17 Highway Motorcycle Riding Tips A Biker Don't Want To Miss

Published On 01-Jan-1970 06:00am , By Shuvo

Any motorcycle riders in the lifetime must ride motorcycle in the highway minimum once. So for the safety purpose every biker have to know about some highway motorcycle riding tips. People in all over the world choosing the motorcycle for its mobility. On road or off road everywhere can a bike perform. People who love freedom only they choose the bike for move.

highway motorcycle riding tips 

For the touring or regular work a biker have to ride along with highway most. So those bikers, BikeBD going to giving some essential highway motorcycle riding tips.

1. If you lack of experience of riding in city area or you are a newbi then please don’t think about a ride in highway.

2. Highway means free way. But remember that its not only the free way for you. It’s the also free way for the Bus, Trucks, Cars.

3. Don’t take any backseat passenger who afraid to ride motorcycle. Because in some crucial moment like overtaking they can act fearfully & fall you in great danger.

4. If you see a man middle of the road hesitating to pass the road then pass the bike on the back side of the man or woman with using proper indicate light, pass light & your head signal. Back side because people love to move forward fast rather then backward.

5. Eye contact with the people who trying to cross the road is important thing. Read the mind of the people who want to cross the road by his or her acting & then act according to his move.

6. Never try to pass a vehicle when its 100 kmph speed on your speedometer  Except Ymaha R15 others motorcycles in Bangladesh its hard to gain more speed in short time. Because highway are too busy always. So maintain a average speed it will help you to overtake the vehicle in any Bazaar or jam.

7. Never ride your bike in high speed neck to neck to the in-front vehicle. Because if the vehicle brakes hard then you cant stop the bike properly. To avoid the hit maintain a minimum gap of 100 feet.

8. Never run your bike on the middle line of the in-front vehicle rare wheels. Because maximum vehicle run there wheels over the big hols to avoid the shake. So if you follow the middle line then you can fall in the hole or broken roads. In high speed you can lose your control.

9. To overtake a Bus, truck or car you should keep some distance & look forward. If you have enough opportunity to overtake then move forward with horn, pass light. No matter what give your presence to the driver that you are going to pass the vehicle.

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10. In night always use proper indicator & pass light. Big vehicle not going to notice you till you are not giving your presence to them. Whenever two vehicle against you overtaking then turn on the right indicator light & use two times the pass light. If the vehicle not giving any space to you to pass then use the pass light as much as you can.

11. Never use brakes hardly on any steel bridge & sandy roads. You will get lots of steel bridge in the road. In winter they wet by dew & by rain in rainy season. In steel, tires cant take any grip for why you can sleep if you use brakes hard on that.

12. Always try to keep a right hand finger over the brake. Because you may have not the time to act quickly in a freaky moment.

13. If you riding in a group, then ride the bike in a line one after another. Try to ride the bike with a two second gap in cross section. Its mean don’t ride the two bike in side by side. Because you can need to move right or left.

14. Whenever you need to stop, please don’t stop over the road side. Stop & park your motorcycle with a minimum distance from the highway.

15. A colorful dress will help you to notice you on the road by the other vehicle drivers. Its increase your safety. If you riding at night then wear a colorful dress with some reflecting cloths.

16. If you can then must avoid the highway at night in rain. Because recently in a research results show that in Bangladesh nearly 38% motorcycle accident in highway done in rainy season at night. Other vehicles hit them or sleep on the road. lack of visibility increase the chance of the Accident.

17. Never stop your bike neck to neck of any vehicle in a slop. Because they can lose the control & back few feet. so if you stop in a no escape situation then it will hit you. it will help you also in heavy traffic riding time also.

So that's all from my experience. I am not a expert but following this i avoid many accidents. so this Highway Motorcycle Riding tips can help you to do a safe highway ride.

-Suvro Sen

Published by Shuvo