhaust, Attractive X shape tail light, and fatty rear tire gives its more sports look. This bike is not available in Bangladesh now, but we expect Bangladesh Honda PVT. Limited lunch this bike soon. Bangladesh Honda PVT. Limited did not revel the price of This Bike, But we expect it will be 2,10,000  - 2,20,000 BDT.

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 Honda CD 80

Honda CD 80 is the most popular 80cc bike in Bangladesh. New CD 80 gives a perfect blend of Japanese technology. It is one of the most selling bikes in Bangladesh. It is suitable for both rural and urban area. CD 80 is an ideal combination of attractive design with super Econo-power and smoke-free 4-Stroke engine. This bike has 72cc Air-cooled,4-Stroke, OHC engine that define how its engine is powerful. Its engine can produce 4.4BHP@6500RPM maximum power and 5.16Nm@5500RPM maximum torque. It has one of the most fuel-efficient engines.

 honda cd 80 price in bangladesh   

Honda CD 80 has good controlling and stability. Its most impressive thing is its engine build quality and durability. The new eye-catching graphics, comfortable new seat design, and aerodynamic shape have made Honda CD 80 best choice and a perfect partner. in Honda bike price list 2018, the current price of Honda CD 80 is 86,00 BDT.

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 Honda Dream Neo

HONDA DREAM NEO as the new action-packed member of the Honda family that packs more than a punch with its powerful 110cc engine. It is one of the fuel-efficient bikes in our country. The bike comes with a 110 cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled, 4 strokes, SI  Engine. Honda equipped its a new version with a HET ( Honda Eco Technology) and with the help of this technology the engine can give a superb mileage of 74 Km/L. its engine can produce the maximum power of 8.25 BHP @ 7500 RPM and a maximum torque of 8.63 Nm @ 5500 RPM.

 Honda dream neo review 

The bike comes with a pillion long seat to make your ride more comfortable and enjoyable. CD 80 comes to stability and driving around the corners,  the small weight and high ground clearance helps the bike stay stable in those bumpy conditions.

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It’s amazing features and ergonomics are another reason for the bike’s high demand and it’s new HET refined engine just simply takes the bike to another level! But looking at its a downside, the bike got a very bland styling with the basic instrument cluster along with analog meters.  Honda bike price list 2018, the current price of Honda Deam NEO is 1,14,500 BDT.

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Honda Livo

Honda Livo is a premium commuting motorcycle in the 110cc category. It has a great muscular and aggressive look which is very rare to see on a lower cc bike of Honda. It can deliver high efficient mileage, great comfort, good control, and stylish look at once. In return, it would cost a little bit more compared to other 110cc bikes in its segments. It has 109.19cc Air-cooled,4-stroke, SI engine, which can produce 8.2BHP@7500RPM Maximum power and 8.63Nm@5500RPM maximum torque. These numeric figures show that how much strong and aggressive is this Honda Livo 110.

 honda Livo spec 

This bike has aggressive looks with the muscular fuel tank. Sharply edged design of the fuel tank delivers significant look to this bike along with the great looking steeled logo of Honda on it. All the body parts and metal parts are painted solidly so it looks very much bold compared to other 110cc bikes. This bike is available in two versions: Disc brake and Drum break.  Honda bike price list 2018, current price of Honda Livo is 1,35,500 BDT(Disc Brake) &  1,30,000 BDT (Drum Brake).

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Honda CB Shine

 Honda CB Shine is a great efficient 125cc bike which has a great position in the bike market of our country. This bike has a decent look with great comfort and efficient mileage. Honda CB Shine has 124.6cc air cooled 4 stroke engine. This engine is capable to produce 10.57BHP@7500RPM Maximum power and 10.30NM@5500 RPM maximum torque. It has great durability also which makes the reliability level high towards the users.

 Honda CB Shine price 

It gives a smooth riding experience and long-time riding experience. Honda CB Shine has telescopic fork suspension at the front and 3 step spring loaded hydraulic shock absorber suspension at the rear side. These suspensions deliver hassle-free riding experience to the users. It has two versions. One version has disc brake at the front and another version has drum brakes at both sides. These brakes are good enough to perform according to the attributes of the bike.  Honda bike price list 2018, the current price of 1,46,000 BDT.

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Honda CB Trigger

Honda CB trigger is one of the best bikes from Honda Company in 150 air-cooled segments. Though Honda has stopped the production of Honda Trigger in India it’s available in some countries like Bangladesh. It has the great build quality and capability to perform well. It has decent looks and can deliver great performance at once.  Honda CB Trigger is a great efficient bike which has a great position in the bike market of our country. This bike has a decent look with great comfort and efficient mileage. Honda CB Trigger has 149.1cc air cooled 4 stroke engine SI engine. This engine is capable to produce 14BHP@8500RPM Maximum power and 12.5NM@6500 RPM maximum torque.

 honda bike price list 2018 bangladesh 

Honda CB Trigger has an attractive look with the smoothly curved fuel tank. Unique headlight and tail light increased the beauty of the bike also. Solid paintworks in all the parts with two color combination look great. It has the attractive steeled logo of Honda on the fuel tank. This bike is mainly for those who are looking for a bike which will deliver great mileage, comfort, and great smooth performance.  This Bike is available in two versions: Double Disc brake & Single disc Brake. In Honda bike price list 2018, current price of Honda CB Trigger is 1,91,000 BDT(Double Disc) & 1,81,000 BDT(Single Disc).

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Honda CBR150R

Honda CBR150R is one of the most premium bikes according to our country’s bike market. This bike can deliver speed, comfort and has great sportive looks. It also has great mileage and good engine quality. It has 149.16cc 4-stroke, DOHC,4-valve powerful engine which can produce 17.1PS@9000RPM Maximum power and 14.4 kw@7000RPM  Maximum torque. It is the most demanding bike in Bangladesh specially for young age people.

 honda cbr 150r indonesia 2016   

From the entrance in the market till the present time this Honda CBR150R 2016 has dominated the bike market and remained in the top two positions in Bangladesh. Honda CBR150R 2016 has a great muscular look along with aerodynamic shape.

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It has aggressive-looking headlight with edgy staring double pit headlights. It has very sharp-edged designs in most of its body parts or designs that made it look more muscular. The divided seating position of rider and pillion made it look more sportive than ever before.

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  It has great looking speedometer also which has so many useful and unique features on it. As it is a sportive bike, balancing in high-speed mode and cornering becomes easier with these wide tires of this bike. Honda CBR150R is available in two versions: Racing Red version and Repsol version.  Honda bike price list 2018, current price of Honda CBR150R Is 4,50,000 BDT(Racing Red) & 4,52,000 BDT(Repsol).

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Honda Wave Alpha

Honda Wave Alpha can be called as the new version of Cub 50. It delivers great comfort and fuel efficiency and has great durability which can be possibly the demands from this bike.   This bike has 4 stroke air cooled 97cc engine which is capable to produce 5.1 KW power at 8000 RPM and 7 Nm torque at 5500 RPM. This ability clarifies that even being a cub bike it has great power-producing abilities. This bike also has 4-speed transmissions which is also common in most of the 100cc bikes.  

 honda bike price list bangladesh 2018

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Honda Wave Alpha has updated or we can say trendy cub bike look with a good looking headlight and unique rear light. The paint job of all over the body is very glossy and capable to catch the eye of a person. The black-colored parts make a great combination with the core color of the bike very well and it increases the beauty of the bike.  Honda bike price list 2018, the current price of Honda Wave Alpha is 1,35,00 BDT.

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